How Much Does A Bathrobe Weigh? (With Examples)

The weight of a robe depends on its type and the fabric from which it is made. Some are quite heavy while others are not, depending on the uses for which it is meant and the weather conditions of where it will be used.

Essentially, therefore, we shall discuss their various weights based on several considerations. Generally speaking, men’s robes are comparatively heavier than those meant for use by either women or children.

So, How Much Does A Bathrobe Weigh? Robes have a weight of about 3 to 5 pounds or 1.36 to about 2.26 Kilograms for adults. Several factors determine the weights of robes which include their fabric types, wet-dry conditions, designs and style, as well as their sizes too.  The following are some of the robes and their weights based on gender:

  1. Japanese Kimono Robes by Ekouaer weighs about 0.198 Kgs. These satin robes are mostly made of polyester and a little spandex, known widely as terry cloth.
  2. The Turkish Organic Window Pane Bathrobe weighs about 3.8 lbs or more for adults, though slightly less than that for children.
  3. The zig-zag stylish robes weigh close to about 14 oz per square foot. This is because the robes are made of 100 per cent cotton. So, how much this robe weighs is actually determined by the quantity and quality of the fabric used in their designs,  whether they are meant for male adults, women or children.
  4. The ribbed type of bathrobes can weigh up to 450 GSM. It should be noted that the weights of these robes increase tremendously after they have absorbed water, especially for those that are very absorbent in nature.

Do all robes weigh the same?

No, they don’t. The weight of any robe is determined by the kind of materials used in designing it. Therefore, robes made of cotton are a little heavier than most others. In addition, the sizes of the robe also have a direct bearing to their overall weight, which means that the larger the robe, the heavier it is expected to be.

Why is weight important in robes?

Weight is important in robes because the heavier the robe, the more likely it is to be very effective in keeping the body warm, as well as drying the body of water after shower. In essence, for people who live in colder climates, the heavy types of robes should be their preference as against the lighter ones.

Similarly, those in temperate regions should opt for the lighter robes for obvious reasons too. This means that the weight of the robe is important based on the climatic condition of where you live or the time of the year, a situation referred to as season.

Does the texture of the robe affect its weight in any way?

Yes, the texture of the robe affects its weight really. This means that robes made of any materials similar in texture to windowpane, zig-zag, ribbed, and waves have the tendency to be heavier with increased water absorption too.

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Are there factors that influence the weight of robes?

Yes, there are indeed. As stated earlier, the overall performance of robes depends on the type of fabrics used in designing them.  Consequently, robes will have varied properties depending on whether they are made from nylon, cotton, polyester, silk, microfiber or wool. In addition, the size of the robe also has a bearing on its qualities and performance as well.

What does GSM mean in bathrobes?

The acronym GSM stands for gram per square meter, which is a rating for robes used by manufacturers that indicate the quantity or amount of cotton in fabric. The quantity of cotton in Turkish robes is very high, and that makes their robes heavy and efficient in keeping the body warm, as well as to have a great absorbing property.

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At what point should I wear light robes?

Light robes should be worn at such times of the day or season when the environmental temperature is high. They are very effective in cooling the body due to excessive heat. In the same vein, they are the robes of choice in very temperate climates for the same reason.

Similarly, you can always use light robes if you do not feel like using a thicker one to rub off water from your body. So, basically, you should use a light robe in hot places or when you do not require to use it in rubbing off water from your body after taking a shower.

What are some of the best lightweight robes in the market?

There are different kinds of lightweight robes for all genders and ages to choose from, each with its designs and decorations. Despite this proliferation of the robes, there are those that are considered the best of the lot. Some of these fabulous lightweight robes are:

  • Ladies Plain Silk Short Robe: This robe comes in various sizes such that you are assured to get a perfect fit for you no matter your body type or size. In addition, they are durable due to the nature and quality of fabric used in designing them, such as 95 per cent modal and 5 per cent spandex. They also come with various exotic designs too, like patchwork, lace, sleeveless and so on.
  • Versace Jacquard Bathrobe: It is also durable since it is made predominantly from silk with very durable colours and designs as well.
  • Versace Barocco Bathrobe: This robe is also produced using refined silk and very durable colours.  In addition, it comes in various designs to fit all body sizes and shapes, such as long-sleeved bathrobes among many other designs.
  • Gilda and Pearl Bathrobes: They are made from polyester fabric which is reputable for its exemplary characteristics too, with colours that are known to endure for prolonged periods.
  • LA Perla Short Robe: It is also made of well researched and fortified silk to guarantee durability for very long times while still retaining its brilliance.

The list of very good lightweight bathrobes is by no means exhaustive. However, these are some of the best you can get readily on the market for all types of users.

When should I wear heavyweight robes?

Heavyweight robes should be worn whenever the temperature is cold or when you wish to use your robe as a towel in rubbing off the water after shower.

Do men’s robes weigh more than women’s?

Yes, men’s robes weigh much more than those robes for either women or children, even when they are designed from the same materials. This is because they are usually larger and come with additional accessories too.

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How much do children’s robes weigh?

Children’s robes are known to weigh much less than those of either men or women mostly because of their smaller body sizes and nature of designs. As a result of this, the robes for kids weigh anything from about 1.6 lbs. Though there may be slight variations in some cases, and so these statistics only give you the general idea of their common weight.


How much does a fluffy robe weigh?

Though weights of robes tend to vary due to age, gender and body sizes, as well as the nature of materials used in designing them, but the common range of their weights is between 1.6 up to about 5.5 lbs. Expect slight variations here and there from one manufacturer to another.

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How much does a wet robe weigh?

We know the ordinary weights of robes based on gender, body size and nature, but a wet robe is logically expected to weigh much more than a dry one.

All in all, it is not very easy to give the projected weight of wet robes, since the water absorption capacities of the materials vary; with some having more than the others. However, wet robes are known to weigh significantly more, occasionally even many times over.

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How do robe sizes work?

Robes are produced in various sizes such that no matter your gender, body size or shape, you are certain to get that which will fit you perfectly. For this reason, robe sizes simply work to cater for everybody regardless of their peculiar body natures or age.

How should a robe fit?

Basically, robes should fit loosely around the body in a way that they do not impede free movements. For men, they should fall either to the mid-calf or ankle and their hems should be of the appropriate lengths too. For the women, the robes should extend to anywhere between the knee and ankle depending on the person’s preferences.

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How long should a robe be?

Generally, robes can be as long as anywhere between the knees and the ankles depending on personal preferences,  as far as they do not impede free movement at all. To cater for all types of body sizes and shapes, they are produced with different shapes, lengths and designs, such that you are assured of getting that which will fit you perfectly.

How Much Does A Bathrobe Weigh – Conclusion

Robes are produced with various designs, shapes and lengths such that no matter your body type, you are rest assured of getting that which will fit you snuggly. However, you are advised to learn everything concerning how to use and maintain them properly in order to get the satisfaction you deserve or the value of money spent.

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