5 Best Jedi Robes You Should Check Out In 2023

A Jedi or a Jedi knight is a protagonist or lead performer of numerous works of the star wars franchise, commonly acting symbolically in ways similar to the Galactic Republic and the Rebel Alliance.

Usually, Jedi robes are known to be both simple and comfortable, long, flowing garments, which also include being either used as overtunic or even undertunics too, as well as either a cloak or outer robe and a hood. Sometimes, there may be a tubard, which has varying designs as well.

If you’re in a hurry and just want to grab the Best Jedi Robes quickly, I recommend the below robes. They are my favorite robes overall, based on all the criteria we considered.

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  • Jedi fleece bathrobe Check Price
  • Rubie’s star wars classic child’s deluxe hooded Jedi robe – Check Price
  • Men’s hooded robe cloak knight fancy cool cosplay costume Check Price

Factors to consider when buying Jedi robes


The most relevant question therefore is: what are the factors to be put into consideration when buying a Jedi outfit? First and most importantly, Jedi robes should be as comfortable as possible, apart from being most suitable for the weather conditions that may prevail at the time.

In other words, the robes should not constrict any part of the body and they should be of the correct size such that they do not rub on the ground.

Quality fabrics

Furthermore, Jedi robes should be manufactured from fabrics that will be able to maintain you warm under cold weather or cold in excess heat.

In addition to this, Jedi robes should not be too heavy in a way that may constrain free bodily movements as is usually occasioned in their roles as knights.


The colors of these robes are carefully chosen to ensure that they do not fade or denature prematurely despite how regularly the garments are washed. Also, it will be most preferable if the robes are both manually and machine washable too.


Their designs should have specialized features or provisions that will make wearing them a delight and should give you as much protection as possible either from the elements or to project the image of whichever character you may be mimicking.

To this effect, some of these robes come with either buttons, belts, or strings, for proper closure around the body. In most cases, these robes may also come provided with a hood. Jedi robes, or any clothes for that matter, should be produced using material fabrics that will not in any way be irritating to the skin.

In addition, they must provide adequate aeration to the skin throughout the day such that excessive sweat will be prevented, and where you unavoidably sweat, they should be as absorbent as possible to keep you very comfortable and dry too.

Finally, all good robes supplied by reputable outlets should be covered by adequate guarantee and warranty terms for customer satisfaction.

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Best Jedi Robes – Reviews

1. Cosplay sky men’s cloak for Jedi robe costume Halloween tunic hooded uniform

Check Price

This highly acclaimed piece of Jedi wear is produced from uniform cloth and is both manually and machine washable too.

It is also designed in various shapes and sizes, such that you are guaranteed to have a perfect fit for either yourself or anybody else, and in this quest, the size chart will be of invaluable help.

They are of such exemplary qualities that make them very useful for parties, festivals, or even daily applications according to your needs.

However, it is important to be aware that you should choose larger sizes if you happen to be of the same size as that given in the size chart.


  • It has pockets for the concealment of small items, such as handphones, keys, and so on.
  • It is supplied at very pocket-friendly prices for the value you get.
  • Its hood is so roomy that it drapes over, which can be worn a bit backward too.
  • It is made from some of the most durable fabrics or materials like cotton and polyester.


  • It has no buttons but only a small rope around the neck.
  • The polyester fabric can sometimes be slightly rough on the skin in some individuals, which may necessitate you to wear something beneath for protection.
  • It may be a little too heavy in some cases due to variations in heights and weights.

2. Cosplaysky adult outfit for Jedi costume Halloween robe tunic hooded uniform

Check Price

This robe is made from an admixture of fabrics such as linen, polyester, and cotton, which confer on it very exemplary qualities rarely found in other garments.

Also, it is both manual and machine washable for your convenience. In addition, it has a tunic, a tabard, and a simple waist belt for secure closure around the body.

Its colors are guaranteed to stand the test of time due to repeated washing because of their breathtaking brilliance and rare quality.


  • It is supplied along with pants and mostly has long sleeves.
  • The robes have either zippers, buttons, or belt loops to allow for very secure closure at all times.


  • This robe can be a little too expensive.
  • The accompanying belts can sometimes be a little bit too big.
  • Its dimensions are taken by hand, and hence, you may have to choose a larger size from the size chart, if your size is the same as that given on the size chart for a more perfect fit.

3. Men’s hooded robe cloak knight fancy cool cosplay costume

Check Price

It is also made from uniform cloth too and is both manually and machine washable as well. Furthermore, this robe is neither thick nor thin, which makes it a cross between the two extremes, a feature that is of immense relevance to the user.

It can be worn for all occasions with absolute confidence. It also comes in all sizes and shapes to serve variant needs. Most notably, its colors are so carefully chosen that they rarely, if ever, get faded easily, as long as you adhere strictly to the washing instructions with the correct cleaning agents or chemicals.


  • It has pockets for all sundry uses.
  • Uses a belt, buttons, or ropes to hold it securely around you, particularly when outdoors in windy conditions.
  • Mostly have hoods for added protection from the elements.


  • It is mostly made of polyester and hence, it cannot be dyed even when faded.
  • There is no drawstring around the neck in some cases.
  • The robe can sometimes melt if it is not ironed carefully because of its polyester fabric.

4. Rubie’s star wars classic child’s deluxe hooded Jedi robe

Check Price

This is a classic children’s hooded Jedi robe that is both small and brown. It is made from very reliable and durable colors and fabric that can withstand frequent washing either manually or in the washing machine.

Most notably, this robe is capable of withstanding all the stress it may suffer from excessive childhood exuberance. It comes, like all robes of distinction, in various designs, sizes, and shapes too, such that anybody can be adequately provided for.

It is also picture perfect for all sorts of occasions, such as at home, at festivals, or the movies too. This robe is assured to meet your requirements for all sundry needs.


  • Like all good robes, it has a hood, belt, or buttons to enable you to wrap it securely around you whether indoors or outside, just in case.
  • There are various sizes for all body types.
  • Lightsaber and other accessories are available separately when purchased.
  • Durability is guaranteed due to the resilience of its polyester fabric.


  • Some peculiar sizes may not be readily available. This implies that form-fitting costumes may not be available always.
  • These robes can sometimes be designed without any kind of belt or buttons for closure around the body.
  • It may sometimes be too large.

5. Jedi fleece bathrobe

Check Price

Contrastingly, this robe is one size fits all because of its peculiar design. It is made from polyester fabric which is pretty well known for its outstanding qualities of extreme durability, which makes it an excellent Halloween costume.

Due to the materials used in its design and coloration, you are assured to derive maximum satisfaction from it over time. In addition, the garment is supplied subject to impressive customer satisfaction of lengthy guarantees and warranty terms.


  • It is thick and hence, serves as excellent protection against the elements.
  • The hood provides extra protection too.
  • It has either belt or buttons for closure.
  • It can be easily washed either manually or with the aid of a washing machine.
  • It is both light and soft to the skin without any irritation even after prolonged.


  • The robe can become fuzzy after a few washes with other clothes, therefore, wash it separately from other clothes.
  • It can melt if not ironed very carefully since it is made commonly of polyester fabric.


What are Jedi robes called?

It should be noted that Jedi, in most of the books on Jedi, do not ascribe any special or particular name to their robes other than just ‘attire’, ‘clothes’, ‘outfit’, or even ‘uniform’.

However, initially, a Jedi initiate wore the dressing of a Padawan, Knight, or simply Master, in addition to a tan or gray tunic, boots, belts, or ropes.

Despite all these, it is sometimes common for the Jedi robe to be referred to as a karategi, kimono, or kasaya. Mostly, Jedi knights wore plain garments just like the ones worn by the Padawans, which were simple, comfortable, long, flowing robes, either over or under their tunics, a cloak, outer robe with a head hood, or even a tabard, which can differ in their tunes.

What do you wear under a Jedi robe?

Traditionally, the Jedi wears the utility belt of the Jedi order underneath their robes and over their tunics. Attached to this belt are usually other very important items, such as the personal lightsaber and many other pouches that may contain important and necessary tools of survival objects.

Why do female Jedi not wear robes?

Although it is commonly said that female Jedi do not wear robes, but in reality, they usually do. For instance, Master Adi Gallia, Shaak Ti, Luminara Unduli, all-female Jedi, wear robes just like the male Jedi do.

However, this does not mean that all female Jedi wear robes. For example, the female Jedi, Ahsoka, and Aayla Secura do not wear robes.

This is because there is no required dress code for Jedi, except maybe on some rare and grave occasions or formal festivals.

Therefore, if they wish to do something else, as long as it is not deemed unsuitable, they are free to do so. After all, even some male Jedi do not wear robes always,  such as Anakin, for example on some occasions.

Why did Anakin wear black Jedi robes?

In reality, Anakin was not the first Jedi to wear black robes, and neither was he also the last to do so since there is nothing unacceptable about the color.

It is just a decision taken for the movies. However, Anakin was forced to wear black robes just so that he could resemble Luke when he became a Jedi knight and hence, wore a black Jedi attire.

Why do Jedi wear hoods?

Functionally speaking, it is logical to understand that a hood can prevent needless confusion when it completely covers the head.

This simply means that a hood can focus its wearer, while at the same time protecting or arousing them from other people or distractions.

This is particularly important since a Jedi is at liberty to choose who they get exposed to, and more significantly, who gets exposed to them also. This is basically why Jedi wears hoods.

Best Jedi Robes – Conclusion

A Jedi is a performer in the star wars franchise, and although there are no specific dress codes for the Jedi, still, sometimes, it may be necessary to dress up such that certain characters can resemble, such as when Anakin dressed up to resemble Luke, for instance.

Despite this provision, if a Jedi wishes to don the conventional robe, certain conditions should be put into consideration.

First, whatever robe is worn, it should be as comfortable as possible so that you will neither be hot nor cold regardless of the weather conditions at the time.

This brings us to the careful choice of the fabrics for the robes. Along with this contention, it is very advisable to choose cotton robes, since this fabric can keep you warm and is also very absorbent in cases where you sweat a lot. Colors should also be chosen carefully so as to enable them last for as long as possible too.

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