Do Bathrobes Have Pockets? (If YES, Why?)

Do Bathrobes Have Pockets? Of course, they do but certainly, not all bathrobes have pockets. When they do have one, it’s either on the sides or front of the robes. The classical bathrobe is famous for having pockets at two sides, shawl collars and comes with a belt, too to tie around your waist. 

I used to think that owning at least one bathrobe ain’t necessary not until I found myself in a really bad state. It’s winter season already and if there is anything you need to keep yourself warm throughout this season, then it’s a bathrobe.

A robe can do more than just keeping you warm. It could serve as a gown you put on before and after the shower. How about the times you just wanna relax outside the patio with a cup of hot coffee by your sides? let’s not even mentioned when you are at the spa or about applying makeup. These and many more are the reasons why you need to get one, today.

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Why do robes have pockets?

One question that might have crossed the mind of every robe owner could probably be why are there pockets in them. Well, if you’ve ever wondered like I used to before I found out the reason why bathrobes have two pockets, then here’s an answer for you.

Robes have pockets in them to;

  1. To keep your hand warm
  2. To keep your belongings

1. To keep warm

Yes, it is no longer news that having a robe with a pocket can help keep your hand warm especially during the colder season. Do all robes with pockets keep warm you may ask? the answer is No. This comfy plush super soft fleece robe with pockets will not only keep you warm all day but will make you feel like a superstar. 

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2. Help keep things in place

Are you the type that like wandering at night? well, the end to your constant search for where the light switch is has ended. When your robe comes with pockets, you can easily carry along a flashlight in it. That’s not all, they also come in handy for carrying cell phones, newspapers (especially those ones with a large pocket at the front), reading glasses etc.

What happens if my robe doesn’t come with pockets?

If it happens that your robe doesn’t have pockets, the best thing you can do is to make one. A little sewing here and there is what you need. Before I proceed, make sure you’re good at sewing. Not that good but at least have basic knowledge on how to use the sewing machine because that is what I will be using for this tutorial. Shall we? good.

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Steps by step procedures on how to sew a pocket in robes

  1. Get a piece of material that is 8 and half-inch long (both in length and width)
  2. Then fold one-quarter inch to the wrong side and iron it (The side you want your hands to go into)
  3. Fold again facing the wrong side, this time around, make it 2 inch
  4. Sew across
  5. Proceed to press half-inch on each of both sides, sew again
  6. Now you have your pocket ready to sew into your robe.
  7. Depending on how you want it, you can either sew the pocket on the side or in between your waist or hip. the choice is yours.

Below is a video on how to sew a robe from start to finish including adding pockets that might help you better understand the sewing process.

Which positions are the pockets located in robes?

Most robes have their pockets located sideways, others may decide to put theirs in front but one thing that is common with both positions is that they serve the same purpose.

What role could a bathrobe play without pockets?

A robe has a lot of benefits regardless of whether they come with pockets or not. Whichever robes you plan to get, be sure to get one that perfectly suits your needs.

How many pockets do robes have?

Robes usually have at least two pockets. If you desire more pockets, then be ready to sew one yourself.

Are there people that don’t like pockets in robes?

Of course, they are. In fact, I’ve seen people put on robes without pockets and when asked, their reason is that having pockets in robes makes them less slimming and unattractive. This is especially true with loaded pockets

Do Bathrobes Have Pockets – Conclusion

Having a pocket on a robe is a necessity for people like me because it enables me to keep warm and comes in handy especially when I’m looking to keep things. Now, over to you, can you wear a robe without a pocket neither a hood? Kindly leave a comment below if you can’t and state the reasons why you need one other than the ones I stated above.

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