Can You Make A Bathrobe Out Of Towels?

Can You Make A Bathrobe Out Of Towels? Yes, You can make bathrobes out of your towels if you need to. Bathrobes are a comfortable piece of bedroom clothing which you can wear while going full commando if you choose, noticed how I mentioned bedroom, with a strong emphasis on that part.

The more high quality the fabric of your bathrobe is, the more comfortable it is, a material that has a high moisture absorption quality is also very important when purchasing a bathrobe.

When making a bathrobe out of bath towels, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the job easier on yourself and get the best results.

Making bathrobes out of a towel – What you need

Outlined below are everything you need if you want to succeed in turning your bath towels into bathrobes.

Tailoring skills

This may be the most important component of every DIY, you absolutely need to possess a degree of skill in the activity you’re about to embark on, it does not even have to be high level, as long as you can work the equipment then you are on the right track.

This is no different with making your own bathrobes, you’ve got to have a level of tailoring skill to have a shot at succeeding at the activity.

Can’t work a sewing machine to save a life? Well, I suggest you watch tutorials online to see if it’s possible or you can outsource the job to an actual professional to get it done with a higher chance of making something decent. It may cost you a little bit of money but at least you’ll get it done.


The appropriate equipment can make or break the level of difficulty you are going to experience when you try to make your own bathrobe, when doing any sort of job, no matter how menial, you always have to get the right tools.

Sewing machine

Your sewing machine has to be powerful enough and equipped with the right kind of needle that can penetrate the thick fabric of bath towels to properly stitch parts together, if that weren’t the case then you could use a simple hand needle and thread to get the job done.

A sewing machine like the Singer M1000 Sewing machine will make the job super easy and since it’s very portable, you can easily keep it in storage when you’re done using it.


You need a sturdy and sharp pair of scissors to allow the job to go smoothly, without these you may have a hard time cutting the bath towels to the dimensions you need, and it will leave them with jagged edges.

While working with these kinds of fabrics, when you don’t cut it properly, the threads tend to start pulling and the end result will be a mess. Therefore purchase a pair of quality scissors if you don’t have one already, check out the Westcott 8’ Titanium Bonded Scissors.


It may seem insignificant, but the quality of thread you use to stitch your clothes with when sewing plays a vital role on the longevity of the said clothing item.

Therefore, when making your own bathrobe from bath towels, you have to get a high-quality thread that will hold together as you manhandle the bathrobe down the years.

High-quality towels

It may seem dumb to purchase high-quality towels just to tear them up to make bathrobes, however, hear me out, the better the towels you’re using are, the better the bathrobes will be, if you’re gonna be experimenting, may as well make it the best there is, right?

You need a towel that is super fluffy and does not pull easily, a towel that can absorb moisture without getting soggy, towels that would not rip easily when stretched.

Do not cheap out on the bath towels you purchase, think about it like sowing a seed, what you put in is what you get, so when you use a cheap, low-quality bath towel— don’t be surprised when the bathrobe begins to give after a couple of weeks.


Here are a few Pros to consider when using your bath towels to make a bathrobe.

  • Cheaper— It is cheaper making your own bathrobes because you can simply just use the old bath towels you barely use anymore. Bathrobes are super pricey for some reason, especially the high-quality brands, if you want to save some money, then making your own will be the way to go.
  • Tailored fit— Since you will be taking all the measurements yourself, you can sew it to fit you as you need. No one knows what you like better than you, am I right? Although, when you’ve got quality materials that can stretch, it would make it even better.
  • Personal taste— You get the make the decision on the styling concept and design choice, you can add whatever form of accessory or any amount of pockets you want to, you’re the artist and the robe is your canvas.


  • Uneven silhouette— When you make bathrobes from your towel, the silhouette may be uneven no matter how good your measurements are when cutting, you may find one part is slightly longer than another. It’s not necessarily a bad thing though, as it gives it character but I can not speak for individuals with OCD.
  • “Patched” aesthetic— It will have a sort of patchy consistency because of the stitching of several parts of the towel together to make a cohesive robe, again, not necessarily a bad thing, but if you like your clothing neat and tidy without patched spots then you should straight up buy a robe.

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What fabric is used for Bathrobes?

Cotton is the most common material used to make bathrobes, similar to the kind of towels are produced. The material has to be able to absorb liquid and still retain its shape and texture. It also has to be super fluffy and comfortable so it doesn’t make your skin itch or blister, in my opinion, that’s what makes the best bathrobes.

Can I use my bathrobe as a Towel?

You can, but you shouldn’t. By using it as a towel you are more prone to contract skin diseases because most bathrobes are worn around the house and they end up picking up dirt and germs.

Bath towels are delicate and are washed at regular intervals to remove the dead skin and other forms of impurities while bathrobes are washed at a more sparse interval. Get a bath towel if you need to, maintain the function of your bathrobes as is. 

Are bathrobes necessary?

Sure they are, when you are fresh out of the shower, you may not want to wear your clothes immediately and also may not want to walk around in your underwear or with a towel around your waist. With a bathrobe, you can maintain a degree of decency and stay comfortable after shower. You can also use your bathrobe as your PJ if you want to.

Are you supposed to wear clothes under a Bathrobe?

Not necessarily, but if you are leaving the confines of your bedroom then you need an extra layer of clothing to cover yourself in case things go sideways and you find yourself without a bathrobe.

Else, in your room, you don’t have to wear anything underneath, the world is your canvas. Putting on underwear though, can’t be too safe.

How often do you wash your Bathrobes?

You should wash it at least once a week depending on how often you make use of it, not washing enough may lead to skin health complications and washing too much can also lead to damaging your robes because the fabric will weaken over time. Unless it’s stained and needs a thorough cleaning, you can make it even bi-weekly with the wash.

What is the string on a Bathrobe for?

I would say it is for fastening the robe to your waist to provide an ideal fit so it doesn’t fall off while you’re wearing it. The string is often elastic so the robe can fit most physiques, however, if yours is not, fret not, as long as it serves you well, I don’t see what the problem is.

Should my robes be tight?

Depending on the type of robe you are purchasing, it would determine the best silhouette and fit that would be most suitable. Bathrobes, for example, should not be tight, they should be loose-fitting, it is way more comfortable that way and a tight fit would be super restrictive.

Can You Make A Bathrobe Out Of Towels – Conclusion

With the right equipment, you can make most things happen. If you need bathrobes and you’ve got some towels laying around you want to convert, you should totally go for it. It would either work out perfectly or become a fun story you tell your friends in the future. Either way, best of luck.

If you feel you can’t get it done yourself, remember there are professionals you can pay for stuff like this, or better still buy a bathrobe. Check out the Pinzon Terry Bathrobe.

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