Can You Wear A Robe Over Clothes?

Can You Wear A Robe Over Clothes? You can wear clothes under your robes, especially underwear, that bit is a necessity, at the very least.

Depending on the type of robe you are wearing, that would determine the form of clothing you wear underneath. Robes like kimonos are worn over casual and business casual attire, while abayas can be paired with a simple casual outfit.

Bathrobes, on the other hand, are typically worn in our homes, you can wear nothing and go full commando underneath when you’re fresh out of the shower, however, if you live with people then you should wear underwear at least.

Reasons why you should wear clothes under your robes

Outlined below are a few reasons why you should wear clothes under your robes;

To keep warm

In cold weather it’s best to wear as many layers of clothing as you can to protect yourself from the cold, most robes are very light and don’t provide much protection from extremely low temperatures. (Read Also: Do Bathrobes Keep You Warm? (3 Robes For Winter Reviewed))

During the winter is when it’s a must to cover yourself properly when going out to avoid complications or frostbite. You can simply take off the robe whenever it gets warmer later in the day.

Transparent robes

For transparent robes which are basically see-through, you’ve got to wear clothes underneath else you’re practically walking around naked.

Exposing yourself in public is not only embarrassing for you but also makes people around you very uncomfortable, and if there are children around it is considered a misdemeanour.

Do not skimp on wearing clothes under your robes if they are transparent or translucent. Do not be that guy.

Short robes

For robes that are super short and very inappropriate to wear as is, the best way to make it work is by wearing clothes underneath, even if it’s a pair of leggings. It would not only look better as a fashion choice but would also be the most decent approach to wearing short robes.

If the robes are short because they are undersize then you should purchase robes that fit you ideally and are at the right length to cover you properly.

More comfortable

There is a degree of comfort which wearing clothes under your robe brings, you can walk around and sit however you like knowing you are fully clad and your exposure is limited.

An added layer of clothing also provides padding for when you sit down, it strains your bum less and does not hurt as much as when you wear just the robes and nothing else. Like to be comfortable? Always wear clothes under your robes if you need to for maximum comfort.

Easier to wear robes

With clothes under your robe, it makes it easier to take the robe off and put them on when you need to, you don’t have to be in a private area to get it done, whenever and wherever, you are good.

Priests and Clergymen who wear robes during religious processions tend to benefit the most from this because they do not have to wear the robes all day, and going unclad underneath the robe makes no sense. Why not make your life easy and free of avoidable hassle by simply wearing clothes under your robes.

Better Aesthetically

The fact, whether you like it or not, is that with clothes underneath your robes it looks better than without, it is way more fashionable and overall more appealing to look at, in my opinion.

There are robes that have to be paired with other forms of clothing, that is the styling choice, it doesn’t have to be followed but it simply is better.

Clothing items you can wear under a Bathrobe

In case you are wondering, here are a few clothes you can wear under your Bathrobes, in the comfort of your home of course.

Pajama bottoms

These are guaranteed to give you comfort even in bed, instead of being naked underneath, you can wear the bottoms of your PJs because they’re light and easy to take off and not restrictive. It makes them an ideal pick to pair with your bathrobes in your room.


Whether it’s your boxers or a pair of panties, wearing some form of extra clothing would go a long way to keep you warm and cosy at night. The more comfortable the underwear you put on is, the more comfortable you feel in your bathrobes.


This would probably be the most convenient thing to wear underneath a robe, shorts are very comfortable and not restrictive at all.

The fact they don’t go down your legs means you stay cool and fresh on warm days. Although, I would suggest shorts that are made from comfy fabric, not jeans shorts or cutoffs. As an added bonus, you can simply take your robe off when it gets too hot in your room and chill in your shorts.

Long John’s

These are thermal underwear that are worn under clothing to keep you warm during the winter, they can also be worn underneath your bathrobes because they are basically pajamas.

These would come in handy most when the weather is freezing, after a warm shower, you put on your Long John’s and your robe, get comfortable under your blanket and watch some YouTube video as you gradually doze off. If you wanna check out some long John’s, you should peep the Men’s Thermal Long John’s.

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How do you properly wear a robe?

Most robes have two sleeves, long or short and a belt around the waist which you tie at the appropriate fitting to help the robe stay in place.

It isn’t rocket science, to be honest, if you’ve worn a shirt before, then this should not be that complicated. Apply a similar concept and the rest will work itself out. If it’s still complicated, then you can look up detailed video content online on how to best wear a robe.

What is the point of wearing a Bathrobe?

Bathrobes cover a wider surface area and can be used to cover the body in place of a towel to keep you warm when you get out of the shower or pool.

The cotton material is designed to absorb water, it does not get soggy easily, which would defeat the “keeping you warm” part of the description.

Using a bathrobe also keeps you more decent and when you tie it around your waist, you don’t have to worry about it coming undone.

Bathrobes are super convenient, you can do without it in your daily life but having it will make some things a lot easier.

Can you sleep in a robe?

Sure, if it’s soft and comfy enough, and you don’t mind wearing it. You can. I personally don’t like sleeping with any restrictive clothing, so I opt for sleeping in my underwear, shirtless. Super simple, super convenient. There are robes that are designed to serve as Pajamas, like the Hotouch Cotton Kimono Robes.

With a robe like this, you can sleep well at night without feeling weighed down by the fabric of the robe, because these are super fluffy and well aerated.

Can you wear robes outside?

Yes, you can. As long as they are not bathrobes or robes that perpetuate anything derogatory or perverse. You can totally wear your robes outside.

Halloween is a super time to wear weird robes without getting looks, you can dress up as a priest or clergyman, any type of personification that involves a robe. Go for it.

The most important thing is to stay decent and follow the dress code if you are gonna be wearing the robes to work or a social event.

Where do you keep your robe?

Bathrobes stay in the bathroom, on a hook or bar hanger where they can dry off properly after use to avoid grooming bacteria and mould formation over time.

Other robes can be kept in your drawer or wardrobe, if the fabric is prone to wrinkling then it would be a bad idea to fold it unless you’re prepared to iron or steam it every time you wanna wear them. in a well-aerated environment, so they don’t start smelling weird after a while.

Can You Wear A Robe Over Clothes – Conclusion

The whole aesthetic which robes pose suggest 100% that you need to wear clothes underneath, at least underwear. In the comfort of your home where you’re alone, or with people who won’t get offended catching a glimpse of your bum once in a while, sure, you can wear your robes without clothes underneath.

Judgement free zone and whatnot. However, out in a public space where there may be kids and sensitive people, you need to clad up properly and adequately.

Bottom line, Bathrobes? Sure, no clothes underneath— in your bedroom, sipping a cup of coffee or any preferred beverage.

Other types of robes? Especially the transparent kind, layers of clothes underneath, dress properly and try not to embarrass yourself and end up on World star. Best of luck, cheers!

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