Can You Wear A Petticoat Under A Kimono?

A kimono is a traditional Japanese wear which has its roots from a Chinese garment popularly used several centuries back. Despite this Chinese history, it is now predominantly Japanese, though it can be worn by anyone, provided they do it right.

So, Can You Wear A Petticoat Under A Kimono? Of course, you can wear a kimono under a petticoat as long as the kimono robe is a regular, full-length robe.

Do you wear anything under a kimono?

Yes, there are several items of clothing that can be worn easily and comfortably under a kimono robe. However, there are certain items that you are not supposed to wear underneath the kimono.

For example, you are not advised to use a bra under a kimono if it were not the type permitted for it. Doing this may cause the wire embedded in conventional bras to cut into your flesh.

Similarly, all garments that accentuate the body shape such as girdles are not allowed for use beneath a kimono. Items that are allowed for use under a kimono are: bras recommended to be used under a kimono, long undergarments such as juban, panties, and non-see-through clothes like t-shirts or shorts.

What do geishas wear under their kimono?

Geishas commonly use the naga juban and the hada juban underneath their kimono robes. In addition, they also use white collars which show maturity or clothes that are usually wrapped around the body too. Items of clothing that geishas avoid beneath their robes are underwears or pants which are believed to disrupt the lines.

Is it disrespectful to wear pants under a kimono?

That geishas do not use pants or underwear beneath their robes is not respectful or otherwise. Pants are not just worn by geishas because they distort the lines. So, it is not disrespectful to wear pants under a kimono.

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How do you properly wear pants under a kimono?

In order to wear pants under a kimono, there are certain procedures or steps to take. These are:

Step 1

You must get together all other items needed to enable you do it correctly. Some of these items are a tank top, demon shorts or any similar compatible underwear.

Step 2

After getting together all the required items, you can then proceed to wear the pants over either the tank top or the demon shorts.

Step 3

Having worn the pants, you can then go ahead with the rest of the dressings that go with a kimono.

What do you wear under a kimono cardigan?

It should be noted that you can wear virtually anything under a kimono as long as you are comfortable with it and it looks cosy too. That being said, you can wear either a short or t-shirt under a kimono cardigan.

However, you should endeavour to select only those items that would not make you uncomfortable due to excessive heat. For females, a good bra or any suitable undergarment is not out of place if worn underneath a kimono cardigan.

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Do you wear a bra under a kimono?

On the issue of wearing a bra under a kimono, there is a particular kind of bra which you can use but not just any bra. Conventional bras when used under a kimono are likely to cause the wires inside the bra to cut into your flesh.

Therefore, you should only wear bras that are meant for use with a kimono. So, in answer to the question, yes you can wear a kimono bra under it but not any other type.


Do you wear anything under a yukata?

Yes, there are things you can wear under a yukata, but not everything. For instance, a yukata is a piece of cloth worn mainly during the summer or hot season. This means that there is the possibility of sweating and staining.

Due to this, whatever you wear underneath a yukata should be of cotton and capable of preventing stains on the cloth itself by being very absorbent too. Consequently, these items should be soft and highly comfortable as well. You really don’t need much clothing underneath whenever you’re using a yukata, and so choose your undergarments carefully.

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What is the difference between a kimono and a yukata?

Though there are lots of similarities between a kimono and a yukata, they are still intrinsically very different in many ways than you can ordinarily imagine.

First,  a yukata being summer wear does not have any inner lining while a kimono has interior lining. Again, a yukata is sewn from a single layer of fabric while a kimono has several layers.

A yukata can be used as a bathrobe, but a kimono cannot. In addition, a yukata usually has no collar, but a kimono does have one which is usually soft and of full width too.

The materials used in designing a yukata are usually light and very soft, while those for sewing a kimono are mainly heavy and of very high quality too.

Another notable difference is that yukatas are designed with very bright colours but the kimonos commonly come in darker colours. The yukata is predominantly worn in hot weather but the kimono can be worn in diverse conditions regardless of whether it is hot or cold.

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Finally, yukatas are worn mainly during attendance at certain events like the matsuri friendships and some special festivals, but the kimono can be worn practically whenever you so desire.

Can you wear a kimono with shorts?

Specifically, you are warned against using certain undergarments beneath a kimono for your own safety. However, you are allowed to use others, such as shorts or other non-see-through underwear. In essence, you can wear shorts under a kimono.

How do you wear a kimono top with shorts?

When it comes to wearing a kimono top with shorts, the most proper way to do it is by wearing the shorts over the tank top in such a manner that it will not in any way restrict or limit your ease of movement.

How do you wash your kimono or yukata robes?

Before embarking on washing your robes, make sure that you wash garments of similar colours together to avoid staining and contamination. Use only the detergent recommended by the manufacturers. Generally, however, you should not use more than half the amount of detergent along with lukewarm water.

It is recommended that you should use about half a cup of vinegar in the process, but never any chlorine based bleach.

Finally, do not use temperatures exceeding  60 degrees while washing your robes to avoid any undue damage to the fabric. Afterwards, make sure that you rinse the garments to rid them of any lingering detergent from the washing.

Can You Wear A Petticoat Under A Kimono – Conclusion

Both the kimono and yukata robes are traditional Japanese wears, but they can be used by non-Japanese too, as long as they are used correctly. The yukata is generally used under hot conditions and so it goes with very sparse inner items of clothing, while the kimono, which is mostly worn under diverse situations, can be used along with many other items of clothing. The yukata is meant for use during certain festivals but the kimono can be used whenever you please.

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