How Do I Get My Robes White Again?

How Do I Get My Robes White Again? Like most white clothing attires, when they get dirty and start to change colour, the best way to restore it to its original state would be to wash it with an appropriate laundry detergent or apply bleach for tougher stains.

The best way to tackle your white robe changing colour is by figuring out what’s causing the stain or discolouration in the first place. By doing so you help prevent it from happening again in the future and make your robes white again.

Reasons why robes change colour and what you can do about it

Here are a few reasons why your robes may be discolouring and what you can do about it.

Use bleach

For stains like grass, grease or simply dust and mud stains, you can use a quality bleaching agent to get rid of all the stains, when you do not take care of it as soon as it happens you allow the stain to “marinate” and sip deep into the fibres of the fabric which makes them tougher, and sometimes impossible to remove over time, no matter the amount of bleach you apply.

Bleach has a strong smell, so when you’re applying it to your robes, make sure you do not apply excessive amounts, it would leave them smelling like bleach no matter the amount of deodorant you apply. Simply follow the manufacturer’s guide on the bottle of the bleach and work it accordingly.

Avoid washing with coloured clothing

Whenever you’re doing laundry, the most important first step is to sort them out by colour, washing whites alone and darker coloured clothing items together, any cloth that is prone to bleed should be washed separately.

When you do not separate your laundry, your whites will end up picking up the colour from which other clothing item is bleeding while you’re washing.

Also, since darker clothes hardly show stains when they’re dirty when you wash them with your white robes, the stains get into your whites and start to discolour them gradually. Simply avoid all the hassle by separating your clothes before washing and keep your robes white.

Clean your washing machine

How often do you clean your washing machine? Even the cleaning device needs cleaning from time to time you know.

When you keep using the washing machine to do your laundry, most of the dirt from your clothes is now in the water and drained, however, some of the dirt particles remain in the washing machine.

Over time this dirt starts to pile up and may clog your machine in the worst-case scenario, when you use the machine as is to wash your white robes, it will inevitably cause them to stain.

Therefore, cleaning your washing machine as often as you can, that way you keep your robes white and avoid spending money replacing them.

Wash often

This may be the most obvious solution but simply wash your white robes as often as you can, don’t leave them until you can see visible stains or signs of wear.

With the right laundry detergent, make a schedule you need to stick to on the frequency of cleaning, be careful not to wash too often though because that somehow also has its cons.

Getting the right balance and mapping your schedule to make it easy to clean your white robes when you need to will be key to helping you keep them white.

Use the appropriate detergent

There are whites that are ideal for washing white clothing items and those that aren’t, figuring out what works for your robe and its fabric will help you maintain them and extend their longevity.

When you don’t use the appropriate detergent to wash your whites you will notice over time that the stains or dirt won’t fully clean and as time goes by— discolouration occurs.

Need recommendations on the best laundry detergent to use to wash your white robes? I’ve got you, check out the OxiClean White Revive Detergent.

Own multiple robes

If white robes are a part of your daily dress code, then the easiest way to keep them white would be to own more than one, don’t you think? When you wear the same robe all the time, it will inevitably be more prone to discolouration and ripping.

You need at least two robes minimum that way you can alternate days which you wear and their longevity can be maximized. Does not matter if you wear the robes once a week, you have to get another, do be a cheapskate.

Hand wash

Sometimes there are some stains a washing machine just can’t get out, you need to get real up close and personal with it and use your hands to scrub the stains of your robes if you want them to be white again.

I’m not saying you should scrub your robes until the fabric gives way, just some light scrubbing with a brush that has semi-hard bristles with— again, I can’t stress this enough, with the appropriate laundry detergent or stain remover,

There are several stain-removing cleaning agents used for targeted hand washing, an example is the Tides whites and brights rescue.

Purchase quality Bathrobes

Most times it all boils down to a pair of cheap robes, the lower the quality of your robes, the more prone it is to discolouration and bleeding.

Yup, even white clothes can bleed too, threads are woven together to make most fabrics and sometimes during the manufacturing process, white dye is added to make the material extra shiny and attractive.

These are usually cheaper, and over time when you keep washing the robes the dye fades and your white robes start to become dull, losing the vibrancy it had when you first got it. Avoid all the hassle and get you some top-rated white robes if you can afford to, it will be worth every penny.

Shower properly

If you don’t shower properly, the dirt from your body will inevitably rub off on whatever item of clothing you put on, including your robes. When you clean yourself properly, you reduce the rate at which your robes discolour.

A good bath is often underrated, with the misconception that all you need is the lather of the soap on your skin and a good rinse and you’re good to go.

You need to scrub your skin properly and exfoliate areas which you need to and remove most, if not all the dirt. Stay clean, it will go a long way in keeping your white robes white.

Avoid white clothing

The best way to avoid a problem is by eliminating the possibility of the occurrence of the problem in the first place if you are prone to staining white clothing because of your job description or daily activities, or you’re simply that clumsy.

Then you should avoid purchasing white robes in the first place, there are other colours you can dry out that are less prone to permanent stains.

Don’t lean

When wearing white robes, you can not afford to lean on every surface you come across no matter how exhausted you are or how clean it seems.

There are dust and dirt on most surfaces, when you lean, the dirt is transferred to your white robes and oftentimes than none, these stains tend to be permanent. If you want to keep your white robes clean, do not lean on surfaces.

Always wash your hands

Wash your hands often not just when you’re wearing white but generally, during our daily activities, as well as touch doorknobs and handle bills.

Dirt, sometimes barely visible tend to cling to our hands and when you touch your white robes, it causes stains that may not be too visible but as the day progresses, the hue gets darker and more visible. Dirty hands can affect your clothes as well as your health, wash your hands regularly.

Carry a handkerchief

By carrying a handkerchief with you, whenever you notice dust on your white robes you can easily brush it off, when you use sweaty hands to remove dust, it tends to stick to the clothes.

The handkerchief can also act as a buffer for surfaces that you lean or sit on while wearing your white robes. Therefore, practice the habit of taking a handkerchief with you, they are super portable and barely notable.

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Can I wash my robes with my underwear?

Sure, you can. As long as you maintain the practice of separating your laundry by whites and coloured before you wash them, I don’t see a problem.

However, you have to ensure the wash modes are similar, so you don’t ruin the robes or your underwear in the washing process. Check the manufacturer’s guide on the clothing and if they are similar— go for it.

Can I iron my robes?

Yes, you can. Whenever you wash your clothes, they tend to get all squeezed up and rumpled, and the best way to get rid of the wrinkles would be to iron them. Depending on the kind of material which the robe is made of, you could opt to steam it and you’d still get rid of the wrinkles.

For Bathrobes, you don’t really need to iron them, because the wrinkles disappear after a couple of wears, the same way you don’t iron your towels, you do not need to iron your bathrobes either.

Can I wash my robes with jeans?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Jeans are sturdier and tend to spend longer time in the washer than robes, the textural difference makes it tricky to clean them properly.

Also, for fluffy robes, washing them with your jeans is the fastest way to make them less fluffy. Jeans also bleed a lot, especially denim, washing your jeans together with them may cause your robes to discolour. Wash your robes with clothes of similar texture, that way you can clean them properly every time you do laundry.

Are Kimono considered Robes?

Sure, Kimonos are robes. It is a Japanese type of robe, I would go into the meaning of the name but, I don’t really wanna, so, best look it up. If it walks like a dog and barks like a dog, it’s probably a dog. Forgive the offhanded analogy, not my best work but you get what I’m trying to say.

Kimonos have the aesthetic and silhouette of robes but are made with a specific design and fabric which are tailored to the tastes and culture of the Japanese folks. Therefore Kimonos are Robes.

What is the best way to wash Robes?

The best way to wash Robes would be to follow the manufacturer’s guide, if that is nonexistent, then depending on the material and colour of the robe, it may defer a little.

Satin and Silk robes should not be washed with hot water under any circumstance because they tend to shrink super fast under any form of heat, therefore, cold water in a gentle wash cycle should suffice.

Bathrobes on the other hand which are made from cotton can be warm washed and it would not affect the fabric as much, the most important thing is to sort the lighter coloured robes from the darks to avoid bleeding.

How Do I Get My Robes White Again – Conclusion

The best way to make your robes white again would be to deep clean them, use the best stain removing detergent you can find on the market that is most suitable for the fabric of your robe of course.

Or, better still all you got to do is take more proactive and preventive measures like not buying white robes at all or avoiding activities that may cause them to discolour.

Practice healthy and cost-effective maintenance practices with your robes and every piece of clothing you own to get the best out of them.

By doing so, all your clothes tend to last longer and stay in the shape you purchased them for extended periods. Don’t waste money replacing robes when you could easily take good care of the ones you’ve got, even after you get new robes, with the same habits, history is bound to repeat itself. Stay safe, stay hygienic.

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