How Do You Make A Robe Fluffy Again?

How Do You Make A Robe Fluffy Again? Depending on the type of material which the robes are made of, all you need in most cases to make your robes fluffy again is a bottle of Fabric softener, in some other cases, you may need to take some measures, some preventive, some drastic.

At the end of the day, you will get the desired results which you need and your robes will retain their original features.

By getting to the root of the problem, you are a step in the right direction to figure out the best solution to implement to make your robes fluffy again.

Reasons why your robes may have lost their fluffiness

Outlined below are a few solutions and some reasons why your robes may have lost their fluff, let’s get it—

Fabric softeners

Although this solution most applies to materials that are made of cotton, if you need your robes to be fluffy again, all you need is a good fabric softener to get the job done.

By simply pouring some of the fabric softeners into your clothes white there in the washing machine and letting it get into the fabric and rinsing off with clean water, you should notice the difference when your robes dry.

However, like most things, there are also cons when you use fabric softeners especially in excess, it will make your robes more prone to tearing and it may even cause it to bleed because the fibres which hold the dye will be weakened. Therefore, apply in moderation and ensure you purchase a quality brand. Like the Downy Infusion Fabric Softener.

Do not over wash

Over washing your robes is the quickest way to make them less fluffy, robes are not made to be washed every day no matter how often you wear them.

Give them a couple of days of wear and wash accordingly, also, ensure you own multiple robes so you can wear them between days and they stay fluffy for longer periods of time.

This preventive measure will make it easier to curb any mishap that may occur in the future, saving you time and money.

Do not overload the washing machine

Compressing soft and cosy clothing makes them lose their fluff, therefore when you put in too many clothes in the washing machine it compresses the robes and makes them less fluffy. Wash them batch by batch, it may take a while to get all the work done but it will save your robes from being less fluffy.

Another way to save time would be to hand wash some of the robes while other pairs are in the washer, sounds hectic, right?

Clean out the dryer

When towels and other forms of fluffy clothing begin to form lint, it is mostly deposited in the dryer when you’re drying the moisture.

This lint can make your robes lose their fluff when they stick to them, by cleaning your dryer constantly, you get rid of the lint and other foreign impurities.

A clean dryer will not only help your robes stay fluffy, it will also function more efficiently and will prolong the longevity of the dryer. Always maintain a good practice of cleaning all your devices at regular intervals to make them last as long as you can.

Apply less heat

Heat causes objects to shrink, the same logic applies to the fabric of your robes, when it comes in contact with excessive heat either during the washing or drying process, it makes the robe less fluffy.

Most people tend to pop their clothes in the dryer on high heat to allow it to dry faster. However, it has some downsides, as it will cause the clothes to shrink or even burn them.

Also drying your clothes under direct sunlight can also ruin the robes because you can not control the temperature and some days are warmer than others, which will impact the robe when it’s fully dry.

Always buy quality robes

Purchasing the best quality robes most times means you get the top-notch fabrics that have a long shelf life and can withstand a bit of manhandling.

These may be a little bit more expensive than the average robes but over time it is gonna be worth every buck you paid for it.

Low-quality robes, especially bathrobes then lose their fluff within the first year of constant usage, you would get a lot more time with a high-quality robe. The choice is yours, purchase new robes every couple of years or get the ones that will last upwards of 5 years.

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Can I wear my bathrobes in public?

Well, Fashion is subjective and no one can dictate what’s acceptable and what’s not, but the basis of everything is that you can not expose your nether regions in public, therefore as long as your genitals are not exposed then, why not?

Go for it, wear your bathrobe in public. You may get a few gazes and weird looks, all you need to do is own the look and walk around confidently.

How do I stop my robes from producing lint?

Most bathrobes produce lint after a while due to numerous reasons, the best way to stop your robes from forming lint would be to prevent it before it even starts, either by—

Drying properly

As long as you avoid applying excessive heat during the drying process of your robes, they should not produce lint at all.

Avoid washing them in hot water also, you may think you’re killing the germs but you’re simply destroying the fabric, the best way to kill germs would be to use detergent with germ-killing capabilities. Like the HEX Performance Anti-bacterial Detergent.

Own more than one

By owning multiple robes you reduce the strain on a single bathrobe and that helps it last longer, therefore, curbing the lint production. It is a common hygienic practice to own multiple pairs of clothing which you can alternate wearing in order to prolong the longevity and allow them to breathe.

Wash often

You have to wash the robes as often as you can to prevent the dirt and dead skin from sticking to the fabric. These impurities cause the fibers to weaken and that is what causes the lint to begin to form after a while. Common sense states you wash your clothes regularly anyway, apply the same concept to your robes as well.

Wash appropriately

You need to follow the manufacturer guide on how to wash the robe if it comes with one, using the wrong detergent or a temperature that is not ideal can make the fabric begin to degrade which is the lint formation you begin to notice.

Do not over wash

Over washing your robes can also lead to it producing lint whether you believe it or not, therefore you need to find a balance between washing it too much and not washing it often enough, there is where your robe will find solace and long life.

Should I wash my white robes with coloured robes?

No, you should not, unless you want your white robes to start to discolour, it’s best to wash them alone or with other white clothing.

Some coloured clothing bleeds over time and if this happens when your whites are in the washer with them, the colour will transfer into the whites, this is in most cases irreversible.

What is the best way to store bathrobes?

Do not store it in a compact space, it will make the bathrobes less fluffy and that translates to a super uncomfortable body feel when you put it on.

Also, because it is wet most times when you are done with it, you have to air dry them, the best thing would be to equip your bathroom with a hook or bar hanger as a makeshift drying space for your bathrobes. If they don’t dry properly, they will begin to smell funky.

Read Also: Should I use my bathrobe as a towel?

Probably not, unless you have no other choice, it’s best not to. Get new bath towels if you don’t have any, you should always travel with a small towel with you when on the go.

That way you don’t have to share a towel with another person, which is not ideal, skin health and whatnot. Avoid sharing bath towels, it’s better you wipe them off with your shirt than use another person’s bath towels.

How Do You Make A Robe Fluffy Again – Conclusion

Fluffy clothing feels great because they keep your warm and cozy while you wear them, when they become less fluffy it ruins the aesthetic and makes it basic.

Although it is better to take a preventive approach rather than trying to fix it when it’s too late, there are ways in which you can make your robes fluffy again which are outlined above.

I hope it’s not too late to repair anyway, and even if it is, you can use the experience you’ve gained to ensure it does not happen again in the future. Best of luck and I hope it all works out. God speed.

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