How Do You Reuse Old Robes? (26+Things To Do With Old Robes)

How Do You Reuse Old Robes? Old robes, and most other garments, can be put to very useful applications even after we are done wearing them through very commendable and down to earth procedures, which we will learn about here.

Below are some of the most effective and diligent ways you can reuse old robes

  • You can turn your old robes into a blanket rather than discarding them after use with satisfying results.
  • Your old and frayed robe can also be readily turned into a pillowcase, and so can you convert t-shirts as well.
  • An old robe or other tops can be made into a small coin purse or even a wallet, with simple, fast, and reliable techniques.
  • You can equally create a small tote bag out of an old robe, a move that will definitely save you money.
  • There is a DIY (do it yourself) procedure via which an old robe/cloth can be easily turned into stop drafts, which will surely save energy in your home.
  • Men’s shirts can also be converted into a shirt dress as well.
  • Most repurposed men’s shirts/robes can be made into a pin-tucked tunic for use in the summer.
  • An old robe can also surprisingly be utilized in designing a winter hat, which can serve as any of its kind anywhere.
  • Alternatively, any old robe or long-sleeved shirt can be made into a wrap skirt for your loved ones at home, for which they may be mighty delighted.
  • Old robes are also known to be used in making baby clothing creatures such as a cute little pillow or a toy.

Some effective ways to reuse old shirts/clothes


  • You can diligently cut up an old t-shirt and convert it into a colourful produce bag for sundry uses at home.
  • With the use of an old men’s shirt, you can design a little girl’s dress. Talk about caring for the loved ones at home, and at no extra cost.
  • Using a vintage pillowcase, you can create a cute comfy romper for your little one at home too.
  • An old shirt itself can be readily made into a baby’s sleeping comfy.
  • Old shirts, bed sheets or even an old pillowcase itself can readily serve you again as adorable hair accessories as well.
  • Old t-shirts can easily be converted into a scarf using very simple tailoring techniques.
  • You can also put old garments to satisfactory uses after you are done wearing them by creating sweet onesies for your kids.
  • Create comfy shorts for lounging from old night shorts.
  • It is also easy and creative to manufacture a cute and pleasant top from our old and discarded wears.
  • An old jeans wear or shirt can be readily turned into a denim fabric purse, a strategy that will give us more satisfaction as well as help us to save money too.

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Other creative ways to reuse old clothes

  • A denim corset will no doubt add flair to your outfit which can readily be manufactured from old clothes too.
  • You can satisfactorily create very decorative pom poms using an old t-shirt and other retired garments.
  • It is also common for people to resize or add creative flair to old t-shirts by weaving and cutting old robes.
  • Old jeans and flannels can also be used to create a cosy denim flannel quilt.
  • Very pleasing memories can be created for your walls at home with old t-shirts based artistry.
  • People are known to create a t-shirt wrap dress using any old and oversized t-shirt to give a one-of-a-kind look.
  • You can equally create a simple pillowcase nightgown from an old pillowcase.

There is really no limit to what you can do with old retired robes that cannot be donated. All that is required is not more than a little creativity. While cleaning out your over clustered closet, you are likely to come across other items that can be of some use in these processes.

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How to put old robes to good use – step by step

For you to turn old tired robes into something worthwhile, follow the steps shown below.

Step 1

First, make sure that the garment is adequate to supply the needs for the creative work you have in mind.

Step 2

Thereafter, if you are sure it is, proceed to cut the old garment according to the specifications required, after diligently measuring the fitting parts.

Step 3

Finally, sew them up as required with the aid of a simple sewing machine.

PS: There are clothes and other items of very sentimental values such that we may not feel comfortable doing away with them, because they may represent that which we hold dear and in high esteem.

In addition, for any piece of cloth that has gone out of fashion, you can update it to something more current by using embellishments such as zippers, studs, and glitter. These additions can jazz up a tired shirt or robe and turn them into something entirely new.

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If your pants are frayed at the hems, try to crop them into shorts. Similarly, an old long skirt, for instance,  can be turned into a shorter one or even a t-shirt to a crop top as well. Using a dye can also add vibrancy to a seemingly tired robe. A new hue will certainly resurrect a tired garment also.

Furthermore, using your old clothes, you can create a memory board. This is a great place where you can display concert bracelets, ticket stubs, and photos too.

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With the aid of a large piece of fabric from your old clothes to cover both the front and sides of a normal office corkboard, secure the fabric in place with a fabric glue around the perimeter on its backside.

You can even add mementoes and rearrange your board by attaching other items with push pins. Another viable alternative in this reuse process is the creation of toys such as a teddy bear for your child out of old clothes.

You can also sew a quilt using an online pattern to enable you to turn your old duds into a quilt. Use many coloured pieces of clothes in this project so as to create an item full of happy memories.

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What to do with old clothes that cannot be donated

There are many things you can do with old clothes that cannot be donated such as textile recycling, making art projects, giving them our to an animal shelter, composting them back into the soil, taking them to a store for a discount, making a memorial for a quilt or stuffed animals, making a dress-up box, sending them back to the manufacturers, repairing them and so on. In fact, the list of what you can do with such old clothes is endless.

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How can I reuse old shirts?

Old shirts can be reused in various ways. For instance, you can turn them into bags, use their fabrics as patches, make a pocket scarf or handkerchief, make a dress-up box, take them to a store for discount, make stuffed animals or a memorial quilt, compost them, donate to an animal shelter and so on.

How can I reuse old clothes without sewing?

Old clothes can be reused without sewing in any of the following ways:

  • You can crochet a rag rug by cutting them into long strips, approximately according to the size of the crochet hook you want to use.
  • They can also be used in making a dog bed cover.
  • They can be used in creating home decor curtains by simply cutting them up according to the sizes you want by the dimensions of your existing curtains. In addition, you can recycle them, give them out as hand-me-downs to those who may need them.
  • Use them in art projects such as turning socks into adorable sock monkey,  stretch them over a canvas, making a patchwork poster, or even by turning them into rags too. What you can do with old clothes is in fact limitless.

What can you do with old towels?

Old towels can be used for several things particularly considering the thickness of their fabrics. For example, you can use them effectively as dog bed covers, send them to animal shelter homes, use them conveniently as rags or create patchworks as well.

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In addition, you can compost their materials back into the soil as plant manure, take them to certain stores for a discount, send them back to the manufacturers or recycle them, as well as making a pocket scarf or handkerchief out of them too.

How Do You Reuse Old Robes – Conclusion

It is definitely wasteful to throw away any tired clothes now that we know the different uses to which we can put them, with little or no stress in the process.

In most cases, when you reuse old clothes, you are involved in a creative process, while at the same time-saving money too.

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Through these clothes reuse techniques, we are also able to preserve intimate and pleasurable memories of loved ones as well, which we may otherwise lose.

Most of these uncanny procedures do not require much or any sewing to accomplish. With these techniques, we have bidden farewell to unnecessary wastage, while at the same time saving ourselves money too.

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