Can You Wear A Robe In A Sauna?

Sauna is a very warm place where you can melt stress and pain and gain back strength. It is now possible to have one in your house if you have the fund. In this post, you will learn more about wearing robes to the sauna and other vital information to improve your Sauna experience.

So, Can You Wear A Robe In A Sauna? Yes, it is good to wear a robe in the Sauna. In most Saunas, you are given a robe and a towel as part of the package. The robes for Sauna are specially made to make it hard to absorb heat. Once you have a comfortable Sauna bathrobe, the sauna experience is guaranteed to be remarkable.

What type of robe can I wear to the Sauna?

1. Luxurious Hooded Flannel Fleece Short Bath Robe with Side Pockets

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This beautiful bathrobe is designed with a luxurious, velvety corral design that gives you an incredible feeling. It is made from absorbent material that guarantees your comfort.

It comes with an adjustable belt and side pockets and includes a hood if you want to keep your ear and neck free from cold. You can get it in many beautiful colors, and it is available for both teens and adults.

2. Classic Turkish Towels Robe Made With 100% Turkish Cotton

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The robe is made of 100% cotton and comes with an elegant shawl collar design and Reglan sleeves that are perfect for comfort and relaxation.

It gives you a soft feeling on your skin, leaving you feeling warm. It has two pockets at the front and a double belt loop that allows for waist-fitting. With the super moisture-absorbing capability, you have your skin dry in a very short time.

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What can I wear in a Sauna?


Swimsuits are one of the favorite dresses you see in the sauna. Although it is prevalent to see people with swimsuits in the Sauna, it poses some health challenges to your health.

Swimsuits are majorly made from PVC materials, and materials of this nature can prevent your skin from breathing. Again, the insulating material can be very uncomfortable after sending so much time in the heat; it is very uncomfortable wearing something that takes so much heat.

My advice is that you go for a loose-fitting bathing suit that is produced using natural fibers. Fibre material allows for air to flow very well while you are sitting in the Sauna. It is also necessary that you do not wear swimsuits that come with mental part designs; they can heat up and get your skin burnt.


A towel is essential for a Sauna irrespective of whether or not you have a swimming suit. If you don’t wear something made of PVC, the towel is a perfect alternative while you enjoy the heat.

An option will be wearing a swimsuit and then placing a soft towel on the bench you will be sitting on while in the sauna.

In Finland, it is a widespread belief that wearing just the towel around the waist is the best way to have an excellent experience in the sauna. A towel will be enough o guard your privacy and protect your skin from sweat and bacterial infection.

I do advise my fellow Sauna enthusiast to go for towels made from cotton. Cotton materials are suitable when it comes to absenting sweat and making you feel comfortable.

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Cotton Fabrics

You can go for something else for those who are not comfortable wearing swimsuits, provided it is made from fabrics.

An excellent example of this is Cotton wrap, shorts, and T-Shirts which are very good for Sauna. Cotton fabrics have an excellent quality of taking in excess heat and making the skin breathe freely. It is essential always to keep the clothes clean. Also ensued, you get dressed before going to the Sauna.

Let me emphasize that having a cotton fabric does not stop you from coming with a towel to the Sauna. However, if you feel you don’t need a towel to cover yourself, you can use it to put on the bench that you will be sitting on.

This will help you sit in a clean seat and avoid contamination. Also, when coming to the Sauna, avoid wearing tight underwear can, especially Bras that holds clothes, as can lead to problems in Saunas with high temperature and humidity.


Some people use a loofah to remove dry and dead skin while taking the Sauna. The loofah is perfect for the skin, but you should know that while using a loofah in a private infrared sauna is perfect, scrubbing your body in the public sauna with loofah makes it appear inappropriate to other people in the sauna.


It is never advisable to wear shoes in the sauna, especially if it is an outdoor sauna. Instead, use the shower sandals to avoid walking around barefoot on slippery tiles but ensure that they are taken off immediately after you get into the Sauna.

Many people may see you as impolite if you wear footwear while you sit on the bench. Wearing a sandal while you sit in the lower seat is considered to be extremely rude.

What can’t I wear to the Sauna?

  • Dirty Cloth: Wearing dirty clothes to the Sauna will be very disrespectful to other people around you.
  • Tight-fitting Clothes: These clothes make you uncomfortable, making it difficult to allow the heat to loosen the dust and release the dust into the atmosphere.
  • Workout Clothes and Other Materials made from PVC: PVC materials are not a good choice for Sauna because they can melt at room temperature. I am sure you don’t want your clothes to start melting on you while in Sauna, do you?
  • Metal, Piercing, and Jewelry: Materials made from metals are good conductors of heat and electricity. They heat up very fast, and the implication is that these materials can heat up so fast and get your skin burnt, which I am sure you don’t want to experience, so keep your metal ornaments and clothes with metallic parts at home when going to the Sauna.
  • Creams, lotions, and Cosmetics: These products contain chemicals that will close up your pores and prevent your skin from breathing properly. If you don’t want this ugly experience, keep your lotions and creams out of the sauna.

What are the etiquettes that I have to observe in the Sauna?

If you are going for the Sauna bath, there are some rules you should observe when you are there, and they include:

Take your bath before you get into the Sauna

This is very important, especially if you just finished working out in the gym. Stepping into the Sauna with sweat will be very annoying to other people around. No one is interested in perceiving the smell of your sweat, so do the right thing by taking a shower.

Take off your Jewellery

Jewellery is made of metal which can heat up and harm your skin, so keep me off the sauna.

No need for Excess Make-up

Make-up should be the last thing on your mind when going to the Sauna. You can imagine the irritation of seeing your mascara running down your face while everyone is trying to have fun in the hot sauna.

Wear the right thing to the Sauna

As explained in the earlier section, there is an appropriate dress for the sauna—no need for long robes or clothing made from PVC.

Knock before you Enter

Yeah, other people there may be relaxing, meditating, or not appropriately dressed, so courtesy demands that you give them a hint that someone is coming in by knocking.

Shut the door quickly as soon as you enter

The sauna should be kept warm to a specific temperature, and for every second the door is open, the temperature goes down, which can have a significant impact on the sensation and timing of the Sauna bath.

Again, you don’t want people outside to be seeing people inside the Sauna who may not be wearing anything. Due to these factors, it is essential to shut the door behind you as soon as you get in.

Sit on the towel

The function of sitting on the towel is for the towel to act as a cushion and also a separation from the hot wood. It is also having a health benefit as it prevents your sweat from depositing on the sit. So, if you are going to the Sauna, plan to go with a towel to sit with, especially if you will be nude.

Don’t shout

There is no need for shouting even if you are with friends. If you get into the Sauna, observe the people there. If they are not speaking, it should tell you that they prefer silence; you can join the conversation if they are talking.

Topics like Sports, religion, and politics should be avoided in the sauna as they are always controversial and will likely lead to quarrels.

Don’t Stare at people

It will be inappropriate and ungentlemanly to stare at someone, especially if they are not wearing much clothing. Respect privacy and give the person space.

Drop all Gadget

There is no need for phones, laptops, or tablets in the sauna. It is a time for rest and recovery, so focus on yourself and leave the outside world.

Exercise is not allowed

Yes, if you want to exercise, go to the gym!


I believe you have learned a lot front his short piece. Don’t forget to keep your suggestions and questions coming in the comment section. Tell me about your Sauna experience, what you like wearing to Sauna, and your favorite experience there.

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