What Is The Difference Between A Bathrobe And A Housecoat?

Both bathrobes and housecoats are loose-fitting garments that are worn casually at home primarily to enable their users much more freedom than is possible in conventional clothes. Though they are basically different, but they are more similar in many aspects.

In what ways are they different? We shall be informed adequately on both their differences, as well as similarities, in the course of this article.

So, What Is The Difference Between A Bathrobe And A Housecoat? A housecoat is a woman’s garment, usually loose and long, that is worn for informal uses at home, while a bathrobe is another loose-fitting garment that is worn both before and after bath, as well as for lounging in the house.

From even these definitions, you can see that they are, first and foremost, functionally different. In addition, the materials or fabric from which they are designed are also slightly different. Furthermore, their tailoring designs are also different, which is a reflection of the uses to which we put them.

What is a bathrobe?

A bathrobe is a garment mostly designed using cotton fabric that is thick and very absorbent, much like a towel. Due to this quality, bathrobes are often used as a substitute for towels since they can be applied in rubbing water off our bodies after bath, as against the usual practice of using a towel for that purpose.

In addition, just like towels, bathrobes are made from highly absorbent fabrics which make them very effective in water retention to facilitate water absorption after bath, and they are also very good when it comes to keeping our bodies cool and dried, especially when the weather is slightly hot.

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Types of bathrobes

There are different types of bathrobes which have various kinds of qualities, designs and also prices, such that you will always be able to find that which you can afford, and also which is believed to be able to give you as much satisfaction as possible.

We shall list as many of them as possible, and also give you links through which you can get them for purchase from reputable suppliers, like Amazon. Some of these garments are:

What is a housecoat?

This is a loosely fitting and commonly light cloth worn at home basically to enable us to get a proper circulation of air for cooling purposes, especially at times when the weather is slightly hot. Its loose embrace on the body also enables the users to have much freedom in all manners of movements, as they attend to various chores at home.

They are equally designed with both breast and side pockets which you can use in keeping or concealing small items like keys, sunglasses, mobile phones, and a host of other items as well.

Types of housecoats

Housecoats comes in various designs and shapes. Below are the most common coats worn by women/men

Uses of housecoats

Housecoats are primarily used as casual wears at home to ease the temperature in hot conditions, and sometimes to give protection to your clothes in situations where you don’t want them to get smeared by dust or any kind of grime, as may be occasioned by the kind of activity you are involved in.

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Is a housecoat the same as a bathrobe?

No, they are not the same, even though they may have a similar feature or outlook. Fundamentally, a bathrobe is thicker and heavier than a housecoat.

Furthermore, bathrobes are used as a reliable alternative to towels, since they are convenient in drying off water from your bodies after bath.

Furthermore, a housecoat can be worn at any time of the day in the house, but a bathrobe is worn only when you are about to take your bath and also afterwards too. Bathrobes are also commonly worn naked, but in most cases, a housecoat is worn over other dresses.

Are there any similarities between a bathrobe and a housecoat?

Yes, there are. First, both of them are long garments that are provided with both front and side pockets for the concealment of various items.

Second, they are both sewn with either a zipper in front or buttons that can be used in closing them up after wearing.

They also have robe belts in some cases which can be used to tie them securely around you as well. Both of them are mostly designed with long sleeves meant to provide warmth in some instances too.

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At what time should one wear a bathrobe or a housecoat?

A housecoat can be worn at home whenever you feel like it, especially at such times when you may be busy with something, whereas a bathrobe is used only before or after taking your bath.

In essence, a bathrobe is used as often as you take your baths, but you may choose to wear a housecoat throughout the day, particularly if you do not plan to go anywhere.

Do all housecoats come with a zipper or buttons?

They can come with any of them or even both in some rare cases. Whatever they come with is according to the designers of the garments, who are always on the lookout for ways to both improve and modernize these highly valued garments.  In any case, you are assured of maximum satisfaction regardless of any fashion trend in their designs.

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Are housecoats meant for both genders?

In reality, housecoats were initially used mainly by women for the simple fact that they attend to all sorts of domestic chores at home, especially on some days or at certain times.

Be that as it may, housecoats are now very commonly used by men too. In fact, there are very reputable designers who specialize in producing housecoats for both men and women. So, to answer the question satisfactorily, housecoats are worn by both men and women nowadays almost equally.

Are housecoats and bathrobes made of the same material?

Yes, they can be, but there is a marked difference in the thickness of the garments. For example, since bathrobes are used in drying yourselves after bath, they are very thick such that they can be used effectively for that purpose, while housecoats are lighter to allow for both adequate aeration of the body and freedom of movement too. Though both of them are commonly made of cotton fabric.

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Is it illegal for a woman to drive a vehicle in a housecoat?

In some states in the US, like California, it is viewed as illegal for a woman to drive in a housecoat, though the same cannot be said in some other places. This is mostly because, in California and other vacation states, it is recognized that a slow-moving vehicle in normal paced traffic can be a road hazard.

Can I wear a housecoat to bed?

Just like your footwear, you should not actually wear your robe or housecoat to bed. However, you can wear them during your bedtime routines up until you get ready for bed.

Specifically, in cold weather, you can give yourself an extra layer of warmth by going to bed in your robe over pajamas, for instance.

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How often should you wash a robe?

Under ideal conditions, you should endeavour to wash your robe once after every 3 to 4 years, even in situations where nothing has visibly spilt on them.

Should you take longer than this to wash them, you are increasing the risk of mould and other pathogenic bacteria growing on them, which in extreme cases may even cause the garment to smell strong. So, be mindful of its regular maintenance at all times.

Why is a housecoat called a duster?

The design of a housecoat was from the beginning inspired by dusters, which was as far back as in the 1820s. It was known even then that a duster would be worn by both men and women who were in messy jobs, or by horse riders who wouldn’t want their clothes to be ruined or smeared by dust, and hence the name.

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Do you wear clothes beneath a robe?

Commonly, most people use robes after a bath or when they get out of bed before they dress up. Though you can wear one naked if you so wish.

However, that does not stop you from being fully clothed under it, if you want, in order to provide yourself with the necessary warmth should the occasion demands. Essentially, therefore, you can wear clothes under a robe, if it suits you.

What Is The Difference Between A Bathrobe And A Housecoat – Conclusion

Bathrobes or housecoats and pajamas are all non-restrictive clothes, in which you are not only kept cool but are also provided with the opportunity to move freely as you attend to whatever chores you have going down at home.

Otherwise, how do you cope with such difficult restrictions? If you must use these robes, then it becomes imperative to know how you should care and maintain them effectively too.

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