Where To Hang Robes In Bedroom?

In this post, I will be discussing where and how to hang your robes in the bedroom. I get questions like this regularly. A lot of people want to know the best way to hang their robes in the bedroom in such a way that they will always be well arranged, neat and readily available anytime they want to put them on.

If you are interested in these tips and robe hanging ideas, join me as we go through this wonderful post, it promises to be exciting. Let’s get started!

So, where do you hang robes in your bedroom? Robes can practically be hung anywhere in the bedroom. The only consideration is that Robe hooks should be mounted around 65 to 70 inches off the ground.

Mounting them any lower will make it difficult for your robes not to drag on the floor, while mounting them above 60 inches may cause a problem with low ceilings in bedrooms that are smaller than average.

But don’t worry about spacing out robe hooks – they can go as close together as 9″ without touching each other if you have enough room!

In a hurry? below are some of the best products to hang robes in your bedroom

How do you hang robes in your bedroom?

There are different ways you can use to hang robes in your bedroom. In this section, I will be sharing with you some of the robes hanging ideas I have implemented in the past. They offer you the opportunity to keep your rooms organized and very neat always.

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Use Pipes as Closet Rods

You can make your clothes rack with just a few supplies. Just grab some pipes and you’re good to go! It’s also inexpensive, so don’t worry about breaking the bank if you need an extra pipe for that pesky closet in your basement.

To make this happen, you will need the piping, a pipe cutter, a measuring tool and fasteners. You’ll also want to get some scrap wood if you’re building it freestanding otherwise go ahead with whatever your wall is made of.

Install a Shelf Close to the Ceiling

For those who have a small closet, you can make use of all the vertical rooms you have. Install a shelf-rod combo as high up in your ceiling as possible for storage options both above and below it.

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The bonus is that even if there’s not enough space elsewhere, with this organization method you can still store shoes or other items near the road without having them get lost underclothes hanging by their hangers from higher shelves! Just be sure to measure what articles of clothing will go on top so they don’t hang too close together.

Use clothing racks

Clothing racks are such a great invention and can be used for so many different things. I love how simple they make it to hang your clothes without having them in piles all over the place or sloppily draped across chairs, benches, beds–you name it!

Not only do these little DIY suckers help you create more organized closets but they also come with their own built-in storage space that frees up other spaces around the house.

And here’s a bonus: most of them require no tools whatsoever which makes assembly much easier than putting together one of those complicated jigsaw puzzles from elementary school when we were bored out of our minds on long summer vacations.

Hang Robes within a Curtain

With so many clothes hangers on the market, it’s hard to find one that blends in with your walls and complements other features of the room.

A removable solution is a wall-mounted rod for curtains where you can hang up your robes inconspicuously but still have access when needed.

This type of design adds another layer to an already established space without adding clutter or taking away from any existing decorating elements by showcasing them instead!

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Hang Robes behind your bed

The space behind your bed is an excellent place to store clothes that are out of the way but still accessible. To create a temporary closet for these items, pull your nightstands and bed forward so there’s room on either side of them.

One area should be wide enough just for you to walk through without knocking into anything! If you have a tall headboard set up in this nook it will help keep things organized even more.

Best hooks to hang robes in your bedroom

1. iDesign Classico Metal Over the Door Organizer

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  • Over the Door Rack: Hang your outerwear, accessories and more with the Over The Door Rack! This innovative product provides a space-efficient way to store clothes that would otherwise go unused. Simply hang it over any door for easy access when you need them most!
  • Space Efficient and Compact: Can stay in the door just 1.75 inches thick.
  • Multipurpose: Can be used in bedrooms and bathrooms for storing robes, towels, purses, jackets and others.
  • Do it yourself Installation: The installation process is simple and can be completed in a few minutes.

2. HOMEAMY Wood Coat Rack Modern Wall Mounted Hat and Towel Hanger

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  • Durability: The Beech Wood that is used is European AAA grade and it ensures durability while also being tight. The texture of the material is clear, even, soft in colour with a smooth surface to touch.
  • It can withstand large loads: The 5-inch hook allows this product to hang any large item, from a hat or piece of clothing to another very heavy thing like a towel. The hooks are strong and can each withstand up to five pounds worth of weight without bending at all.
  • Made for Aesthetics: The Wood Coat Rack design is a fusion of modern and classic furniture. It fits on any wall in the home, from sheds to bathrooms or garages. Its versatility makes it versatile for local style no matter where you place it!

3. Over Door Hanger Heavy-Duty Hook

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  • Compatible with most doors: The hooks were welded on. With 10 hooks, you’re able to hang up lots of items! The door hanger is perfect for any standard size doors that are 1.7″ (4.5cm) thick or less and the width accommodates a 13” L * 7.48” H * 4.3W space – giving your robes plenty of room in which they can be hung neatly with no stress over hook placement.
  • Durability: The durable wire and steel sheet that make up this door rack is strong enough to withstand heavy items without breaking or deforming, so you can hang whatever it is your heart desires. The coating on the inside of the metal ensures a rust-resistant finish as well!
  • Multipurpose: Perfect for hanging towels, robes, coats, clothes and hats in your bathroom or utility room; keys and umbrellas in an office; shopping bags at home while taking care of chores around the house; scarves when you’re out running errands during winter months!
  • Anti-Scratch Protection: The wood ball on this hook protects your hands from scratches and is perfect for places where a metal doorknob of what you have would be too loud. The stickers are easy to apply, so they can even work in different size doors without any trouble!

4. Home Basics Over the Door Double Towel Crystal Hooks

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  • Long-Lasting: The rust-proof steel design will keep your clothes safe and secure, especially in humid environments like bathrooms. The evenly spaced hooks allow you to hang up all of the robes and other clothing that doesn’t quite make it back into the closet or dresser with ease. You can also use this overdoor rack for towels and other bathroom essentials too!
  • Easy Installation: The handy over the door hanger attaches to any interior door and requires no tools or drilling. Simply mount it on your desired spot up to 1.75 inches thick for instant storage!
  • Gentle Hook: The rounded knobs on these hooks are designed to gently grasp your clothing without snagging.

Where To Hang Robe In Bedroom – Conclusion

I am very sure by now you must have picked a few things that will help you hang your robes in your bedroom in a very organized, beautiful and neat manner.

I will be happy to hear from you if you were able to implement any of the ideas shared in this post. Feel free to reach out to me with your questions and suggestions via the comment box, I will gladly respond to them and keep the conversation going.

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