Is It Weird To Go Outside In A Robe?

Is It Weird To Go Outside In A Robe? To answer this question correctly, one must put certain things into consideration. For example, while wearing a robe does not constitute any offense in more civilized societies, the same cannot be said in countries where women are particularly required to be covered.

In the United States, for instance, that is not the case since any cloth can be worn provided the genitals and other body parts, such as the breasts, are not exposed.

Specifically, their laws apply equally to men as much as they do to women, quite unlike in the Middle East, for example.

In countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and even some parts of Africa, these strict dressing laws apply mostly to women. So, yes, you can be seen as weird if you wear a robe outside in some places, but certainly not everywhere.

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Why do people wear robes outside?

You can proffer very good and socially acceptable reasons why people wear robes outside. To start with, you may be visited by house guests quite unexpectedly, and wearing a robe can save you from having to dash to your closet since the robe you have on will serve just as well.

Any bathrobe that is long enough to keep you fully covered is a perfect solution for attending to sudden and unexpected guests or relatives.

PS: Wearing a robe outside especially when you’re on vacation by the beach side can help cover that annoying Cameltoe from prying eyes.

Secondly, using a bathrobe can enable you to cut back on towels since they can be thick enough and absorbent enough to take the place of towels, particularly in emergency situations.

It is also likely for you to go out for a swim and forget to carry along a towel to dry off with. In such situations, a bathrobe will come in quite handy especially considering that small hand towels do not work nearly as well as a terrycloth bathrobe does.

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Essentially, therefore, a bathrobe can be a cozy affair for both local swimming pool uses or even the beach.

Robes also make excellent Halloween costumes, if you are confused as regards what to wear for your next costume party.

Furthermore, even when it is not a Halloween party, your robe worn over pajamas can add extra warmth and coverage, particularly if the bathrobe is knee-length or longer.

Bathrobes are equally a perfect gift for any girl’s night in or out, especially those nights with friends at a spa party. They are also perfect wear for a pedicure, face masks, popcorn, or even a movie. We could go on and on with regards to why people wear robes outside, but these are some of the commonest reasons.

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Which robes can be worn outside?

The best robes to wear outside are those long enough to accord you what is commonly referred to as enough or complete body cover.

Additionally, any robe used outside must not be too transparent. In other words, they should be opaque enough to disallow any curious glimpse at your intimate parts.

The weather also plays a role in the choice of the kind of robe one should wear outside. For example, you are not expected to wear a light bathrobe outside especially when the weather condition is quite chilly, are you?

In some cases, when going outside in a bathrobe or any other clothing for that matter, some people tend to avoid garments that are too colorful so as to prevent attracting any unnecessary attention to themselves.

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How do I wear a robe outside?

How you wear a robe outside varies from person to person, but on a general note, you are advised to wear robes that make you as comfortable as possible.

Furthermore, they should accord you as much body cover as is possible and be seen as decent too. In addition, when going outside, you may wear your robe over pajamas or other underwear to give yourself the perfect cover.

Finally, robes are best worn outside with a pair of casual footwear or sandals that will allow for ease and comfort of movements.

Which footwear can I wear with a robe outside?

Any footwear that will make you feel not only relaxed but also powerful and also allow you to move freely without any hindrance around and across all sorts of obstacles is perfect for use with a bathrobe.

The most notable footwears that meet these criteria are sandals and slippers. So, the best footwear with robes outside are sandals and slippers, but you can also use any other shoes that make you very comfortable too. The bottom line is your comfort and convenience.

What are the dos and don’ts of wearing a robe in public?

There are many things advised to be done when wearing a robe outside just like there are equally many things one should avoid.

First, do not use any robe that is too big or too small for your size, since you want it to wrap around your body adequately without overwhelming your shape. Also, do not opt for robes that are fuzzy by choosing mainly silky or velvety robes instead.

You are also not advised to wear any robe with an oversized dress to allow for a sort of balance in your dressing. Use a robe instead with a stature-fitting dress or some skinny jeans to accentuate your figure and shape.

As for shoes, go for mainly classic pumps, and please,  do not wear a robe with track pants or sweatpants. These are some of the things to either avoid or stick to if you must wear your robes the right way.

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Where is it appropriate to wear robes?

There are many places where using a robe outside can be offensive or even unconstitutional. In these places, they have strict laws that govern what people should or shouldn’t wear.

They range from Islamic caliphates to communist enclaves or even in some democratic republics in the West. This may prompt one to assert that in these places, a sort of moral war has been waged on what people wear or how they appear in public.

Some of these places in Africa are The Gambia, a country that has in place very curious laws against some modes of dressing ranging from flogging, payment of arbitrary fines, and down to dehumanizing jail terms. Others are North Korea, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Iran, and many others.

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Can I be arrested for wearing a robe in public?

Yes, you can be,  especially if the nature and size of the robe contravene what the law of the place stipulates, be that as it may, however, some places have stricter laws than others.

In democratic or civilized societies, such arrest is uncommon or even unconstitutional, but that may not be the case elsewhere. So, yes, you can be arrested for wearing a robe in public, but in some places and not everywhere.

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Which other items am I not allowed to wear in public?

What you wear or you don’t wear in public strictly depends on the place you live or stay. However, some of those wears commonly seen as indecent in some places, and which may not be allowed in public are mini skirts, tight-fitting trousers and shorts by women, see-through or very transparent wears as well as any clothes that may reveal the nature, size or contours of the breasts.

The law in such places stipulates that women, in particular, must be fully covered whenever they are outside or in the public.

Is it okay to walk my dog outside in a bathrobe?

Yes, it is, but provided wearing a robe is not frowned upon or prohibited in such places. Furthermore, even if the law permits the wearing of robes in public, wear decent robes that are not too revealing and that are also comfortable which will allow you to enjoy the venture.

Are there celebrities that are fond of wearing robes in public?

Yes, there are and the number of such persons is growing by the day. They wear these robes outside mainly because, first, their societies allow such, and secondly,  because they may feel homely and comfortable in robes while in public.

Some of these celebrities cut across both Europe and America such as Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Williams, Khloe Kardashian, Tracee Ellis Ross, Lindsay Ellington, Rihanna, Megan Fox, and Christina Ricco. Others are Kiernan Shipka, Jeff Bridges, Blake Lively, and Adriana Lima.

Do you dry yourself before wearing a robe?

It is good to dry yourself up after a bath before wearing your robe to avoid getting wet and becoming cold too.

Robes and dressing gowns are among the most advisable things for one to carry whilst on admission at a hospital and so, it is suggested for you to consider this before buying any robe, lest you end up getting the wrong one. Bathrobes are also perfect beach wears when worn over a swimsuit.

Should you wear underwear under a robe after a shower?

This depends on whether those with you at the time are either members of the same or different sex. Should they be of the same sex, then you need not bother to dorn on any underwear, but if they are of the opposite sex, then, by all means, put on some underwear.

If you are alone, however, you may not need to wear any. Be it known that even when those around you at times are of the same gender, be careful if they are not wearing any underwear.

Furthermore, after a shower, put on your undies so that you won’t be naked even after taking off the bathrobe. Also, if you have guests around, then it is highly advisable that you put on your underwear after bathing on top of your bathrobe. These could be shorts and other such inner-wear.

Why do people wear robes before going to bed?

Most people choose to sleep nude with only their robes covering their bare skin for warmth in a house or environment that may be cold.

Remember, stepping out of the shower and immediately toweling off any water from the body does not mean you are dry since your skin is still damp. To guard against catching a cold and becoming uncomfortable, most people opt to wear their robes to bed.

How does one store bathrobes?

In order to store your bathrobes properly, it is best to hang them and tie up their waist tie. You should also give them enough room or space for the whole length of the robe to hang straight without being dragged on the floor and also give enough space between hangers in the closet.

This will ensure that the robe is neither crumpled nor squeezed, which saves you from repeated ironing and also give you the chance to wear them some more should you want to.

Additionally, you may use padded hangers which are strong enough to bear the weight of your robe, but plastic or wire hangers are not advised, while wooden hangers may leave dents on the shoulders of the robe.

Should your robe have a hanging loop, storing your most-used robe behind the bedroom door is also a good option. In any case, consider the fabric of the robe and store delicate materials by hanging them in the closet.

Is It Weird To Go Outside In A Robe – Conclusion

Wearing robes in the house or out of it may have great appeal to most people, but there is the consideration of whether such is allowed where you live or not.

Essentially, therefore, it is good to ascertain what is allowed to wear or not in any place you may find yourself, so as to avoid any run-in with the law.

Specific footwear is recommended for use with robes. Despite this, you are advised to go for whatever you are comfortable wearing at all times.

The article has also not relegated to the care and storage of robes. Avail yourself to this wealth of information for maximum benefits with regards to efficient robe uses.

Finally, you have been informed on what to wear underneath a robe, but whatever the case may be, stick with that which makes you comfortable. Make informed decisions and choices for which you will be thankful in the end.

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