5 Best Robes For Airbnb You Should Check Out In 2023

Airbnb is an American company that operates a sort of online marketplace for lodging, which is primarily home stays for vacation rentals and tourism activities. This company is based in San Francisco, California, USA.

The company is accessible via their website and also the mobile app. The acronym stands for ‘ air bed and breakfast.’ Its major function is to let property owners rent out their spaces to travellers who are looking for a place to stay.

A place can be rented for several people to share. Commonly, such shared spaces have private rooms, and indeed you can even rent the whole property if you wish.

Among the things provided by Airbnb are: bathrobes, which are produced mostly from signature bamboo viscose fibres. They are reputed to be extremely soft, lightweight and very stylish too. The provision of a luxurious robe for your guests makes all the difference for your Airbnb.

If you’re in a hurry and just want to grab the Best robes for Airbnb quickly, I recommend the below robes. They are my favourite robes overall, based on all the criteria we considered.

  • Classic Turkish Luxury Terry Cloth Hotel Bathrobe – Check Price
  • Arus Women’s Hooded Classic Bathrobe Turkish Cotton Robe – Check Price
  • Nautica Men’s Long Sleeve Cozy Soft Plush Shawl Collar Robe – Check Price

Best Robes For Airbnb – Reviews

For the purpose of getting the satisfaction you desire in bathrobes from Airbnb, we shall look at some special and stand out bathrobes according to what each has to offer, judging from the qualities we have enumerated earlier on in the article. Some of the robes worthy of consideration are:

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1. Classic Turkish Luxury Terry Cloth Hotel Bathrobe

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Why you should get one

  • This robe is made from 100 per cent Turkish cotton, which is reputed to be the best cotton anywhere in the world, and they have a GSM rating of a whopping 550.
  • They are available in a variety of colours close to nine, for your choice,  in order to satisfy any individual preferences. Additionally, they can be used by both males or females, which make them perfectly unisex.
  • Their designs are very attractive through the provision of a shawl collar, and they do not weigh too much that you may be burdened by excessive load.
  • They are very easy to wash either manually or with the aid of a washing machine.
  • These bathrobes have very high absorbency, durability and softness.
  • They are equipped with belts that will ensure the robes fit you perfectly no matter your body size or nature.
  • In their production, injurious chemicals or pesticides were not used from start to finish.
  • They are supplied to you under very friendly terms and conditions such that you are free to return them for either replacement or refund, as long as the item is untempered.


  • Despite its enviable qualities, this bathrobe has been found to be a little too thick and heavy by some customers.

2. Pinzon Terry Bathrobe 100% Cotton

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Why you should get one

  • It is also made from 100 percent cotton like the Classic Turkish bathrobe earlier discussed and comes in various sizes such as small, medium and large, or even extra-large too.
  • These robes also have zero twist cotton fibres for ultra-soft feels to the skin and two front pockets for keeping small items safe and within reach.
  • The adjustable belts in these robes are purposefully meant to enable you to wear the robe perfectly,  no matter your body size or contours.
  • They are unisex, like most others, and can hence be used by both males and females alike with great satisfaction.
  • By their simple designs, they are both easy to wear and slip off after use without any inconveniences.
  • As is expected of all good robes, they are highly absorbent and very durable too. In addition, they are also manually and machine washable.
  • Their exotic design includes a shawl collar and deep pockets, and they weigh a mere 2.76 pounds, which you can bear without any stress.


  • The bathrobe is said to be a little too heavy by some people, and for this reason, the robe may not really be recommended for use in the summer. In addition, their colours are sometimes said to come off easily after only a single wash.

3. Arus Women’s Hooded Classic Bathrobe Turkish Cotton Robe

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Why you should get one

  • Like the first bathrobe discussed in the article, the Classic Turkish Robe, this bathrobe also comes in several sizes, such as small, medium, large and extra-large as well.
  • They are manufactured purely from 100 per cent cotton.
  • The garment can be washed either manually or with the aid of a washing machine operated at low heat.
  • These robes are also as durable as any other and are highly absorbent and soft too.
  • Even after the purchase, provided the item is unused and untempered, you can return it for either refund or replacement, where and when necessary.


  • The major complaint about the item is that it sometimes bleeds when washing, which promotes fading prematurely.

4. Long Women’s Plush Fleece Bathrobes, Dressing and Nightgowns

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Why you should get one

  • These robes are made of 100 per cent polyester, and hence they are light in weight. In addition, they are machine washable and come in various sizes too. Their designs include a shawl collar and deep pockets as well.  They have very adjustable belts to ensure a perfect fit for everybody.


  • There are complaints that this robe comes with a kind of odd washing instructions and that they are commonly wrinkled in the package upon supply.

5. Nautica Men’s Long Sleeve Cozy Soft Plush Shawl Collar Robe

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Why you should get one

  • They are manufactured in various sizes, like all others using 100 per cent polyester fabric. Furthermore, they are both manually or machine washable too.
  • Their attractive designs include a shawl collar and a hood. They are long sleeves with patched front pockets and can be returned for either replacement or full refund, in the event of any complaints with the product.


  • They are mostly said to be scratchy with loose threads, and that their colors shade easily when washing. Additionally, since they are made from polyester, they do not dry well and their sleeves can sometimes be a little too short also.

Best Robes For Airbnb – Buyer’s guide

For maximum comfort and satisfaction, there are basic qualities one should look for in a bathrobe. Some of the qualities guests look for are:

  • The robes should be manufactured from the best available fabrics which usually have excellent GSM ratings starting from about 550 GSM.
  • As much as possible, these robes should not have any added chemicals or pesticides during their production, which may be harmful to the skin.
  • These robes should also be a perfect fit for all sizes. For this reason, they are usually provided with belts that facilitate proper closures after wearing.
  • Airbnb bathrobes are equally expected to have deep pockets for the storage and concealment of small items, such as keys or even handphones. Additionally, you can tuck your hands in your pockets to get warmth in cold weather.
  • They should have very attractive designs and styles too, such as in the provision of shawl collars and hoods.
  • Their colours should be durable and non-fading as well. Easy to wash (either manually or with a machine) and quick to dry too.
  • The prices of these robes should be affordable regardless of their class or qualities.


What kind of robes does Airbnb offer?

Airbnb commonly provides robes that are 100 per cent cotton or those made from very reliable fabrics.  Most robes provided are unisex and with deep pockets.

These include basic kimono robes with organic classic shawls and collars too. They are also lightweight waffles and very durable.

Since bathrobes are great backup garments, if you provide good ones, chances are that you may have future repeated visits from the same guests.

They can be worn from day until night, which makes them a practical accessory for any guest. As a result of this, hosts are always advised to provide essential amenities in all their listings. This is because guests consider these items as the most important, such as body soaps, towels, linens, and pillows.

Do robes offered by Airbnb come with their property name?

Yes, most robes provided by Airbnb come with their property names. In addition, you can also personalize your robes to show names and other details  that will confirm your identity.

When asked by Airbnb, add your legal names and addresses as well. You may also include a photo identity too. Other information may pertain to where you get banking documents and utility bills.

Does Airbnb provide robes to all bedrooms?

As much as possible, particularly where the arrangements require a bathrobe, Airbnb provides them. After all, the customers usually pay higher rates for space, quality, freshness, and unique experiences.

In addition, Airbnb also provide other essentials like toiletries, soap, footwear, towels, shampoo, pillows, mattresses and lots more.

How much does Airbnb charge for providing robes?

 The cost you pay for being provided is added into the sum total you pay for the services. Generally however, most hosts pay a service fee of about 3 percent, but for Airbnb Plus hosts, hosts with listings in Italy, and also hosts who use Super Strict Cancellation policies, may pay a little more.

Usually,  guests pay a service fee of about 3 per cent to Airbnb, in addition to the cost of your listing, which is the total price guests see as higher than their payouts.

What are Airbnb customers looking for?

Customers commonly pay for space, quality, friendliness, and unique experiences. Traditional hotels are known to create more opportunities for unique experiences, post more photos of the hotel and guest rooms, as well as provide a family-friendly environment too.

Where does Airbnb get their robes?

Airbnb gets their robes from several reputable suppliers and manufacturers worldwide, such as Alibaba.com, Robe Mart( who have a very wide selection including waffle, kimono, terry cloth, economy bathrobes, salon robes, and so on), Direct Textile Store, Bathrobe Depot ( for wholesale bathrobes and towels), Terry Bathrobes, and the Towel Hub, among many other outfits.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online market place which connects people that want to rent out their homes to others who are looking for accommodations in that location. It covers nearly 1000 cities currently.

The name Airbnb comes from ‘air mattress B and B.’ As should be expected, the company has both advantages and disadvantages too.


Some of its advantages are:

  • It boasts of a wide selection of accommodations, such as single rooms, suites rooms, apartments, moored yachts, houseboats, entire houses, castles, and so on.
  • Listing is also free. By this arrangement, hosts do not have to pay in order to get their properties listed. These are included in written descriptions, photographs with captions, user profiles and so on.
  • Hosts are also free to set their prices.
  • There is also the availability of customizable searches,  where guests search the Airbnb data base, not only by location and date, but also by prices too,  as well as types of property, amenities, and so on.
  • There are also additional services, such as restaurants, classes, sight seeing, among many others.
  • Guests are also provided with protection around the clock after checking in.


  • There is the risk of potential damage to the properties rented.
  • One may also incur additional fees too.
  • In addition, you are likely to come into taxes, such as the rental income tax.
  • Airbnb is also not legal everywhere since there are places where such trade is not allowed.
  • The pandemic of Covid-19 has led to the cancellation of any reservations for Airbnb after 14 March without any refund, while the cancellation of reservations before 14 March, 2020 got fully refunded.

Best Robes For Airbnb – Conclusion

Airbnb is more or less home away from home. What is more, you can choose to rent only a fraction of a property or indeed the whole property if you wish.

Whichever one you choose, you are assured of quality services befitting of anyone. In addition, the more you spend, the more the discount you stand to be given too.

Before you proceed to make any reservations, ensure that you find out as much as possible about the company on order to get that which you desire.

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