Do You Dry Off Before Putting On A Robe?

A bathrobe, as the name implies, is meant to be used as a sort of towel after shower because of the nature of its material fabric. However, this is not always the case, since some robes are not made for use as towels, in which case they may be referred to as dressing gowns.

When they are not so meant, their fabrics are not very thick which makes them less absorbent of water, and they may not also be very fluffy or made from very absorbent substances like cotton or terry cloth.

Whether you dry off before putting on a robe after a shower is actually dependent on your preferences as may be occasioned by the prevailing weather conditions at the time.

For instance, if the weather is kind of cold, and you do not wish to wet the robe after a bath, you may opt to use a towel in drying off your body before wearing the robe.

In addition, if the weather condition at the time is hot, which may require you to cool down the body even after a shower, you can wear your robe right after bath without drying the water off. So, basically, as stated earlier, what you do depends really on your preferences.

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What happens if you don’t dry off before putting on a robe?

You can approach this question from several angles. To start with, should the weather condition be cold, and still you fail to dry off before wearing your bathrobe, there is the likelihood that you may get the robe wet or damp, in which case it is possible for you to catch cold.

In addition, if you wear the robe after shower, it will obviously become wet or at best damp, which is a condition that promotes the growth and activities of bacteria or mould.  It is this condition that makes bathrobes smell after prolonged use without drying.

Furthermore, the activities of mould or bacteria on wet or damp robes tend to weaken their fabrics which by extension will reduce their tensile properties and ultimately cause them to get damaged or frayed prematurely. In reality, therefore, you stand at a great disadvantage if you fail to properly dry off wet robes after shower repeatedly.

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Can you dry off with a bathrobe?

Of course, you can, and in fact, that is its primary purpose. Be that as it may, however, not all bathrobes can be used for drying off the body after bath.

Bathrobes that can be used for this purpose are made up of very thick and highly absorbent materials such as cotton or terry cloth. Terry cloth is a fabric that has an overwhelming percentage of cotton in it and that makes it very absorbent too.

Those that cannot be so used are lighter materials, such as nylon, polyester and so on, though in some cases, they may be mixed with a high percentage of cotton, which will make them very absorbent as well.

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Which robes are good enough to put on right after bath?

Again, which robes you put on right after shower will also depend on certain conditions too. To start with, if you wish not to use a towel after shower, you will do well to wear a bathrobe immediately after bath which is as effective as rubbing off with a towel.

In such situations, a thick and highly absorbent robe made of predominantly cotton is better. However, if the weather temperature is hot like in the Summer, you may not want to get hot immediately after bath, in which case the best robe to use is a lighter one that will give you adequate aeration, such as those made of nylon, polyester or spandex.

What materials are those robes that can pass as towels made of?

As explained earlier, not all robes can be used as towels, and those which can be so used are the highly absorbent and heavy ones. They posses these heavy and absorbent properties because of their cotton or terry cloth contents. In conclusion, robes used in place of towels are made of predominantly cotton and are equally very fluffy too.

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Is it better to use a robe ad a towel to dry yourself?

Both a robe and a towel are very effective means of drying the body after bath. However, a robe has a slight edge or advantage over a towel for the simple reason that drying off with a towel gives more stress than you would likely go through with a robe.

If you opt to use a robe, you will simply fling it on after bath without much ado, but with a towel, you got to go through the process of rubbing all round your body. In addition, if you are using a robe with a hood, it can also very effectively dry off your head or hair as well.

What is the proper way to wear a robe after shower?

If you wish to accomplish it quickly and most effectively, you are recommended to wear your bathrobes after shower using the following steps:

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Step 1

First, slip your arms through the sleeves of the robes when wearing them.

Step 2

Thereafter, wrap the left side of the body with the left half of the robe while moving towards the right in the process. Then, depending on whether it is equipped with a tie or ribbon, you may take either together and tie them up while making sure that they are done in a bow. Doing this will secure the left half of the robe closely to your body.

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Step 3

Repeat exactly the same procedures with the right part of the robe and body as you have done with the left.

Step 4

Then, pass the end of the left tie over the right tie, before completing it from side to side of the loop thus formed. Pull the ends of both ties and tighten them up properly too. If you have done it correctly, the left ribbon should come through the loops in the robe while the right tie should go down to the lower half of the loop.

Step 5

Next, fold the left tie down so that it will lay on the right tie.

Step 6

Now, you should hold the left tie and cross it above the right end of the right tie. Then, you should bring the left tie through and beneath this cross made, before pulling both ends together. One end should come out through the left and the other through the right.

Step 7

Finally, use the sash of the robes to knot their ends which come from behind the robe. Though the process of wearing a robe properly and quickly can be quite tricky, with constant practice, you are bound to eventually get the hang of it.

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Do You Dry Off Before Putting On A Robe – Conclusion

A bathrobe as the name implies can be used as a sort of towel right after bath or can also be used for lounging at home. Which of these purposes you use it for will depend on the texture and material of the robe really.

If you use your bathrobe properly and carefully, you are likely to prolong its life span as well as the satisfaction you get from it too. The users’ instruction leaflet in the supply pack will come in very handy here, especially with regards to efficient maintenance of the garment.

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