Can You Wear A Robe On A Plane?

Can You Wear A Robe On A Plane? You can wear a robe on a plane, it is considered a clothing attire, so I don’t see why not.

However, there may be a few things to have in mind if you want to travel by plane in a robe, so you don’t go in blind and ignorant, it’s best to keep these things in mind so you don’t hit a stumbling block.

First, you should keep in mind some of the reasons people wear robes in the first place, then work your way up to some of the safety measures TSA may have you undergo if you are in a robe at the airport.

Reasons people wear robes in public

Some of the reasons people wear robes in public include;

Religious inclinations

There are several religions that wear robes as a daily part of their clothing, like Christianity and Buddhism, therefore they tend to wear the said robes everywhere— including the airport during travels.

It would be impossible to stop individuals like this from flying because they’re wearing robes, therefore it can not be prohibited, you know, infringement on constitutional rights and stuff.

If you wanna wear robes in the guise of a religious inclination, be my guest, however… thread lightly. It’s easy to offend folks nowadays.


For some others, robes may simply be a fashion statement and part of their style choice, therefore it can’t be flagged for trying to exercise your right to freedom of expressionism.

There are fancy robes you can wear that make you look cool, like the Ekouaer Women’s Lace Kimono Style which folks wear to make them confident or feel good about their appearance.

Fashion is subjective, therefore it should not be strange if you see a person or group of persons wearing a robe in public, even if it’s a bathrobe.


Robes called Abayas are often worn by women to wed, therefore when you see a woman out in the airport in a robe that looks sort of like a wedding dress, clad in jewellery, she’s probably on her way to, or back from her wedding.

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In cases like these, it would not make any sense to prohibit people from flying with robes because for all intent and purposes, it is being worn on a special day and denying them the pleasure would be cruel.

White robes are also worn by Muslims on pilgrimage to Mecca, last time I checked, it is a momentous event that brings pilgrims from across the world. Try stopping over 100 million people from travelling because of how they’re dressed and let me know how it goes.


There are robes that are thick and designed to protect you from cold weather and environments, if you are travelling from or to a place with extreme temperatures, you need to wear the appropriate clothing to help you stay warm.

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Therefore, robes like these can be worn to travel by air, there may be a bit of a body search, well, I don’t see the point because there are X-ray devices that check what you have in person as well as metal detectors. Always ensure you protect yourself from extreme cold wherever you are, no need for avoidable health complications.

Psychological reasons

People often have an emotional attachment to clothing items or it may be as simple as a weighted robe that helps people cope with anxiety, air travel causes a lot of anxiety for some individuals that are either claustrophobic or acrophobic.

Wearing a weighted robe or a robe that they have a sentimental attachment to may help them overcome this anxiety and board a plane without having anxiety attacks.

Mental challenges are real and should always be taken seriously, even if the coping mechanism is simply wearing a robe at an airport.

Cultural reasons

There are some cultures that wear robes constantly, like the Japanese and their kimonos. This attire is a deep part of their cultural identity and placing restrictions on them violates so many rights.

In this case, you can wear your robe confidently because you’re representing a wide demographic of people with your expression. Cultural expression is important and should be allowed to thrive in every environment, despite our differences.

If you are ever going to wear a robe to the airport, there are measures you need to take to avoid hassle and embarrassment, these include;

Ensure you are wearing clothes underneath

Depending on the type of robe you are wearing, you definitely have to wear some form of clothing underneath, bathrobes and robes that are transparent are the ones that fit most into this demographic, it is super easy to be branded a pervert by wearing a robe and exposing your genitals in public.

Do not carry contraband

As long as you are not carrying prohibited substances in your robe to the airport, you should be good, prohibited does not necessarily mean it’s illegal, it may simply mean you should not bring stuff that are not allowed on an airplane with you. These may include and not limited to; Knife, Scissors and even liquids up to 25 ounces. Stay safe and follow instructions.

Be decent

It is imperative that you always dress as decent as you can in a public space, there is a fine line between being racy-ly fashionable and becoming a registered sex offender. When wearing your robe to the airport, do not wear anything too revealing and cover up as best as you can.

Most public spaces like Restaurants, Cafés and Stores like to keep the environment family-friendly, which means decency is paramount. If you don’t want to get thrown out when you go to hang or out on a date, then you need to keep your outfits strictly PG

Do not wear robes with derogatory graphic designs

No racist inscriptions should be on your robes when wearing them in public or anywhere at all, no need to be an axxhole, we all need to be progressive, open-minded and be more accepting of our differences. Dress decently and try your best not to offend anyone while you’re at it, it’s not that hard. Keep it respectful, wear robes with acceptable graphic designs only, avoid harassment and snide remarks.


Where is the best place to wear robes?

Depending on the type of robe, it can differ greatly on the places which is most appropriate to wear them, for example—

  • Bathrobes– These can be worn in your home and in public areas like a pool or a spa, anywhere else would be weird, like imagine wearing a bathrobe to the bank, you will definitely be branded a whack’o doodle for sure.
  • Kimono– Besides the cultural Kimonos, the “fashionable” type can be worn out in public for several functions including parties and even on dates. These are typically worn over more casual type articles of clothing though and are rarely worn alone, always over other clothes.

How often should I wash my robes?

You can wash it after every two or three wears depending on how dirty they are after you’ve worn them.  You have to figure out the most convenient and efficient way to clean them in order not to damage the fabric over time. Use suitable cleaning agents while washing to get the best results at the end of the process.

Do robes have zips?

Some robes have buttons, while others do not. Most robes use rope and strings as their fastening system, making zips obsolete.

You can never be too safe, am I right?  Your robe can have strings and also zips if you need it, that way if either break you’ve got a backup in place.

Can I fix a torn robe at home?

Yes, you can, as long as it isn’t ripped beyond repair then you can fix it at home with the appropriate equipment. A patch here and a stitch there can solve most cases of wear and tear, however, it gets tricky when the tear is super large.

As always, preventive measures are always best when it comes to clothing, maintain your robes properly so the fabric does not weaken and become prone to rip.

How do I stop my robes from dragging on the floor?

You can either cut the bottom and sew it to fit you or simply get robes in your size, if it’s the aesthetic of the robe to sweep across the floor while you’re wearing it then you should just roll with it and trust that the designer knows their stuff. Anyway, purchase robes that fit you ideally if you don’t like them dragging on the floor.

Can You Wear A Robe On A Plane – Conclusion

People wear robes for different reasons, therefore banning the clothing is tricky, but there are guidelines placed on them to make it easier to travel and for the security agents to do their job in keeping the mass safe.

As long as you don’t leave your balls hanging or expose your bum while wearing your robes, you should be just fine— and remember, nothing prohibited. Anyway, best of luck. Safe travels, take care!

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