Why Do Jedi Wear Robes?

From the long eponymous old movie “Star Wars”, there has been a debate on a lot of things such as the clothing worn by some stars. Some of this debate has been answered but hasn’t been well explained. However, we’d be talking about the most popularly debated question ‘why do Jedi wear robes?”

There are a lot of reasons why Jedi wear robes. Yet, these robes have colour variations that pertain to the reasons why they wear them. Both the color variation and the reasons would be explained below.

Reasons Jedi Wear Robes

To demonstrate their treason to the force

This is mostly a reason amongst the dark Jedis who were forced–intuitive. They wear black robes to symbolize their treason to the light part of the force. Likewise, the dark Jedi are referred to as non-realistic force-intuitive institutions like the stormtroopers. 

Although the stormtroopers did not wear dark Jedi robes. But this remarkable redundancy was supposed to be sarcastic, to fit with the other dark flank’s colour scheme.

To show their rank

The robes are given to those who surrendered all of their possessions to administer and safeguard the galaxy. The robes worn by these Jedis are called ceremonial robes. The robes had the conventional brown garments, with pristine white portions to the suit. 

Also, this robe can be awarded retrospectively as the highest form of respect, similar to the US award of honor. This robe could sometimes be bestowed after extinction.  

To be easily recognized

Since Jedis are more like soldiers or heroes, they go to other planets when they are needed. However, they wear the robes to symbolize their unpretentiousness, partition from cosmopolitan possessions, likewise as being an originality tag for others to easily identify. For instance, the Jedi from Corellia wore green robes to differentiate themselves from the rest of the order.

For them to use their powers

If you’ve noticed, Jedi don’t just wear robes, they also wear armors. However, these armours could restrict them from using their force powers just like in the PHB for star wars D20, instead, they choose to wear the robes. 

Also, to reduce deep injuries, as armors could hurt them severely when fighting any evil. You’d mostly see these teams of Jedis wearing the adventure robes as they have to fight against evil, injustice, and some other bad reports around the galaxy. 

To distract an opponent 

Jedi wear robes to distract their opponents during any combat as the robes have a swirling effect. Also in effect, wearing the robe became a concentration practice. 

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What Kind Of Robes Does Jedi wear?

Jedi wear an undertunic, overtunic robe with hood, most times a tabard, and each differ naturally in earth tones. They wear modest, comfortable, lengthy, dripping robes. 

Jedi robes were similar to the monk habiliments and they are worn by the constituents of the Jedi Order. Some time ago, the Jedi were unrestricted to pick their clothing. 

From the moment they became padawans, the majority of the Jedi obtained the robes traditionally correlated with the Order, with significant oddities such as Ahsoka Tano. 

Can I Wear A Jedi Robe To Disney At Galaxy’s Edge?

Oh, no! You can’t wear a Jedi robe to Disney, except you are below 14 years old. Though there are no dress code restrictions for visitors at Disney, they are not allowed to wear some character costumes. This is because Disney officials do not want their visitors to be mistaken for the cast members that would be in their costumes often. 

If you are over 14 years old, you can’t wear costumes at Disney parks, galaxy’s edges, and Hollywood studios. Although you can purchase the robes at the galaxy’s edge, you might not be privileged to wear them at the park. 

Which Jedi Robe Can I Purchase?

Even though you can get Jedi robes at the galaxy’s edges, you can also get them from an online store. This means you don’t have to go all the way down to Disney Orlando to get a Jedi costume. So, to make your purchase easy, I will recommend a few Jedi robes you can purchase.

1. CosplaySky Kids Outfit for Jedi Costume Tunic Hooded Robe 

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As aforementioned, you can only wear star wars costumes if you are below 14 years old which is why I’m recommending this kid’s Jedi Hooded robe. This is one robe your kid would love to wear while acting as a Jedi. Below are the features of this Hooded Robe. 


  • Material- This Jedi robe was made with high-quality materials that include linen, polyester, leather, and cotton. 
  • Compartments- Jedi didn’t just wear their robes without any undergarments, so all of the garments were added to the robe. These undergarments are outer Tunic, inner Tunic, belt, Tabard, robes, cloak, and pants. 
  • Multi-purpose- Your kid can wear this robe during Halloween, parties, daily, and other festivals.


  • These robes are comfortable and lengthy.
  • It has undergarments as shown in the picture.
  • Produced with high-quality material.
  • Fits well when the right size is picked. 


  • Available in one colour.

2. Rongxu Men’s Tunic Robe Cosplay Costume Adult Tunic Hooded Robe 

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Jedi robes are always available for adults to dress like their favourite star wars cast. This Tunic Robe looks like the same Costume used in the movie. Below are the features of this robe. 


  • Exquisite design- This robe is 100% brand new and made with high-quality fabric, including linen, polyester, leather, and cotton. 
  • Any occasion- The Jedi Costume is appropriate for any occasion or festival such as Halloween, Cosplay, photoshoot, and so on.
  • Fitness- The Size of the robe is the standard US men’s size. The size has been added to the description in the form of a chart.
  • Other packages- The Costume is complete as it includes outer Tunic, inner Tunic, belt, Tabard, robes, cloak, and pants. 


  • 100% brand new and high-quality Cosplay costume.
  • Accurate measurement.
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and breathable.
  • The price is fair enough.
  • Available in different colours.


  • The pants are without pockets.
  • The belt might be bigger than the costume.

3. Tunic Costume Men’s Tunic Hooded Robe 

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This is another Jedi Hooded robe for men. It was uniquely made to fit according to size. Read through the features for more information.


  • Unique design- This Tunic Hooded Robe was made with 100% high-quality material, leather. This material made it different from other types of robes.
  • Other packages- It has other packages aside from the robes that include outer Tunic, inner Tunic, belt, Tabard, cloak, and pants. 
  • Different occasions- Men can wear this robe for Cosplaying, Halloween, photoshoots, and so on.
  • Fitness- If you are sure of your size, you’d get the fitness you want. You can look through the Size chart to know the size available.


  • It’s exceptional for the price tag.
  • Produced with unique material. 
  • Available in sets and different colours.
  • Looks decent and moderate in quality.
  • It is thick and good for cosplay.


  • The hood might be too big. 

4. STAR WARS Deluxe Hooded Jedi Robe

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The Jedi robes are not limited to men alone, females can also wear them. Their robes aren’t different, they are similar. Below are the features of this Hooded Robe.


  • Exceptional design- This Jedi robe was made with 100% polyester material which makes this robe exceptional.
  • Deep sleeves- These sleeves are perfect for hiding a lightSaber or two. 
  • Multi-purpose- This robe can be worn for different purposes, Cosplay, Halloween, parties, etc.
  • Fitness- The Size of this robe is regular and it would fit you accordingly.
  • Easy to maintain- you can either machine wash or hand wash this robe.


  • Easy to maintain.
  • Produced exceptional with quality material.
  • Utilized for different purposes. 
  • The robe has a nice texture.


  • It might not come with the undergarments.


What kind of clothes does a Jedi wear?

Almost all Jedi wear robes, you’d also see them wearing armours but in rare cases. They adopted a strict lifestyle by wearing robes in traditional earth tones.

The robes are comfortable, modest, and enable enormous liberation of movement. The Order authorizes that Jedi can wear the robes from their world. This is why you’d see Jedi wearing different types of robes in different colours. 

Do Jedi look like monks?

The look of a Jedi depends on how you see them. To most people, Jedi look like monks as a result of the robes they wear. The robes are quite similar to the monk garments. 

Conclusion – Why Do Jedi Wear Robes? 

Jedi wear different colours of robes to show that they are from different worlds. However, they wear robes for the same reasons mentioned above.

If you were thinking of wearing Jedi robes to the galaxy’s edges, you should be below 14years old. You can only wear the robes around for Halloween parties and some other festivals. Kindly click the link to check out the Jedi robes that were recommended. 

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