Why Do People Wear Robes? (Reasons Will Shock You)

Why Do People Wear Robes? Robes are worn at home while lounging or after a shower, as well as at many other places and occasions for different reasons.

Commonly, people use robes leisurely at home after the stress of work to relax and unwind as they go about their household chores.

In addition, robes, especially the very thick and absorbent types, are good as alternatives to conventional bathroom towels for rubbing off water after bath. You can also use robes to add a layer of warmth to your body in instances where you need to conserve heat.

Do people wear robes anymore?

The wearing of robes had never gone out of fashion. In fact, for what it is worth, robes are being used more commonly and widely now than ever before. So, yes, people still use robes as they have always done before, if not more so.

How long should you wear a robe before washing it?

Ideally, it is recommended that you should wash your robes after about three to four uses or at least once every week. Despite this recommendation, however, it is still at your discretion how often you wash them based on what you do while wearing them, the nature of the environment where you use them, as well as how regularly you use them too, in addition to how long each day.

Depending on these factors, you may wash your robes more regularly or often than is commonly suggested. What you do is at your discretion, but the bottom line is to make sure that they remain clean and fresh as often as possible.

Should robes be worn before or after a bath?

You are at liberty to wear your robes either before or after bath. Nevertheless, the robes you wear after shower are mostly those which can be used as towels, which means that they are both thick, woollen and highly absorbent.

Those robes worn before bath can alternatively be light and not very absorbent either. Most of these robes are basically worn to provide comfort or ease of movement as we attend to so many chores at home. They are commonly light so that they will allow the free circulation of air around the body for its cooling effect.

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What other items of clothing do people wear at home?

There are many pieces of clothing that people can use leisurely at home for relaxation. Some of these items of clothing may resemble the robe, but may not be quite the same with it. For example, people commonly use pyjamas at home or even dressing gowns that look almost exactly like robes.

Similarly, housecoats are also worn at home. Other items of clothing usually worn at home are shorts, t-shirts, boxers or a pair of jeans.

The most important thing is to keep yourself as comfortable as possible without any hindrance or restrictions to whatever you may choose to engage yourself with leisurely.

Also, you should consider the temperature of the environment too before you decide on what to wear. In essence, always wear that cloth which is most compatible or suitable to the weather that prevails at the time.

Which other instances do people wear robes?

Robes have found universal applications and uses in our everyday life worldwide. Some of the other instances where they are used are:

  • During lounging casually at home after the hustle and bustle of the day to enable you to relax and unwind, they are also used in religious circles and for spiritual purposes by monks, Catholic nuns, other clergymen and Buddhists too.
  • It has also been the tradition for boxers to come to the arena wearing hooded robes of various designs and so do judges in the United States court of justice use robes during legal proceedings.
  • People, especially women, use robes at home while wearing makeup in order to protect their clothes from avoidable smears with coloured make-up paints, or even while they brush their teeth.
  • It is also not uncommon for auto technicians or mechanics to wear robes while at work to protect their clothes too. Even hairdressers or saloonists also use robes while at work.

There are several other instances or occasions where robes are used, but these are some of the commonest.

When should one start using robes?

There is really no law or rule as regards when one should or shouldn’t start using robes. As long as you are able to find that which fits you perfectly, you are free to use one.

It is for this reason that robes come in sizes for all categories of persons based on gender or size; men, women and children. Whatever your nature, you will still get that which suits you. In conclusion, you can start to wear robes whenever you believe that it is convenient for you to do so.

Can a man wear a woman’s robe?

Yes, a man can wear a woman’s robe, but there are bound to be some complaints or complications. For example, by nature, women’s robes are shorter since most of them can be of lengths between the knee and the ankle, while those of men are mostly longer.

This means that when a man wears a woman’s robe, there is the possibility of the robe becoming rather too short or of a tighter fit due to shorter or smaller dimensions.

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How should a man’s robe fit?

As a general rule, men’s robes are usually long enough to cover anywhere between the knees and ankles. How long you prefer yours is entirely your decision to make, but whatever you do, make sure that you get only a robe which will fit and suit you just fine.

Luckily, they come with labels which will tell you their sizes in every aspect to enable you to make a perfect choice. The robes should wrap around your body loosely or snuggly in order that free circulation of air will not be impeded.

How long should a man’s bathrobe be?

A man’s robe should be chosen such that its length will be anywhere between his knees and the ankle. In any case, since we all have individual preferences, we should be free to decide how far below the knee we need the robe. So, choose your robe according to your height with due regards to how long you want the robe.

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How do you care for robes?

There are several measures or techniques we can adopt which will enable our robes not only to last longer, but to do so while still retaining their brilliance. How then do we effectively care for robes?

Whenever you buy a new robe or any cloth for that matter, there is the tendency that some injurious production chemical substances may still adhere to the surface of the cloth. For this reason, it is recommended highly that we should wash new clothes before using them in order to protect ourselves from any harm thereof.

Next, when washing your robe, use about half the amount of detergent you would use for a cotton garment in order to keep them soft and fluffy, and while drying your washed robes, please use a hanger as much as possible.

Doing this will ensure both maintain and preserve the material integrity of its fabric such that it can last for very long in your service. Additionally, before you store any robe after washing it, make sure to use cedar balls on the cloth or the wardrobe where you are storing it.

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Cedar balls are repellants for both moth and other pests that may devour or harm your clothes, apart from giving them a refreshed fragrance even while in storage. It is also recommended that you wash your robes inside out and refrain from drying them in the sun too, because of possible loss of colour.

This is important because dark-coloured robes are known to fade faster even after just a few washes than lighter robes. Always make sure that you wash your robes in cold water and on a short cycle too. Using warm water and in longer cycles will almost certainly cause fading.

How does one wash a fluffy robe?

If you want to wash a fluffy robe without any complications, you will do well to adopt the measures explained below. Use only cold water and liquid laundry detergent in washing them.

Similarly, never use a fabric softener on your fluffy robe after washing, as doing so may lead to the premature degradation of its material fabric.

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Always make sure that your robes are properly dried after washing before you store them. Like in the previous case, use cedar balls on them during storage in order to chase off insects that may feed on the fabric.

What are the best fabrics for producing robes?

Before you choose and buy any robe for your personal use, it is good to consider the weather condition of where you live and any fluctuations, as well as the nature of the house chores you do and the neatness of the surroundings too.

For example, if where you live happens to have cold weather as is prevalent in some places on earth, it is recommended that you get a heavy robe made of preferably cotton or its mixture with nylon. The best cotton for such requirements is Turkish cotton.

If on the other hand, you live where the temperature is relatively high, then go for light robes made of either nylon or polyester or a mixture of similar fabrics. This is because, since the place is hot, you will need a robe that will provide you with a breath of fresh air in the prevailing heat.

Use darker robes if you do chores at home that are likely to always stain them such as indoor gardening. Should your robe get stained, do not always rush to wash the entire robe in such situations. Rather, what you should do is to wash only the stained portion.

Repeated washing when it is not absolutely necessary has the tendency to degrade the integrity of any fabric. So, avoid needless washing as much as possible.

Some of the commonest materials for producing robes, therefore, are: cotton, microfiber, polyester, nylon, terry cloth, fleece, sherva and so on. Which one you use depends on all the considerations discussed above, but they are all good if used properly.

How do you choose a robe for your personal use?

You must first consider the climatic condition of where you live such that you will ultimately choose one that is perfect for the weather.

Furthermore, take into consideration the kind of surrounding where you will use it mostly and select a more agreeable colour. If you plan to use it as both a robe and a towel, then you should go for one that is thick and predominantly made of cotton too.

They are more absorbent and capable of providing needed warmth in cold situations. A robe with a hood is very good, especially if you plan to use it in rubbing off water from your body after bath.  Never forget the use of pockets in the robe for the concealment of small items or keeping your hands warm as well.

What are the differences between a robe and a dressing gown?

When a robe is light and is worn mainly while dressing in order to prevent staining the cloth, it is referred to as a dressing gown. Sometimes, dressing gowns can be worn leisurely while at home even when one is not necessarily dressing. A robe, on the other hand, is much thicker than a dressing gown and can hence serve doubly as a towel too.

Why Do People Wear Robes – Conclusion

We have discussed robes to a great depth, from the types of materials used in designing them, the various kinds of robes there are, what uses do we make of them, and down to instances where they are used, as well how to clean and maintain them properly. If you choose to go for a robe now, it is believed that you are never likely to make poor choices.

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