What Do Saudis Wear Under Their Robes?

Saudi Arabia is a beautiful and exciting place with a vibrant culture and great traditions. One of the identities of the country is the well-known Arabian robe known as the thobe. The thobe is the most common dress in the country and comes in different designs, colours, patterns and qualities.

So, in this post, I will be discussing what the Saudis wear under these robes and why they wear them. It promises to be interesting!

So What Do Saudis Wear Under Their Robes? When wearing a thobe or Kandura, Arab men start with white underwear that is similar to boxers. Then he will put on a clean shirt and cotton pants for the day.

All these might be white because the colour of the thobe is also white. Wearing any other colour will make the undergarment more prominent than we want, and we want to avoid that.

If the weather is cold, people may opt for long-sleeved shirts and thicker material pants to protect themselves from it. These are also referred to as “sunnah underpants”.

Men wear darker colours of navy blue, black or brown during the winter months. It is interesting to note that even when men change their robes hue from lighter hues like white and beige to more dark tones such as deep blues, blacks or greys, they still don’t switch out undergarments typically worn underneath Kandura, which remain water in colour.

Can the Saudis go out without clothing under their robes?

No, it will be scarce to find a Saudi who does not go out without clothing under their robe. I have known many Arabs, and most of them wear underwear.

Most typically, Arab men wear long white pants under their thobes and also underneath are a boxer or brief type of undershorts. However, they may opt for shorts with less fabric that extend to above the knee area in the summer instead of full-length trousers like in other seasons.

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What happens if they don’t wear anything underneath their robes?

There is no rule that mandates the Saudis to wear anything under their robe compulsorily. The only thing they are mandated to wear something under is if they are wearing a transparent thobe.

However, many of them wear underwear underneath their robes, especially when going for prayers when the person is expected to be knelling and performing the sujud (touching the forehead and nose on the ground).

Can Saudis choose not to wear anything under robes in hot weather?

This will depend on the type of robe. In Islam, which is the main religion of the Saudis, it is a sin to wear a cloth that will allow others to see your skin.

This means that if your robe is white and transparent, you are not allowed to wear them without underwear which makes sense.

On the other hand, if the thobe covers you perfectly and nobody can see through the thobe, you are free to wear the robe without anything underneath.

According to a revered Islamic Scholar Abu ‘Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Saalih ibn Muhammad ibn Sulayman ibn Abd Al Rahman Al Uthaymeen Al Tamimi, “If what is worn on the body clearly shows the colour of the skin, then this is not covering, but if it only shows where the undergarment stops then this does cover”.

The implication of this is that there are different kinds of white thobes that people wear nowadays. Some cover the skin colour, while others let it show through.

The Islamic guideline is whether a stranger looking at someone wearing a robe cannot tell their skin tone: If they can’t discern colours comfortably, it covers enough, and there isn’t anything wrong with wearing them. However, if a stranger can see your skin through the robe, you need to wear underwear.

Are Saudis Allowed to wear nothing under their robe during Prayer?

It is not also allowed to wear a robe that shows your skin during prayer. According to Abu ‘Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Saalih ibn Muhammad ibn Sulayman ibn Abd Al Rahman Al Uthaymeen Al Tamimi, who many people see within and outside Saudi Arabia as the most outstanding Islamic scholar of the 21st century, Wearing a light thobe (robe) with short pants that do not reach the knees is haram.

It is not right to pray in those types of cloth because the minimum criteria to make that prayer acceptable is not satisfied.

He further states that for a prayer to be valid, the person must cover the area between his navel and his knees and ensure that his skin is not visible through the light thobe. Therefore, if he is not covering this body properly, he is obligated to do so for the prayer to be acceptable.

He, therefore, admonished people who wear either nothing or short underwear under their pants during prayers to stop and instead to put on long pants that cover the area between the navel and the knee or, better still, to wear s thick thobe that does not display the colour of the skin.

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What Do Saudis Wear Under Their Robes – Conclusion

You may have seen Arabs wearing a Thobe or Kandura, but not many know they wear underwear underneath. Muslims wear sunnah undergarments to maintain cleanliness and modesty while fulfilling the requirement in Islam for modest dress.

Kandura is typically worn in light colours such as white, off-white and light yellow shades. However, during winters, this can change to darker hues like those of reds or browns.

The Kandura is a long plain dress that goes down past the ankles just like the thobe does, but it has more variations, including other styles than only loose shirts with no buttons and pants underneath them called dishdashas (khaleeji style).

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