Will A Robe Hook Hold A Towel?

Will A Robe Hook Hold A Towel? Yes, a robe hook will certainly hold a towel very well. Hooks are simply great particularly for small bathrooms that are used by many people. Small bathrooms may have just enough space for about a 24-inch towel bar only.

However, even this much space, can hold up to three or four robe hooks. Robe hooks do not just hold robes, but also other items like big or small towels too. Additionally, robe hooks allow you to fully stretch out your towels for them to dry whenever they are damp after use.

Can you use robe hooks for towels?

Of course, you can. They are so designed and strengthened that they can accommodate both robes and towels properly. Furthermore, the metals used in their designs are of such quality that they do not cause rust to stain either wet towels or robes even when they are left on the hooks for long.

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How high should you mount a robe hook?

You are free to install robe hooks anywhere you feel like in the bathroom, but it is good to put into consideration the average arm reach of those who will use them in the household.

As a result of this consideration, it is advisable to keep at least one robe hook at arm’s length of the shower in the bathroom. Consequently, you can mount robe hooks about 65 to 70 inches off the ground.

As long as either your towel or robe does not drag on the floor of the bathroom after hanging, any height above 65 inches will do just fine. You should however take into account the heights of others who will use the hooks with you in the house, and advisedly mount a few hooks at different strategic heights within everyone’s reach.

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Where do you hang a bathroom robe hook?

It is recommended that you hang robe hooks in the bathroom at heights of between 65 to 70 inches from the floor of the bathroom, as long as either your towels or robes will not drag on the floor after hanging. Also, robe hooks should be hung at only heights that are within reach easily.

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How do you hang a robe hook?

In order to hang a robe hook properly, the following steps should be taken:

Step 1

Locate the appropriate place you wish to place it that is not at more than the recommended height of between 65 to 70 inches from the floor of the bathroom.

Step 2

Then, press the anchor a little so that you can dent the plaster on the wall.

Step 3

You should now take a drill bit of the appropriate size for the anchor and proceed to drill the wall gently, such that you can either screw in or push the hook anchor in place firmly enough using either an allen wrench or any other appropriate tool.

Step 4

Finally, put your anchors right on the mark made, and you are done with the procedure.

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What are the best hooks for towels/robes?

Robe and towel hooks, like most other things, come with varying designs and metal or plastic contents. However, whenever you have to select them, opt for those with the best qualities that you can afford. Some of the qualities of good robe hooks are:

  • They should be both durable and rust-free.
  • Good robe hooks should also have reliable adhesive materials.
  • They should be waterproof and made of stainless steel.
  • They should be easy to install.
  • The hooks should also have unique designs that will add beauty and appeal to your bathroom.
  • They should be resistant to corrosion too.

Some examples of robe hooks with most, if not all, of the qualities mentioned include:

  • Angle Simple Bsthtowel Hook.
  • GERZ Bath Double Towel Hook.
  • YIGII Towel Hooks.
  • Duraffe Contemporary 4 Piece Bathroom Hardware Towel Hook.
  • KES Adhesive Towel and Robe Hooks.

How do you tighten a robe hook?

Basically, how you tighten a robe hook will depend on the type or nature of its anchor since it can either be the screw-type or one that comes with an adhesive.

For those that are equipped with screws, all you have to do after drilling the hole in the wall is to turn it clockwise until it is firmly in place, such that it can bear the weight of any heavy robe or towel.

For the hooks that come with an adhesive, what you should do is to press the adhesive on to the surface provided for it gently until it is well stuck to it so that it can withstand the weight of what you will place on it too.

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How do I remove a robe hook from the wall?

In order to remove a robe hook from the wall, you still need an Allen wrench just like you did when installing it. Using this tool, you can proceed to gently unscrew the hook anchor from the wall while at the same time taking great care to do as little damage to the wall as possible in the process.

For those hooks that come with adhesives, gently prise the adhesive substance from the surface it was stuck to during installation. Finally, you may have to give the wall a little touch of paint if it is scratched, in order to obliterate any sign from its surface.

How many hooks should you have in a bathroom?

How many hooks you should have in a bathroom depends on both the size of the bathroom and the number of people who use it, as well as their average heights too. However, it is recommended that you put anything from four hooks and above in a medium-sized bathroom or  any number you feel will adequately  serve the number of people who use it.

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Do towels dry better on hooks or bars?

Whenever you are hanging towels on hooks, you are advised to double up. Drying towels on hooks in between uses may not be bad, though using a towel bar is by far better.

Take care to ensure that you do not hang more than two towels on one hook. This is because moisture and debris can get trapped in its layers, which would provide a growing surface for bacteria and other microbes such as mould. So, towels dry better on bars.


How do you put towels on a hook?

For an attractive and minimalistic effect, always hang your towels on a hook. In doing this, do not fold your towels before hanging them on the hook. Instead, spread it out horizontally, before you drape it over the hook. If done properly, the towel will form a triangular shape on the hook.

What is a robe hook?

A robe hook is a small device that is hung on the wall of the bathroom for keeping either towels or robes in between baths. These hooks come with different designs and are also made from different kinds of metal substances too. They are not only useful as devices for hanging robes, they equally add beauty to your bathrooms as well.

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Where do you place a robe hook?

For convenience and ease of use, robe hooks should be placed on the wall at any height between 65 to 70 inches from the floor of the bathroom such that the robes or towels hung on them will not be dragged on the floor after hanging. Furthermore, robe hooks should be placed on the wall approximately about 9 inches apart in cases where you have more than one hook on the bathroom.

What can I use instead of a towel bar?

There are commonly two options open to you in terms of hanging either your bathrobes or towels in between uses. If you do not use towel bars for the purpose of hanging your towels, you can alternatively use a robe or towel hook.

Where is the best place to dry towels/robes?

Both towels and robes can be dried on either the towel hook or bars. However, when you require faster and more efficient drying of these items, towel bars are definitely much better than hooks.

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Where do you put vinegar in your washing machine?

Put about  1/2 a cup of vinegar in your washing machine if you want to clean your clothes properly in the compartment meant for detergent. You may not really need to add other detergents at all.

Why do towels smell after washing?

If bacteria or mould are still present in the washing machine or on the towel itself, the towel is likely to give off an odour, even after thorough washing. To avoid this, run the washing machine several times with bleach, or alternatively, wash the towel a second time to remove any lingering microbe on its surface or in its layers.

What are some of the ways to hang dry towels?

There are multiple ways to hang a towel, such as:

  • With the use of a towel ladder rack, which not only looks attractive but adds a lot of storage space to hang many towels all at once.
  • Over the toilet towel rack.
  • Over the door towel rack.
  • Freestanding towel rack.
  • Walk mounted towel rack.

Will a robe hook hold a towel?

Robe hooks are simply great for small bathrooms that are used by several people. However, a small bathroom may only have enough open wall space for one 24 inch towel bar, though the same space may not be able to accommodate three or more hand towels or even small towels.

Where do you hang a towel in a small bathroom?

In order to keep towels within easy reach after washing,  hang them on wall mounting rings. This method of storing towels works perfectly in small-sized bathrooms with either pedestal or floating sinks where there is insufficient counter space. In addition, you may have the chance to show off any decorative bath towels you posses as well.

Can you hang a towel on a robe hook?

Never fold your towels before hanging them after use, instead, spread them out horizontally, before you drape them over the hook. If done correctly, the towel should form a triangular shape on the hook. Hooks are efficient in drying towels, as they allow them to dry more quickly with a minimal chance of exuding any odour.

Where should bathroom accessories be placed?

Items such as towel rack, bar, hook and so on,  should be placed close to the shower or bathtub within easy arm reach. However, other much smaller accessories, such as bathroom hooks,  can be placed on the countertop or in a bathroom tray, so as to keep your bathroom countertop as neat and organized as possible.

Do bathrooms need towel bars?

It is suggested that you should use a small towel bar or hooks and rings, if you have a small-sized bathroom. However,  if you have a big bathroom, you may choose to have towel bars and towel racks. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you should use a towel ring or a small towel bar

How much does it cost to install a towel bar?

The installation of the towel bar,  judging by the national average material cost, is about 20.77 dollars for one bar, with a range  between 16.15 to 25.38. However, the cost of labor and other materials per bar is about 142.93, with a range of 74.71 to 211.15 dollars. Though the actual price will depend on your location, size of the job, conditions and finish options.

Will A Robe Hook Hold A Towel – Conclusion

It is common knowledge that your bathrobes or towels  need proper care between uses for the simple fact that they are a good breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes.

This informs the reason for using towel bars or hooks. If you neglect this caution, your towels or bathrobes may tend to exude a very pungent or nauseating odour. Which of these items to buy, how to both use and maintain them have all been fully discussed.

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