Can I Use A Bathrobe Instead Of A Towel?

Can I Use A Bathrobe Instead Of A Towel? Yes, you can. This is particularly so since they are designed with highly absorbent fabrics or materials such as cotton by using special looms.

In these very absorbent robes (TowelSelections Women’s Robe Turkish Cotton Terry Kimono Bathrobe), their loops are specifically designed to pull in water and they are made almost entirely of cotton fibre, though sometimes polyester can be added to supplement.

Most manufacturers make their towels, bathrobes, sweatsuits and sweatbands from terry cloth. In essence, you can use a terry cloth bathrobe or a spa bathrobe as a towel.

These robes have fabrics that absorb water and are also able to keep you warm on chilly nights thereby making towels unnecessary, except possibly when you need to dry your hair.

If you happen to get trapped in the rains and hence need to dry off the water and keep yourself warm too, then a bathrobe can be a very reliable alternative to a towel.

Does a bathrobe replace a towel?

For all intents and purposes, yes, a bathrobe can replace a towel, particularly any bathrobe made from cotton or terry cloth that contains little or no polyester in it.

There is however the issue of drying your hair after bath which may necessitate the use of a towel if you wish. Though, even the hair can be dried with a bathrobe, if you must.

Which robes feels like towels?

Egyptian and Turkish cotton are not only some of the oldest variety, but are also the most fluffy and hence, they are used in designing towels and classic bathrobes too.

They are reputed to have excellent water absorbing capacities, which makes them simply irresistible for use in both shower robes and towels alike, though they are liable to become quite heavy if they absorb much water.

So, the robes which feel like towels are those designed from cotton or terry cloth especially Turkish or Egyptian cotton. Some of these robes are:

Why do towels and bathrobes absorbency matter?

Towels and bathrobes are used to dry the body after taking your bath and for this singular reason, they are designed using highly water-absorbing substances like cotton or terrycloth.

If they are not having these specially absorbent fabrics in them, they will be ineffective in drying the body after bath. This means that they will become functionally useless and that is precisely why their absorbency matter a lot.

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Are bathrobes for drying?

Bathrobes are basically used to dry up the body after bath or to keep the body warm in the bed at night especially on summer nights.

They are able to discharge these functions chiefly because of the materials used in designing them. So, yes, bathrobes are used for drying, even though they have other functions as well.

How do you dry a robe?

Cotton robes when washed thoroughly are liable to becoming fluffy and so, the best way to wash them effectively is by reducing the amount of detergent used in washing them. Once they are washed clean enough, you can put them in your dryer in order to increase their fluffiness.

Essentially, you can dry your bathrobes in an electrical dryer using a low heat setting or alternatively by open drying them on a clothes’ line in the Sun outside. The choice of which method to use in drying then is basically yours to make.


Is a robe a towel?

Functionally speaking, yes it is. This is much because,  like towels, most robes are produced using materials that boast of very effective water absorbency which are the exclusive characteristics of towels.

When robes are used in this way to dry off the water after leaving the shower, then they are just alternatives to towels. So, yes, a robe is certainly a towel, at least functionally speaking.

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Is terry cloth like a towel?

Like towels, bathrobes and terry cloths are manufactured with some highly absorbent cotton commonly of Turkish or Egyptian origins.

This makes them extremely absorbent and hence effective in drying the body off any water poured on it. When used in this manner, terry cloth is definitely like a towel.

How does one wear a robe?

Wearing a robe and how one does it is a matter of personal preferences or choices. Some people choose to wear their robes on underwears beneath them, while others prefer to wear their robes over shorts, jeans, pyjamas or leggings.

It is recommended that you wear your robes over inner wears particularly when you are going outside. Whatever the case may be, the choice of how you wear the robe is basically yours to make, but make sure that you dry yourself off before wearing them so that they won’t get wet and become cold.

Can one sleep in a silk robe!

If you are having any problems going to sleep at night, a silk kimono robe can help you out. This is possible because it will allow air to circulate your skin very well and also absorb little or no heat at all. This means that, if you wear a silk robe to sleep, it will both keep you cool and also feels cosy to wear. ( Read Also: Can You Sleep In A Bathrobe? (3 Robes You Can Sleep In))

Should one sleep in a robe?

Like slippers, people don’t usually wear their robes to bed. Most people only use them at night up until when they are ready to go to bed. However, in cold wintertime, you may choose to wear them during your sleep just so that you give yourself an extra layer of warmth. To further get added warmth, you can also wear them over pyjamas too.

What kind of fabric is terry cloth?

Terry cloth is a woven fabric with very special loops which can absorb large quantities of water. It is usually 100 per cent cotton, but may in some instances contain a little percentage of polyester too. It is used in designing clothes for men, women and even children.

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How often should one wash a robe?

This is another matter that is subject to individual choices and healthy habits, but on a general note, bathrobes should be washed at least once every three to four uses, even when nothing is spilt on them or whether they look clean or not. Should you delay or prolong this regular washing, you risk getting mould or bacteria growing on them.

Can you put a robe in a dryer?

If a cotton robe is thoroughly washed, it is most likely going to be very fluffy indeed, and the best way to achieve this condition is to reduce the quantity of detergent used in its washing.

Once, you are certain that the robe is well clean, place it in a dryer which will accentuate the fluffiness. So, yes, you should put a bathrobe in a dryer.

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How do you wash a robe thoroughly?

After completing your 60-degree washing, add about half a cup of distilled vinegar to the washed robe and set the machine to a rinse cycle.

Doing this will effectively clear away any lingering detergent residue from the robe. To get the robe to retain its soft and fluffy nature, dry it in the tumble dryer set on low heating.

What are some of the best terry cloth bathrobes on the market and where to buy them?

There is little or no doubt that terry cloth bathrobes have immense benefits. For instance, they save you from the stress of getting dressed after your bath, which may also put you at the risk of getting your clothes wet, cold and uncomfortable.

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However, if you have a robe handy, you will simply wrap it around you and leave the shower. In addition, having your robe on will enable you to attend to urgent matters at home such as answering the door for any caller without having to get dressed hurriedly.

A good robe will also regulate your body temperature, a situation that will stimulate your body and enable you to sleep soundly.

The fluffier the robe, the better it will be as an alternative to conventional shower towels. Robes with these qualities and distinction are available from reputable suppliers who will readily attend to your needs without any delay at any time of the day or night. Some of these robes are listed below:

Should a lady wear a bra to bed?

There is not any medical evidence whatsoever why bras should not be worn while sleeping. In fact, it is even said that sleeping in a bra may benefit women that have larger breasts since they are more likely to suffer some discomfort due to breast movements at night.

That being said, it is obvious that sleeping in a bra comes down to personal or individual preferences, but yes, you should go to bed in a bra, if you want.

Is it healthy to sleep naked or not?

Sleeping naked is an integral part of your circadian rhythm, which is your natural clock for sleep. When you are naked, your body feels cool and that stimulates you to sleep. Therefore, sleeping naked which gives you a cooler feeling can actually enable you to sleep faster and better too.

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What actually causes the breasts to sag?

The loss of elasticity in the ligament of Cooper that maintains the breasts in an upright posture is the most common cause of saggy or drooping breasts, especially in older ladies.

Smoking is also indicted as another cause for this development in the breasts. In fact, smoking both contribute to the sagging of the breasts prematurely as well as catalyzing the ageing process.

Can I Use A Bathrobe Instead Of A Towel – Conclusion

Robes are really an alternative to towels considering the similarities that exist between them, but more than towels, judging by the range of uses to which we can put them.

In order to maximize the benefits you get from them, you are advised to make very meticulous and informed choices before you buy. This is particularly easy since there are robes for all manner of climatic conditions to choose from.

They are usually made of very fluffy cotton fabrics which make them difficult to wash and dry afterwards and to help you with that, the article has explained in great detail how you should go about both the washing and drying of these robes.

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How you should wear them effectively through proper tying of the ropes has also been explained in detail.  Their high water absorbency qualities, which are attributed to the nature of their fabrics, have equally been given the attention needed, in addition to explaining why they should have such qualities too.

There are robes for all manners of people and occasions for both indoor and outdoor uses. In the event that you have any problems getting new robes due to their prices which are sometimes a little high, you have been told where you can get fairly used ones at very friendly prices.

Bathrobes can be quite heavy especially after they have sucked much water, which makes washing them a hectic affair. For this reason, you have equally been informed on how best you should go about washing them for maximum satisfaction.

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