Are Bridesmaid Robes Worth It? (4 Bridesmaid Robes Reviewed)

Wedding and marriage ceremonies are once in a lifetime events for many people and it is a norm to always desire to make it memorable as much as we can. One of the concepts that make weddings colourful is the bridesmaids. They play a very vital role in adding colour to the event.

It is not uncommon to hear people complaining of the high cost of bridesmaid robes, the question many of these people ask is why can’t they wear what they have for that function? In this post, I will be looking at bridesmaid robes, are they worth the expense, why must you spend for bridesmaid robes? Let’s get started!

So, Are Bridesmaid Robes Worth It? This will depend majorly on what your priorities are as well as your pocket. Some people do not value things like photos and so may not see investing in bridesmaid’s robes as essential.

On the other hand, some people want to have that perfect photo with their bridesmaid probably lounging on a bed in a hotel with a few bottles of assorted wines and beautiful matching robes, people like this will appreciate investing in bridesmaid robes.

No matter the side of the divide you belong to, there is a need for you to give your bridesmaid something unique to appreciate them for their efforts, time and other resources they expended on your marriage and wedding ceremony.

If you are looking for ideas on how to say thank you to them, getting them a bridesmaid robe may be a perfect gift for them.

Having or not having wedding party robes will not determine the success of the wedding, however, it is essential for you and your girls.

Beautiful wedding robes have a way of adding confidence and elegance to the brides and her maids especially with a matching outfit that creates a sense of cohesion and oneness. There is no better way to set a celebratory tone for your weddings than having a set of coordinated wedding robes for you and your bridesmaids.

In Summary, bridesmaid robes make your girls look so beautiful on your most important day. If you want a dress that will differentiate them from other people in the event, present them as a team and give and add colour to your marital event, you need to get good bridesmaid robes for your girls.

In a hurry? Here are 3 budget-friendly robes you can gift to your bridesmaid on Amazon

Are bridesmaid robes necessary?

Although bridesmaid robes are not compulsory for your bridal party or wedding, they add a lot of value and elegance to the event.

For instance, wearing matching robes is a great way to bond with your closest pals and family, these robes add an extra touch when you are all gathered for the marriage event.

Bridesmaid robes are also a great investment that will serve as a memorial of your special day. Are you planning on having your wedding and marriage ceremony covered by a photographer and you plan to have breath-taking timeless wedding pictures, invest in bridesmaid robes for your girls and you will be wowed at the outcome from the photographs.

How much should I spend on Bridesmaid robes?

Two key factors should define how much you will expand for bridesmaid robes. First, you have to consider your budget and then how much your bridesmaids are going to spend for you.

The first factor should be your priority. You should not allow bridesmaid robes to make you spend more than your budget, you just have to spend how much you can, remember that it is not how expensive the robes are that matters but the intention.

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For the second factor, you have to think about how much your bridesmaid will be expending financially to make it to the wedding.

It could be a flight ticket. Hotel room, bridal shower, bachelorette party dress and other accessories like shoes, makeup and the rest. If they are going to be making huge financial commitments towards your wedding, it will not be nice to get bridesmaid robes that are not of good quality and taste for them.

According to multiple studies, the average bridesmaid’s dress costs $208. It is also worth noting that most of these dresses need alterations for them to fit perfectly.

This can add $70 on top of the already high cost- so you want your girls looking their best when they stand next to you during those first few moments as a married woman!

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Do Bridesmaid pay for their Bridesmaid robes?

In the past, it uses to be the responsibility of the bride to pay for the robes of her bridesmaid. However, this ‘rule’ is no longer been adhered to as it was in the time past.

Nowadays, if the bride can afford to pay for the robes, it is a very thoughtful gesture for her to bear the expenses of the robes or even a portion of the cost. It is common to see brides paying for the robes especially if the brides go for an expensive bridesmaid dress that may be out of the reach for most of the bridal team.

Generally speaking, the convention now is that bridesmaids are expected to foot the bill for their bridesmaid robes and other accessories including shoes, hair and makeup not forgetting transportation costs to the wedding.

Bridesmaids are expected to bear all these costs so long as they have accepted to be on the bridal train. However, it is the duty of the bride to outline the financial implication of all the accessories needed for their wedding and if any of the bridesmaids is under financial strain, she should either decline the offer or ask the bride to pay for the robes.

Best Budget-friendly bridesmaid robes you can get

1. Sioro Satin Robes

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If you’re looking for a robe that satisfies the needs of any and every member of your bridal party, this is it. What this Sioro Satin Robe lacks in aesthetic appeal (a floral pattern) compensates by incorporating two essential features – pockets! Plus, at only 20 dollars per piece, there’s no excuse not to buy one for each family member on your guest list.

2. AW Bridal lace Robe

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These ethereal lace robes are the perfect showstopper. They have a bit more coverage than some of our other options, but with this added detail it would make for gorgeous pre-wedding photos and because they aren’t technically bridesmaiding robes these can be worn again in years to come making them all that much more meaningful!

3. Vlazom Satin Bridal Robe

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The bridal party can take your photo game to the next level by embracing their inner nerds. Let’s embroider each other’s names on our robes! It’ll be like we’re a secret society of sorts (that also enjoy taking selfies).


When it comes time for wedding season, you might feel more pressure than usual when deciding what type of attire is best suited for all those shots with friends and family members – but don’t worry because I’ve got an idea that not only saves money but will make photos extra cute too.

Rather than spending tons on personalized robes just so they match perfectly or are in style this year, why not focus instead on getting one robe set where everyone has her name stitched right into the fabric? If this is what you want, Vlazom Satin Bridal Robe is the best robe to go for.

4. Babeyond Satin Kimono

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Most brides can afford to splurge on a couture wedding dress, but not everyone is that lucky. If you’re like me and are hunting for the perfect piece of lingerie or loungewear, I urge you to consider this robe!

A quick google search revealed tons of cute robes in all shapes and sizes – from full-length gowns with draping sleeves to spaghetti strap onesies.

Whether your reception will be formal or casual (or even eloping!) there’s something for every bride here–and it’ll only take one stop at an online boutique store instead of going into multiple different stores as well!

Are Bridesmaid Robes Worth It – Conclusion

Bridesmaid robes are essentials for your weddings you have the resources to purchase them. No doubt, they add to the beauty, glamour and elegance of the event.

You will be very proud to see the way you and your bridesmaid appear in the wedding pictures. The good news is that you don’t need to spend so much to purchase one for your bridesmaids; you can check the list of robes above and choose one of them as your prefered bridesmaid robes.

I am sure you want to keep these wedding pictures for ages to come and share them as memories. Let me hear from you on the topic discussed, do you think bridesmaid robes are necessary?

Either yes or No, let me know your reasons. Keep the conversation ongoing in the comment box and I promise to respond to all your questions, criticism and suggestions.

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