Do Guys Wear Bathrobes In College? (Check Out Our Top 3)

Do Guys Wear Bathrobes In College? Yes, they do. Most people wear pyjamas, pair of casual shorts and shirts underneath their robes as well. Others also sleep in either their bathrobes, a pair of jeans and sweaters or even their underwears as well.

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Should I bring a robe to college?

Yes, you can, if you wish to. However, it is advisable to choose the robes carefully as well as what you may need to wear under them.

For example, choose a robe that is suitable for the prevailing weather condition of the place. It would obviously be a mistake to opt for a light robe if the place where you go to college is very cold most of the time or a thick and heavy one when it is mostly hot.

In addition, no matter which type of robe suits you, buy one that is not very transparent since while in college, you are going to mingle among many other people and students too. In case you choose a transparent one, you should then buy suitable items to wear underneath the robe, for obvious reasons.

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Which types of robes should students bring to college?

Though robes are not always the best of wears in college, because the bathrooms and showers are usually small and crowded, students still bring them along to the school all the same.

The effort of putting on a robe in any confined space is just like trying to wear a pair of jeans when you come out of the shower and very wet, which is a struggle indeed and a needless waste of time really.

For what it is worth if you must bring a bathrobe to college, get one with roomy pockets and a hood if you have nothing against hoods.

In order not to risk dropping your towel in the hall, you might as well wear a robe instead. Considering all these factors, you should get a terry cloth bathrobe for college, which is much more modest and warmer than having to dart to the communal showers while wrapped in a conventional towel.

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What does a guy wear to the shower room in college?

Many students go to the shower rooms wrapped in towels or even carry the towels with them while wearing only pyjamas or shorts.

There are still others who go to the showers in their bathrobes, though some may still go along with their towels in addition. It is not uncommon to also find students who go to the showers wearing their pyjamas underneath their bathrobes too. It all boils down to individual choices and preferences.

What should ladies wear to the shower room in college?

Most ladies prefer to go to the shower rooms in their bathrobes or a towel. For the ladies, observing a stricter bathroom etiquette is more common as compared to their male counterparts.

In certain, though pretty uncommon instances, some ladies go to the shower rooms while wearing only shorts and overhanging their towel on the shoulders, a practice that is quite common with the guys.

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What do guys wear to bed in college dorms?.

What one wears to bed is a matter of personal preferences and choices, as long as such do not offend anybody and is comfortable.

Most guys wear shorts and t-shirts to bed while others may opt to sleep in their pyjamas or a pair of jeans. There are still students who prefer to sleep in their underwears such as pants or sneakers. It is also not uncommon for some students to go to bed in leggings too.

What are the dos and don’ts of shower room in college?

The shower room is both a public and private place. For this reason, it is very advisable to acquaint yourself with how things work in order to avoid offending anyone. It, therefore, implies that there are things prohibited as well as things expected of you while there.

Firstly, you are expected to wear shower shoes before going to the shower room. This is very imperative considering the fact that these shoes can protect you from infections. For what it is worth, you are expected to have an extra pair of these shoes just in case.

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Secondly, when going to the shower room, take along with you a shower caddy. This is a sort of hanging bag or container which carries your shampoo, soap, razor blade and whatever else you may require while in the showers.

Thirdly, bring along a towel or a bathrobe which you will wear after the bath when going back to your room. Failure to do this can be quite nightmarish indeed.

To prevent this from happening, always hang it with your caddy, or better still, fold it and keep it on top of the caddy so that you can never forget either.

Finally, after bathing, clean your hair from the drain pipe. The shower room is a shared space and you are duty-bound to keep it clean for use by the next person just like it was done for you.

There are things you don’t do in a college shower room just like there are things expected of you. Of the things you shouldn’t do, there is first the need to waste or take as little time as possible while under the showers, though without any compromise to how well you clean yourself up.

This is because others may be waiting for you who are probably pressed for time as well. So, do please make it snappy by keeping your shower time brief.

Thirdly, do not shower with a friend, which is inappropriate and possibly disrespectful to others. If you must have any romantic reverie under the showers, it will do well to make a private arrangement, lest you offend others unduly.

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What at some of the best robes for college students?

Whatever may be the case, get any bathrobe that is a perfect fit for you and preferably one that has enough roomy pockets too.

Since a college is a public place where you are likely to meet other students and people, you should choose a robe that is not very transparent and where you must wear a transparent robe, be sure to have good wears underneath such as a short, jeans or leggings to prevent any unwarranted or accidental revelation of private body parts, right?

Most notable among some of the best bathrobes for college students are:


What should you not bring to college?

There are many things students are not supposed to bring to college. For instance, high school t-shirts are great and are given out to students regularly, and for this reason, you are most likely going to have plenty of them especially on your first day at school.

Notable among those things you shouldn’t bring to school are furniture, sports gear, more than two sheet and towel sets, bulky baggage, electrical appliances, too many shoes and a printer.

Others are your library, bunch of random school supplies, coffee maker, iron and ironing board, out of season clothes, a large collection of shoes, clothes hangers, laundry bag or basket, a toaster, holiday-themed wears, an office chair and an air mattress or sleeping bag. There are lots more things you shouldn’t take to college really, but these are some of them.

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How much clothing should I take to college?

How much clothes and shoes you take to college really varies from one person to another, but on a general note, since you are not expected to go to school with your entire wardrobe, what then should you take with you to school in terms of clothes?

Well, it will do well for you to take just a few sets of clothes that will enable you to change regularly throughout the week without stress. This number of clothes should also not give you much bother during laundry or even distract you from your studies.

The number you carry should also fit snugly in your wardrobe at school. Remember that you are advised against taking to school any bulky baggage.

This is one of the reasons for such advice. A few sets of clothes like five or six sets may be all you need at school along with three to four pairs of shoes to match. For goodness sake, a school is not a fashion fair, so tune it down.

How many pillows should I take to college?

As a rule, you are required or allowed to bring to college not more than two pillows and before doing that, you are equally required to find out about the specifications or sizes of the pillows allowed by the school, since some colleges have twin beds that are extra long.

Are guys allowed in girls’ dorms?

Typically, most colleges allow guys to visit female dorms particularly at times recommended for such visits.

Can you drink in college dorms?

Though many colleges do not prevent drinking in student dorms, you are still advised to do that with some moderation in order to avoid drunkenness or any unwholesome conduct.

Preferably, and on personal grounds, you may cut the habit while in school, if for nothing else,  to enable you effectively face that which takes you there in the first place; your studies.

What appliances are allowed in college dorms?

Most colleges prohibit students from bringing electrical appliances to school, first to prevent noise pollution or distraction from studies and next, to guard against any fire outbreaks which are common in student dorms.

Regardless of this restriction, however, there are still some appliances you are allowed to take to college. Some of these appliances are mobile cellphones, personal computers and their chargers, electronic calculators and/or hair clippers.

In some instances, the ladies may be allowed to bring mobile and portable hair dryers, but find out first whether your college allows that or not, lest you risk a run-in with the school authorities.

How do you survive college dorm bathrooms?

College bathrooms can really suck sometimes and to survive them, you may need to take certain precautionary measures.

For instance, use mainly cheap plastic flip flops, use none lacy bathrobes, get a plastic and tall shower caddy too. Furthermore, never buy any cute fabric caddy which will only get wet and finally, use mainly slip-on shoes for their ease of use.

What are some of the best shower caddies?

Shower caddies contain your basic essentials while in the shower room such as bathing soap, razors, brushes, toothpaste and a host of other things as well.

Judging from these items, you need a caddy that is not liable to get wet in the shower room. To assist you with their choice, we shall give a list of some of the best shower caddies available. They include:

  • InterDesign Orbz Shower Tote Holder and Organizer
  • Sterilite Bath Caddy\L.L. Bean Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag\Handy Laundry Dorm Shower Caddy
  • Saltwater Canvas Mesh Dorm Shower Bag and finally,
  • Shlocker.

Is it weird for men to wear robes?

Of course, not. In fact, a robe is a great alternative for men who don’t care about wearing a pyjama top. A robe can also come in handy for men to wear over their shorts during breakfast or taking a walk around the house.

Do Guys Wear Bathrobes In College – Conclusion.

Everything about college is different from what you are used to or accustomed to at home. This is more so considering the fact that you are now in a public place where you eat, bath, lounge, sleep and mingle with and among strangers, each person with his/her behaviours.

Since there are items or objects that are both allowed or otherwise in college, the article has seen to it that you are adequately informed on the matter.

What you wear either during the day or at night when going to bed is equally important, especially if you happen to be exposed to a strange or harsher weather condition. On this count too, the article gets you covered. Avail yourself to this timely information and it will certainly stand you in good stead whenever the need arises.

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