5 Best Robes For Priest You Should Check Out In 2023

If you’re in a hurry and just want to grab the Best robes for priests quickly, I recommend the below robes. They are my favourite robes overall, based on all the criteria we considered.

  • CAMBRIDGE Pastor Pulpit Robe Pastor – Check Price
  • Leg Avenue Men’s 2 Piece Priest Costume – Check Price
  • GraduatePro Clergy Roman Cassock Adults Priest – Check Price

The importance of selecting the right type of robes is important. There are many different types and styles available, so it can be difficult to choose which one will suit your needs best.

Do you want to look good in front of God? Then don’t worry about what other people think! You deserve the best when it comes to clothing for Mass because this is an important part of your daily life that should reflect who you are as a person. 

Priests often have to wear very specific attire. Whether it be their vestments, which are their sacred clothing, or just dressing up in general because they may need to perform some religious ceremony soon.

Finding appropriate robes can be challenging since no two people dress alike and most materials used by companies today give off an unnecessary amount of heat that could cause serious harm for those around them as well as themselves. 

This guide will go over everything you need to know about the best types of robes for a priest. Let’s get started.

5 Best Robes For Priest (The Review)

The is a review of the best robes for priests in different denominations. 

1. GraduatePro Anglican Cassock Clergy Robe

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The GraduatePro Anglican cassock clergy robe is one of many robes that priests and bishops wear during different religious celebrations. Priests and Bishops also wear various colours at certain liturgical seasons, so there are no restrictions on colour selection.

GraduatePro Anglican Cassock Clergy Robe is a single-breasted, double-breasted clerical robe. It has an attractive cut and falls to the ankle.

The shoulder fastens on the opposite side of the breast, while there’s one concealed button at waist level that opens up into two flaps for ease in dressing or undressing.

The Anglican cassock is a long, ankle-length robe that has set-in sleeves and buttons on the front. The clergy robes are designed to be worn by both men and women during their service time.

If you are looking for a clergy robe as an Anglican, then look no further than the GraduatePro Anglican Cassock Clergy Robe.

This cassock has Thirty-Nine buttons and Forty Stripes on it. It also comes with an academic hood that can be fastened to the centre front of this black cassock by means of a small stem button at its base; which is present below your neckline as well.


  • The quality of the fabric is excellent.
  • It’s a good buy for a good price.
  • This item is great for any church event!
  • The material is not flimsy


  • The buttons on the product felt too loose and would fall off any second.
  • The sizing is off.
  • The robe is very nice, but it lacks button-down buttons.

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2. CAMBRIDGE Pastor Pulpit Robe Pastor

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Cambridge is a manufacturer of high-quality robes that are designed with versatility in mind. The Cambridge Pastor Pulpit Robes has features seen on robes costing much more, including 100% pure wool fabric and the option to choose between 100% polyester or cotton.

The Cambridge pastor robe has a finished length of 53, 55, 57, and 59. This means that the top shoulder to bottom edge is measured from the top of your shoulder down to your floor.


  • The quality is well worth the price and perhaps more
  • It’s very well made, heavy and expensive looking
  • Very fast shipping
  • Front zipper
  • No-wrinkle fabric
  • Soil-resistant fabric
  • Two pleats on each side for ease of movement


  • Mind the zipper: it’s very nicely sewn but too thin and flimsy for weekly work
  • No side access to pockets
  • Medium size robe is too large

3. Leg Avenue Men’s 2 Piece Priest Costume

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Leg Avenue is one of the leaders in luxury men’s costumes. They use high-quality materials to ensure that their products are durable and long-lasting.

Leg Avenue offers different types of costumes for men. The company has a wide variety of products that are suitable for all people, including priests and other religious figures.

The Leg Avenue Men’s Priest Costume is made of very well-made, not cheap material. It includes a robe and cassock with an attached belt buckle. The belt or sash can be used as an accessory to dress up your outfit, while also having Velcro adjusters for easier use.

The Leg Avenue Men’s 2 Piece Priest Costume is a great costume for people who are taller than average. The collar fits well and it does not come with pants, so tall people like me will need to find something that matches the product. It features nice details and good quality material which makes it feel durable when worn by someone of my height (I’m 6’2″).


  • Very well made, not cheap feeling material
  • Pullover robe style costume
  • Good quality, details, and fit


  • Cross-chain is not included
  • Doesn’t come with Pants

4. Cos2be Medieval Priest Monk Robe-Hooded Cap Cloak

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The monk’s robe is the most versatile garment. It can be worn as a cloak, a cap, or a hooded cloak and it has been used for centuries by various religions including Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. 

This is a hooded robe with 100% high-grade polyester fibre. The material of the cap and cloak are what make this item unique, as it comes in only one colour: black.

This outfit has been designed for those who want to feel powerful through their religion or magic. It also comes with a money-back guarantee: you can buy it and if you don’t like how it looks after trying out your first time wearing it, send them an email within 30 days of purchase and they will send you a full refund.

The Cos2be Medieval Priest Monk Robe-Hooded Cap Cloak is a product that can be paired with sandals and a waist tie. It’s also available in different colours to choose from, so you’re able to match it with your needs!

One of the best features is that it has Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric. The rope was made from cotton and worked well with the overall look. Moreover, its size can be adjusted from large to small as needed by those who wear a lot or do not have much hair on their head.


  • The size of the hood is adjustable.
  • The costume is good quality, fits well, and irons well
  • The rope is thick, knots well, and the additional cross was nothing special.
  • The price is steep for this product.


  • The XXL costume has a few inches left hanging.
  • The material of the robe is not ideal for both sewing and being in the sun.
  • The costume has a slim fit for people of average build.

5. GraduatePro Clergy Roman Cassock Adults Priest

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GraduatePro Clergy Roman Cassock Adults Priest has five buttons under the neck and waist sash. The coat is often worn by Catholic priests, bishops, or cardinals.

A Roman cassock often has buttons down the front while a French cassock has buttons sewn to sleeves after manner of a suit and is slightly broader in skirt size. An Ambrosian cassock: Five buttons under the neck and waist sash. 

This is a high-quality clergy robe that has been designed to be machine washable and ironing in low temperatures. This is a Roman Cassock that has been made for the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox.

The style of this cassock is more formal than most other brands, which could suit those who are looking to use it in religious ceremonies or when attending church events.

The Roman cassock is the most common clerical vestment for Catholic priests, but it can also be used by Protestant ministers. Clergy members usually wear this type of clothing to perform their duties in church services and ceremonies.


  • The material is not that bad despite being bigger than expected.
  • The robe is lined like very expensive robes.
  • The price of the robe is very reasonable.
  • The garment is beautiful.


  • The robe was too big.
  • The robe is thin enough to see through.


What are a priest’s robes called?

Priests wear a number of different robes throughout the course of their service. The five basic robes are alb, cassock, surplice, tunicle, and dalmatic.

These garments signify the rank or importance of wearing them in church. For instance, one may see priests and bishops wearing an alb which is the white robe that they put under their other vestments and over their street clothes while another may notice that there are a number of robes that they could actually wear during a religious celebration including Methodist pulpit robes.

Furthermore, the robes signify great importance during Mass. They are considered sacred and of high value to religion.

However, they must be respected as a part of priest’s vestments that all priests wear including the robes which is why they cannot be worn outside religious services or at other places without permission from a priest who wears them regularly.

What colour robes do priests wear?

Priests wear robes of varied colours, but the colour varies depending on who is wearing them. The most common colour for a priest’s robe is white, which can be seen under their other vestments and over their street clothes.

The albs are made up of multiple layers that serve different functions in addition to being nice-looking garments. They’re made from a cotton blend with a high thread count and have an inner layer called an “under-alb.” 

This layer has a short front and back, and it’s made to be removed during the ceremony. It is also used as a “cloak” for when bishops are carrying out their functions.

Additionally, priests wear an over-alb that hangs down from the neck like a cape, but it can’t be worn in front of anyone else because it has certain symbols on its front that identify them as clergy members. 

The albs are not just ceremonial garments; they’re important parts of the liturgical vestments (vestments worn during the liturgy).

They’re not just white; they have a number of different colours. For example, an alb may be red or green and it can also be made with gold-threaded embroidery.

Priests wear robes of varied colours and often use them because these variations identify them as clergy members in front of other people.

The colour of robes that priests wear is black, but it’s only used during Good Friday, All Soul’s Day, and funerals. The vestments that priests wear are sacred because they represent the priestly office in different liturgical functions including Confession on Fridays and Holy Eucharist.

What do priest robe colours mean?

The robes that priests wear during religious ceremonies signify the importance of wearing them. The colours and style vary according to which holy day they’re celebrating, but these are some of the most popular:

  • Wearing a robe for the church is significant.
  • The torn robe of sorrow
  • The long robe of pretension
  • The scarlet robe of mockery

Different religions have different styles, but the majority of priests wear black robes. Black is often associated with death and mourning in the Christian tradition. 

Priests only began wearing white during Good Friday or All Soul’s Day to signify Christ’s resurrection from the dead and they don’t do it regularly because most religious orders ban them for funerals due to their connection with death as well as other reasons such as modesty; therefore, red albs are more common among Catholic clergymen than those who belong to monastic orders. 

Black is also associated with abject depression and intense sorrow, which priests avoid as it could be misinterpreted by those who see them in their black robes.

How do you measure for a clergy robe?


Take this measurement over the items you’ll be wearing. Measure around the broadest region of the chest, beneath the arms, and across the shoulder blades in the back, arms relaxed. The tape should be snug but not overly so. Maintain the tape parallel to the floor.

Band Cinctures

Band cinctures are often worn over street attire, such as slacks and a belt, or over a clerical cassock. As a result, it is critical to add additional inches above and beyond a standard “belt” size, which would be too narrow. 

Wrap a tape measure around the stomach where the cincture will be worn, over streetwear, to measure for a band cincture. To account for cassock thickness and comfort, add 4″ to this dimension. Use this measurement to calculate the size of your QS band cincture.


Fix a measuring chart or tape to the wall and stand straight against it, wearing “Sunday” shoes and heels against the wall. The back of the head should be in contact with the chart. Have someone set a ruler parallel to the floor on top of your head. When comparing our QS size charts, your complete height in shoes should be considered.


Shirt sleeve lengths are essential for all pulpit gowns, clergy jackets, cassocks, and clergy shirts to fit correctly. You can use this size if you know your precise shirt sleeve length.

What are clergy robes made of?

Cleric robes are made of the best polyester fabric and craftsmanship. It is wrinkle-free, lightweight, and long-lasting. These Clergy Robes offer excellent quality and comfort at a very cheap price.

Best Robes For Priest – Conclusion

Here you have it. These are some of the top robes you would probably find on Amazon for priests. Feel free to pick that which best matches your taste.

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