Do I Need A Robe For Labor? (3 Comfy Robes You Can Wear)

Labor is always a significant period in a woman’s life. The process of bringing a soul into the world is always a special moment that deserves some special preparation, and what to wear for labor is one of them.

We will be talking about wearing robes to labor; what is involved? Are there any extraordinary things about them? Do you need a robe for labor? Find answers to these and more as you read through this piece.

So, Do I Need A Robe For Labor? Yes, you will need one for your labor and delivery. Although the hospital will provide you with a gown, it is essential to also go with your robe.

The labor and delivery robe will be helpful during breastfeeding, as you don’t have to worry about removing the gown before breastfeeding your baby.

Again, the robe will cover you better when you are receiving visitors or want to step out to get some things outside of your ward.

Will the hospital provide a delivery robe for me?

Not likely, many hospitals do not provide robes for delivery. Instead, they give you a delivery gown alongside other items such as slippers, disposable underwear, and toiletries. Anything outside of the things mentioned above will have to come from you.

Can a robe make me uncomfortable during labor?

Yes, there is no need to wear a robe during labor. The robe should be worn when you deliver, and the hospital is done tidying you up.

Wearing a robe during delivery will likely make you uncomfortable; you need something that will not disturb you during that period.

I suggest you stick to the hospital gown or, even better, go nude. Delivery time is always messy, with blood splashed everywhere, so you don’t even need a fancy dress or robe; the delivery process will get ruined. If you come with some fancy nightgowns and robes, preserve them till after delivery; that way, you will not get it ruined.

What is the ideal robe to wear for labor?

There is nothing like an ideal robe. My suggestion is to wear what makes you comfortable. Do you love your partner’s sweats? If so, take those with you.  Do you love the smell and feel of one of his t-shirts? If yes, there is nothing wrong with taking them with you to the labor room.

When going into a sterile hospital environment, you want to retain comforting elements and relax. You can do this by smelling familiar fabrics or scents to help your body lower its stress level, which is the key to progressing labor.

It’s common for people to purchase a nursing nightgown and robe just for labor. Many find that they can find comfortable yet cute options at an affordable price too.

If you are buying new robes for labor, remember to have them washed beforehand, so it smells like your preferred detergent, as well as in contrast with anything else from outside sources.

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What if I don’t want a robe for Labor?

There are other things you can wear for your labor and delivery aside from robes. They include:

Hospital Gowns

Hospital gowns aren’t always the most flattering article of clothing. However, they are incredibly functional, with snaps that make it easy to get on and off without pulling them over your head. These loose-fitting clothes also give you access to doctors or nurses when needed because a fresh one can be worn after each changeover occurs.

Personal Gowns

If you are not a fan of the hospital gown, there’s no need to wear one. You can bring your own. Unique products like this have become big business on sites like Amazon, too.

Dresses are becoming increasingly popular among pregnant women in response to the growing social media trend. Some moms-to-be want something stylish and comfortable, while others just need a functional maternity outfit that they can easily nurse their baby in or won’t be too constricting on them during labor.

Birthing Wraps

You can choose to wear a birthing wrap dress on your special day. These are dresses that let you cover up entirely while still allowing for complete freedom of movement and easy access.

Depending upon the occasion, there are many designs, colours, patterns, and even fabric choices, so it’s best to shop around before choosing one that suits you perfectly. The downside to this is the price. You have to decide if spending $40 to $100 is worth spending for something you will wear once.

Personal Old Clothes

Many women find it helpful to wear clothing they are familiar with during labor and delivery. This means the most comfortable T-shirt or nightgown; for others, hospital gowns can also provide a sense of familiarity!

If you choose your clothes, though (and I recommend not doing so), make sure you wear loose-fitting pants like pyjama bottoms because there will be lots of action below the waist.


If you plan to have a water birth, the best option for your wardrobe may be a bathing suit top. If you will not be taking any dips and don’t plan to move around much during labor, it might make sense to simply wear an undershirt or nursing bra. You can use light sheets or blankets for modesty and comfort as well.

Where can I get comfy Delivery Robes for labor?

There are many comfy delivery robes out there that are good for labor. One of the fastest and most convenient places to shop for your delivery and labor robes is Amazon. Here are some delivery robes on amazon that I believe you will find very interesting:

1. Ekouaer Maternity Robe Nursing Labor Delivery Gown

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The 3/4-length sleeves maternity gown is perfect for keeping you warm but comfortable. The ultra-soft, lightweight, knit fabric and lace trim are sure to make this dress look attractive while still being comfortable enough to sleep in. This soft bosom will allow the option of pulling aside a V neckline during breastfeeding without compromising comfort or style!

Moms have a choice between an at-the waist fit for postpartum or as their usual but comfortable bathrobe and flattering waist during pregnancy with the two belt positions. Whether pregnant stage or nursing daily casual days, all women will appreciate its straightforward classic design.

This robe is an absolute must-have for your wife, sisters and friends. Its stylish design allows it to transition easily from the time of pregnancy through postpartum and beyond!

2. Molliya Maternity Nursing Robe

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The classic, fashionable 3/4-length sleeves nursing robe is featured with a cute Mama print. White contrast piping makes the robe more beautiful and fashion-forward than other robes on this list.

The side pockets are ideal for keeping your hands warm or storing things while you’re lounging around in bed reading books to your baby after feeding them at night time (exactly like I’m doing right now!).

This wrap nightgown can be pulled aside by undoing the V neckline, so it’s super easy to Breastfeed without having any clasps hurting mommy’s delicate skin! Plus, if moms need something adjustable, they’ll appreciate how easy it is to adjust their belts because nobody has time to struggle with something obnoxiously tricky.

This maternity bathrobe is perfect for pyjamas parties, baby shower theme parties, photoshoots and vacations. It’s also ideal as hospital nursing robes with its easy-open front that allows you to breastfeed without exposing yourself or your child to germs from outside sources like other people in a hospital’s waiting room or hallway.

3. Bluetime Women Robe Soft Kimono Robes

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If someone surprises you at the door, this woman’s robe is flowy and comfortable without being too sheer. The material isn’t hot and has enough given so that if your hands are full, it won’t be a problem to reach for something else quickly.

The soft and flowing short kimono robe is an effort to take with you when going into the hospital for delivery. It doesn’t cling to your postpartum body, which makes it an excellent choice for breastfeeding as well as travelling.

The 3/4 sleeves are great when you apply makeup, do dishes, change the baby or whatever. With the quarter sleeves, you don’t have to worry if your clothes will get into anything– like dirty water and hands! This is a good gift for any mother who works hard every day and doesn’t want her shirts ruined by daily tasks.

Do I Need A Robe For Labor? – Conclusion

I trust you must have picked some vital information about wearing robes to labor and other details concerning delivery and labor wears.

I have reviewed some labor robes I believe you will find very interesting if you are looking for a robe to wear. Let me know your thoughts on the topic discussed.

Keep your suggestions and comments coming, and I will be glad to entertain them because I am here. After all, you are there for me too.

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