Are Robes A Good Bridesmaid Gift? (4 Robes You Can Gift Bridesmaids)

Bridesmaids are necessary accomplices on the bride’s most important day; her wedding day. Due to the immeasurable roles they play and the enormous contributions they make in the bride’s journey of life, they certainly deserve gifts at the end of it all.

Gifts that are bound to have very sentimental values. It, therefore, becomes necessary to enquire about what sorts of gifts they should be given at the end of it all? Though giving out items as gifts to bridesmaids has become a famous affair, it does not necessarily imply that these gifts must always be expensive.

Simple and cheap gifts can be given which does not in any way diminish their sentimental values and relevance. We shall look at some of these gift items in the article.

So, Are Robes A Good Bridesmaid Gift? The robes are a perfect gift item given to bridesmaids by the bride after the wedding ceremony in most cultures all over the world. They are accorded this special recognition because they are not likely to be tossed away after the wedding.

In addition, the robes are also affordable. For example, there are some bridesmaids robes that do not cost more than 40 dollars such as Floerns Women’s Ruffle Hem Belted Satin Kimono Bridesmaids Robe.

From the pre-wedding parties to the bridesmaid’s dress, it is not likely to cost more than 1200 dollars. Apart from this monetary responsibility, the bridesmaids are equally giving a lot of their time too.

Therefore, a bridesmaids gift is both earned and necessary, in order to show appreciation for everything they have done to make sure that your wedding is indeed successful.

4 Awesome robes that makes for a good bridesmaid gift you might want to check out on Amazon

Do robes count as bridesmaids gifts?

Certainly, they do, and this is due to the fact that they are no likely to be discarded once the wedding is over. In addition, bridesmaids robes are usually not very expensive,  which means that most people can easily afford them.

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When should I give my bridesmaids their robes?

The bridesmaids should get their robes at about when the bride is getting ready for the wedding, to enable them to have enough time to get fully prepared too.

However, when it comes to buying the robes, that should be done in good enough time before the wedding to allow for very careful and satisfactory preparation.

In essence, the robes should be bought sooner rather than later. To do this effectively, you should get your bridesmaids robes at least two months before the wedding, if you must avoid shopping a week or so before your wedding.

How much should you spend on a bridesmaid’s gift?

All in all, you should not spend more than 75 to 150 dollars on a bridesmaid’s gift. Naturally, going by the significance of the occasion, you may want to be a little bit extravagant when it involves the maid of honour, as she is a key figure in the wedding party, in which she has a great deal of responsibility too.

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What colour should the bridesmaid’s robe be?

It is highly recommended that you get your bridesmaids any robe in primary colours, and the same goes for the men’s attire, invitations, and all elements throughout the decor as well, but try not to abuse the colour. You can also use secondary colours in the flowers, decor, linens, and for the bridal party accessories too.

You must not also forget that it is customary to match the colours of the bride’s robe to that of the bridesmaids when going to the wedding motif.

Though it is advised to use a colour that the girls will cherish for several years after the wedding. In addition, choose colours that will beautify the pictures as well. The longer the robes last, the longer they take to add to the loving memory of your wedding. So, choose your colours with care.

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What are some of the best bridesmaids robes in the market?

Bridesmaids robes come with all sorts of designs, shapes, colours and innovations. Therefore, whatever your budget is, you are bound to find that which will serve you just fine according to your monetary allocation for the items.

All the designers are luckily straining to out sale and out design one another, which really benefits the customers. Despite this fierce competition, there are bridesmaids robes that are distinctive, exemplary and tower over and above most other competitors on the market.

Some of these are:

  • Floerns Women’s Ruffle Hem Belted Satin Kimono Bridesmaids Robe
  • EPLAZA Women One Size Bride Bridesmaid Robes with Gold Glitter
  • SIORO Women’s Satin Robe,Silky Kimono Bathrobe for Bride Bridesmaids
  • Hotouch Silk Robes for Women Satin Long Kimono Robes Bridesmaid Wedding Party

These robes are known for their  stand out,  exemplary, and unparalleled qualities such as:

  • Durability. They are very durable and resistant to any premature fading for the quality of the fabrics and colours used in producing them.
  • They are supplied in all sizes to cater for your every needs.
  • They can be washed either manually or with the aid of a washing machine.
  • They are provided with side pockets in which you can keep a lot of small items.
  • These robes have an inner sash design and close securely around you. You can also tie them around the waist too.

What do you get bridesmaids instead of robes?

There are so many other things you can get for the bridesmaids as gifts instead of just robes that will equally be very satisfying.

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Some of these items are:

  • Tie the knot necklace. They are very chic, and for that, they are likely going to be highly appreciated by both your bridal party and budget.
  • Custom hair clip.
  • Beaded friendship bracelet.
  • Can’t even’ glass.
  • Pampering gift set.
  • Weekend bag.
  • Monogram necklace.

Other personalized gifts items for the bridesmaids and maid of honour include: shop tote bags, shop clutches, shop women’s robes, shop pyjamas, shop makeup bags and brushes, shop compact mirrors, shop jewellery, jewellery boxes and holders.

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Most, if not all, of these gifts items, are cheap and hence easily affordable, durable, elegant, readily available and above all, likely to be highly appreciated by the receivers.

How do you wrap bridesmaids robes?

It is indeed very easy to wrap up. First, roll the top of the robe until you reach its midpoint. Then, roll the bottom of the robe as well, until you get to the top roll.

Do not forget that, the front side of the robe should always be on the top while rolling it. If your bridesmaid to be has any decorative text, flip it over to check if the text is shown or not.

What should bridesmaids wear while getting ready?

There are unconventional bridesmaids getting ready outfits on the market which are both always available and cheap too.

They include:

  • Rompers: These items satisfy the clothing needs which walks the thin line between sleepwear and an acceptable outfit.
  • Satin pajama sets: Satin pajama sets look incredibly luxurious and are also great to use.
  • Embroided button-ups: Button-ups are a very funny way to add character to your chilled out getting ready party at any time you are getting ready for the much-awaited time.


What do bridesmaids really want for gifts?

There are items preferred as gifts by the bridesmaids such as: Tie the knot necklace ( which are chic, cheap and highly appreciated), custom hair clips, silk pajamas, beaded friendship bracelet, ‘Can’t Even’ glass,  Pampering gift set, weekend bag, and a monogram necklace.

What is the best bridesmaid gift you have received?

Without any shred of doubt, the best bridesmaids gift ever received is one that reflects the bridesmaid (BM) and not either the bride or the wedding itself.

If someone loves coffee, for instance, gift them with something from a simple gift card, all the way to a basket filled with their favourite syrups, coffee beans, and possibly even a new mug as well. This is certainly going all the way through.

Does the bride buy the bridesmaids robe?

In a situation where the bride can afford it, it would be a thoughtful gesture for her to buy it, or at least upset part of the cost for each bridesmaid. All in all, the bridesmaids are expected to pay for their own dresses and other accessories, as well as any hair and makeup, needs or transportation too.

Who pays for the bridesmaids hairdo and make up?

It is usually the bride who pays for the hair and makeup of the bridesmaids as a gift to all of her maids, while either the bride or the maids should tip the hair and makeup artists. In certain situations, the bride is responsible for providing the hair and makeup artists, while the maids pay all the costs involved.

Should bridesmaids wear their hair up or down?

Where the wedding or in fact any other event is to be conducted outside, then the bridesmaids will do well to keep their hair up. In such instances, even half up hairstyles are risky, because all that may be necessary is a gale of wind to actually ruin what would otherwise have been a perfect photo shoot.

If you actually prefer having your bridesmaids keep their hair down, then by all means plan for it. That’s fair enough really. Furthermore, it is actually better if you sleep with your hair up, instead of down.

Regardless of whether it’s a braid, a loose bun, or wrapped with bobby pins, you will experience less hair breakage when your hair is secured. This will also help to distribute the natural oil from your scalp throughout the rest of your hair as well.

Should bridesmaids all wear the same shoes?

They actually don’t all have to wear matching shoes. Even in cases where they have to get new shoes particularly for the occasion, they will certainly appreciate getting to choose any pair of shoes they actually prefer and are likely going to keep wearing it again afterwards, while at the same time giving them control over what they should spend.

Should bridesmaids wear the same jewelry?

No, they really don’t have to wear the same jewelry. Should you decide to gift the bridesmaids with jewellery for the wedding day, don’t feel obligated to give all of them the same gift. It’s simply awesome to mix it up by giving different pieces to each person.

This accentuates the glamour and appeal of the occasion. In simpler terms, the rule of the thumb is that the bridesmaids can either wear a smaller version of whatever it is that the bride is wearing, or they can alternatively wear something the bride is not, such as a bracelet (if the bride is wearing only earrings, for example).

What can I use instead of a robe?

There are many other things the bridesmaids can wear as against the traditional bridesmaids robes, which include:

  • The bridesmaid’s flannels.
  • Bridesmaids button-down shirts.
  • Bridesmaids pajamas.
  • Oversized bridesmaids t-shirts.
  • Bridesmaids hoodies and sweatshirts.
  • Bridesmaids sweatpants and leggings.
  • Bridesmaids shorts and boxers.
  • Bridesmaids rompers and jumpsuits.

Do bridesmaids get ready along with the bride?

They should be ready and fully dressed whenever the bride is, along with the mother of the bride too. It is highly important to remember that the bridesmaids do not necessarily need to be perfect when the bride gets into her dress.

If your hair is not completely done or you are missing your jewellery, it is just okay to let it go by. After all, the person of the day and the occasion isn’t you, but you should be as presentable as is expected to fit the occasion.

Are Robes A Good Bridesmaid Gift – Conclusion

It is the brides day, and as such, she should have a say in how things go down, from the start to the very end of it; it is a day she may never have to experience again.

So, give her every right of way for crying out aloud. From the dressing, which includes shoes, jewellery, makeup, hair styling, and in fact, practically everything, she should have the final say on it all. After all, one gets married only once, or so it should be.

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