Why Do Choir Wear Robes?

You might have seen the choirs in some churches wearing robes, either for special occasions or during every service, but you are wondering why they wear them.

Are you curious about the robes you see on the choirs and some other leaders in the church? There are a lot of pieces of information for you about why choirs wear robes, let’s get right into it.

So, Why Do Choir Wear Robes? Below are the reasons why choir wear robes;

  • To look professional.
  • To appear more coordinated.
  • For easy recognition.
  • To continue the historical tradition 

To look professional

In a place or church where other choirs are invited to sing for an occasion or competition, those wearing robes would appear to be more professional regardless of their singing ability. 

This is why it is advised that choirs dress differently. Also, aside from appearing more professional, they will look like sovereignty in the realm of music.

To appear more coordinated

For a choir that doesn’t wear robes, their dressing might look a bit different when they have to wear the same color and style of cloth.

For instance, if the choir was instructed to wear a flowery top with a bit of yellow in it and a black skirt, a lot of them might not get the combination and would end up wearing something different, which can lead to differences in their midst. 

The robe in this aspect makes the elements of a choir strip away from their discrepancies and obtains complete synchronization with each other. 

For easy recognition 

Technically, the choir should look different (in terms of dressing) from the congregation. You would be able to tell from afar that the number of people wearing a robe is a choir. Also, the robe confers them with a conventional yet intense aura that originates from choirs as a whole. 

To continue the historical tradition 

Centuries back, the use of robes was a constant uniform for the choir of a church. Usually, you’d see some other leaders like the priest of the church wearing robes too, but it is often different from that of the choir. The robe exemplifies a personal voice amid various voices to worship God in his home. 

Do church choirs still wear robes?

Of course, church choirs still wear robes, but not all the time and not all. For instance, in Pentecostal churches not all of their choirs wear robes. Instead, they pick out a different outfit for different services to look different. 

While the Pentecostal churches that wear robes recently are either the church headquarters, and it is mostly during special occasions. 

However, the churches that have their choirs wear robes each time are the Methodist, Apostolic, Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, and some other churches in other nations. Also, some churches with several choirs usually have different choir uniforms for each of them. 

What is the importance of choirs in a church?

Choirs have a huge benefit and significance in a church, and you’d always find them present, regardless of the number.

In addition, a church is incomplete without a choir. Let’s take a look at the importance of choirs in a church.  Here are the importance of choirs in a church;

Attracts joy in the church

Aside from the fact that songs make everyone joyful, when a group of people (choir) sings with a heart filled with joy, it’s a lot to bring in the presence of the lord in the church. 

Songs are also a form of preaching and celebrating 

We all know how the Bible makes references to songs, praise, and worship to be precise. Songs are written words with the addition of rhythms, sounds which makes it music.

They can be used to express gratitude, in the form of celebration. Also, to minister to people. Songs help to connect with joy and gladness, it could be done with the help of a choir. 

Stimulate cooperation

Having a choir in a church stimulates cooperation such as every member partners to create a good sound with a melody. Plus, with this, they would also dress evenly such as wearing a robe. 

An emblem of togetherness

Truthfully speaking, the choir is one of the most visible groups in the church. However, a team of the choir includes several people with choir chairs as an opportunity to put people together. A lot of people can join this team as their sole purpose is to worship God, and with this, it connects. 

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What kind of robe does the choir wear?

There are different types of robes that a choir can purchase. I would make your search easy by recommending a few choir robes below. Hopefully, you’d find the one that your choir can purchase for the next worship. 

1. IvyRobes Unisex Adults Matte Choir Robes

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This is one elegant choir robe you can purchase for your church choir. It is one of the best robes out there with high-quality material. Check out the features below for more information.


  • High-quality material- This robe was made with high-quality polyester material. The material is smooth and durable, you’d like the feeling on your body when you wear it.
  • Length- the robe bottom off the ground by 8 inches to 10 inches, around the end by the calf. However, if you’d like it to the ankle, kindly choose one of the two large sizes. 
  • Gown size- The robe size is as follows; length is 39 inches, it fits someone with height 4’6 inches to 6’8 inches, the maximum chest is 46 inches. The robe is a loose style, not tight.
  • Easy to clean- This robe is machine washable and should be ironed at low temperatures.
  • Multi-purpose- It can be used for different purposes that include graduate, priest, for choirs, and so on. 


  • Amazing design.
  • Easy to maintain and wear.
  • Comfortable, smooth, and lightweight. 
  • Made with high-quality material.
  • Available in different colours. 


  • It might not be a good choice for graduation. 

2. Traditional 100% Polyester Choir Robes for Adults & Kids

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This is for a team of a choir that wants to maintain the traditional choir look. This robe also has amazing features, they are as follows.


  • Material- This robe was made with 100% polyester micro-twill fabric that is super soft and comfortable. 
  • Fitness- It is for both young and old with size variance.
  • Design- The design of this robe is the traditional style to bring back old memories. 
  • Colours- The robe is available in different shades which you can pick on shade for the whole choir. 


  • Easy to maintain. 
  • Produced with high-quality material. 
  • Available in amazing shades.
  • Fits sizes or height.

3. Leishungao Adult Black Choir Robe 

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If your choir needs an amazing robe for worship, this Black Choir Robe is one of the best you can purchase. Below are the features of this robe. 


  • Material- This robe was tailored in black Viva, drip-dry 100% polyester matte. Also, it was made for comfort, easy care, and a dignified appearance.
  • Comfort- It is one of the most comfortable robes that you can purchase. The robe is dignified and durable.
  • Design- Although this robe is made in black only, the generous pleats extend around the yoke, front across the back, over the shoulders. 
  • Multi-purpose- It is not only used by choirs, it can be used by priests, for graduation, and so on. 
  • Easy to maintain- you won’t have to do a lot of work to maintain this robe, as the material makes it easy to wash and dry.


  • Easy to maintain.
  • Amazing design. 
  • It is comfortable, durable, and soft. 
  • It can be used for several purposes.


  • Only available in black. 

4. IvyRobes Unisex Matte Robe with Open Sleeves 

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If you noticed, I recommended one of IvyRobes initially. This is to tell you that the IvyRobes brand makes one of the best robes for any purpose, not excluding this one. Below are the features.


  • Material- Almost (if not all) all robes are made with polyester material, including the IvyRobes Unisex Matte Robe. It was produced with 100% polyester material. 
  • Robe size- The length of this robe is 57 inches. The robe can fit anyone from 4’6 inches to 6’8 inches. This robe is a loose style.
  • Elegant- The robe was tailored elegantly with neat pleats made by professionals.
  • Design- The IvyRobes Unisex Matte Robe has Darted and Reinforced Shoulder Yoke to support the robe restructure.
  • Multi-purpose- You can use this robe for different purposes. 


  • Elegantly tailored with tidy pleats.
  • Unique design.
  • Functions for different purposes.
  • Fits anyone when the right size is picked. 
  • Soft, durable, and comfortable. 


  • It’s not so long for Adults. 

Conclusion- Why Do Choir Wear Robes?

Robes have a lot of significance when worn by the choirs. However, it isn’t just made for choirs. The priest and some other leaders in the church can wear robes. They are also used for graduation, and at marriage ceremonies. 

A few robes have been recommended for those who need high-quality robes. Kindly use the link to check the prices of the robes, and not to worry, they are affordable.  Good luck!

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