Why Do Boxers Wear Robes? (5 Robes You Can Wear To The Ring)

It is a common sight to see boxers nowadays adorned in their different coloured robes as they approach the rings before any bout. Most of these boxers robes are designed with hoods, which the boxers usually uses to limit their scope of visions as they saunter among their fans and spectators towards the rings.

The big question however is, why do most, if not all, boxers use robes on their way to the ring? Boxers use robes for different reasons, some of which are:

  • To get their minds fully focused and concentrated on the forthcoming fight with little or no external distractions.
  • To boost their confidence before the fight and enhance their chances of winning against the opponents.
  • Most importantly, boxers use robes in order to keep their bodies warm during the introductions before the fights.

What are boxers robes for?

Functionally speaking, the robes are meant to keep the boxers in the correct states of mind and temperatures, which will enable them to go through the introductions without any qualms. In addition, the robes are expected to boost their confidence, as well as keep their minds focused on the upcoming duel.

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Do all boxers robes come with hoods?

Not exactly, because there are a few cases where some boxers dorn robes that do not bear hoods. Despite this rare observation, most boxers these days use robes that have hoods on them.

Why was the boxing robe invented?

Primarily, the boxing robe was invented in order to encourage the boxers to face the mandatory introductions before the fight confidently. In addition, the robes are said to control the body temperatures of the boxers prior to a fight, as well as to improve their focus for the fight.

Who started the trend of wearing boxing robes?

Though opinions vary here and there, the general consensus is that the wearing of boxing robes by fighters was first introduced by Jack Johnson, an American boxer some decades ago.

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This was done in order to improve the concentration of the fighters on the upcoming duels without much distraction by the crowd of spectators, especially during the introductory stage of the fight.

Boxers robes come in different shapes, sizes and colours. These exquisite items of clothing are produced from some of the most refined fabrics on the market too. Their colours are of such qualities that they do not fade easily even after prolonged use.

What does the colour on the boxing robe say about the fighter?

The colour of the robe does not actually say much about the fighter other than his colour preferences as an individual.

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Though there are instances where the colour of the robe was used to depict the intention or ferocity of the fighter. What is known for a fact is that, the colour of the boxing robe is used as a means of differentiating the two fighters as they make their way to the ring,  just before the scheduled fight of the day.

Which robes do boxers wear to the ring?

A boxer is free to use any colour robe s/he chooses to the ring based on his/her preferences. In fact, it is allowed for a boxer to use any robe without recourse to whether it has a hood or not. The choice of which to use is entirely the boxer’s to make.

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What do boxers wear under their trunks?

Conventionally, boxers do not wear much under their trunks other than the usual boxers’ shorts, which are also known as loose boxers. This is an undergarment that is meant to provide the fighters with unhindered movements throughout the fight.


Why do boxers run in hoodies?

Boxers run in hoodies primarily to eliminate or at least reduce distractions from the crowd around the arena for the fight. Doing this will enable the fighters to maintain their minds solely on their opponents and the upcoming bouts. Hoodies achieve this easily by limiting the boxers’ fields of vision, particularly on the sides as they make their way to the rings.

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Why do boxers wear big shorts?

Different reasons are attributed to why boxers use large shorts. Basically, boxers are said to use big shorts during the events in order to improve the circulation of air, particularly around their legs.

Since boxers do not hit out at their opponents with their legs, it is only logical for them to use tighter shorts or trousers too. Furthermore, the big shorts which boxers wear make it easier for them to lift their legs,  which are not hindered in any way during the fights.

Why do boxers not wear shirts?

One of the strongest reasons why boxers do not use shirts is to slow down the tempo or pace of the fight. In addition, by not wearing any shirt, the fighters are able to avoid being grabbed or clinched by their opponents during the fight. Thirdly,  not wearing any shirts gives the fighters enough movement or manoeuvrability during the fights.

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Why do boxers spit out their water?

Several reasons can be given as to why fighters spit out the water in their mouths. Firstly, spitting out the water in their mouths is said to help them with any dryness of the mouth.

Secondly, though not all fighters spit out the water because there are those who swallow it, some of those who do may actually be bleeding in the mouth, and therefore, spitting the water out may prevent them from actually swallowing their own blood.

Finally, putting water in the mouth and then spitting it out immediately is capable of giving the fighters a kind of cooling effect, a factor that is good for their concentration.

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Why do boxers hug?

You might have noticed that right in the middle of a fight, the fighters will suddenly cling together, and most times, the referee will have to separate them before the fight can continue. Why do they hug? Well, first, they hug in order to slow down the pace of the fight when things are becoming too rigorous or fierce.

Fighters also commonly hug just so that they can prevent being hit at close range or to prevent an opponent from getting too close or even crowding on them. Boxers also hug whenever they wish to take a breather or rest for a short while during a fight.

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Finally, boxers hug sometimes just so that they can close the distance between them. In any case, repeated hugging during a duel may be indicative of exhaustion, fear or both.

Why Do Boxers Wear Robes – Conclusion

We have ventured through boxing from its costume and down to why certain things are done during any contest. The costume in boxing is worn mostly for protective reasons.

And most of what boxers do while a fight is going on, are meant to achieve one thing or another. Finally, we have introduced to you some of the finest boxing robes on the market and where to get them readily for purchase.

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