What Do Royal Robes Represent In The Bible?

During your bible study, you would have seen a lot of parts that the royal robes were mentioned. Perhaps you are wondering what the royal robes meant in the bible. Fortunately, it’s one of the most popularly asked questions. So, let’s find out what it means

What Does Royal Robes Represent In The Bible? Below are what royal robes represent in the bible.

  1. It represents cleanliness and worthiness.
  2. Symbolizes that we are acceptable and justified.
  3. A symbol of authority.
  4. Represents righteousness.
  5. Symbolizes wealth of significance.
  6. To signify that you are God sent.

It represents cleanliness and worthiness

The royal robes in the quote are what we will all receive when we arrive in heaven. According to Revelation 3 verses 4-5, it says these robes would be white, and it would be purified and worthy of us. 

Symbolizes that we are acceptable and justified

The robe symbolizes that we are not guilty before the Lord, rather, we are acceptable and justified to be called his own. As in Psalms 51 verses 5, we have been brought forth in iniquity, but the blood of Christ has purged us and made us acceptable. 

A symbol of authority

In those times (in the bible), robes were worn by emperors, kings, and queens to show they are in control. While during the coronation, when the robes are worn, they are referred to as coronation robes. Also, a lot of princes wear royal robes. 

Represents righteousness

The royal robe in the bible represents righteousness provided through the shed of the blood of Jesus Christ. It’s the clothing that God has covered us with so that when he watches us, he only sees us as his child and in white. Also, it could signify honor as Haman said to the king in the book of Esther 6 verse 7. 

Symbolizes wealth or significance

Like the story of the prodigal son, when the repentant son returned to his father, he was wearing rags, but his father clothed him with a fine robe to signify that he has been re-accepted as a member of the family and a son. Also, in those days, only those that were wealthy could buy robes. 

To signify that you are God sent

In those times, high priests were required to wear robes with other clothing as in the law of Moses. This is why a robe was placed on Jesus to signify that he was the high priest of God. 

What does the bible say about clothing?

In the bible, clothing had spiritual importance. It has influenced a crucial role in the record of God’s business with humans from the book of Genesis to Revelation.

The initial mention of clothes was in the Garden of Eden when the eyes of Adam and Eve were opened after sinning against God. 

They used fig leaves to cover their nakedness as they were ashamed. So, initially, clothing was signified to be used to cover our shame, nakedness, and sin.

Over the history of humanity, clothing layouts or shades have been a pointer of a person’s reputation, role, gender, and fortune. 

For instance, royal robes were worn in the bible by those who are in control like the kings, queens, princes, and emperors.

Also, clothing was used as a form of repentance as in Jonah 3 verse 5, including harlots were recognized as a form of dressing like in Genesis 38 verses 14-15 (the story of Judah and Tamar). 

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Are there still royal robes?

Of course, there are still royal robes. In some countries or states, they are ruled by emperors, kings, or queens and their dressings are royal robes. For those who would love to have this robe, I’d recommend a few royal robes for you to purchase. 

1. Women’s Floral/Patterned Silky Kimono Robes

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Do you want to look like royalty? Then, this is the robe for you. These long robes were made for Women who would love to look elegant on their outings. Below are more pieces of information about this robe. 


  • Elegant design- This long robe was made with an elegant design with quality imitation silk. 
  • Classic Kimono style- It is in the form of a Kimono,  and it’s silky smooth, lightweight, and cozy. 
  • Attachments- This robe is calf-length with two side pockets and a belt to secure it.
  • Vivid colors- These Silky Kimono Robes are accessible in numerous vivid colors, and are super fluffy to give your skin a different kind of feeling and luxurious look. 
  • Multi-purpose use- It can be used as photoshoots, daily loungewear, Sleepwear, bathrobe, or worn for an occasion. 
  • Adequate fitness- The sizes of this robe are diverse and you can easily pick your size from the size chart provided. Not to worry, the size you pick would fit you perfectly. 
  • Easy to maintain- Need something easy to wash? This Silky Kimono robe is the best you can purchase. It’s easy to maintain as you can use your washing machine to wash it. 


  • Super fluffy satin fabric. 
  • Lightweight and easy on any skin type.
  • Unique and gorgeous patterns with unattached waist belts. 
  • Two side front pockets for your phones or keys.
  • Available in amazing colors.


  • The colors could fade due to frequent wash. 

2. Dress-Up-America King Crown and Robe 

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As I said earlier, a lot of princes wear royal robes, so this is one of those robes. Not to forget, there are young princes. You can purchase this for your little son for Cosplaying. Below are the features of this robe.


  • Amazing detail and design- This robe was made like a luxurious crushed velvet Cape with white trim. The Cape closes with a fastener around the collar. Also, a matching King Crown was included. The crown has three gems at the center with a velvet stripe at the basement. An elastic rope was attached to the back to make the crown comfortable and easy to adjust.
  • Two royal colors- The royal Cape robe was made in two royal colors that include navy and deep red. The two sets come with a matching crown, excluding a scepter. A storage bag was also added to the package for easy storage and lift. 
  • Super durable- Being durable is one of the additional features added to the robe. It’s resistant to some chemicals, shrinking and stretching, abrasion, and wrinkle resistance.
  • Easy to maintain- you can machine wash this robe and it is fast drying due to the hydrophobic polyester material.


  • Versatile and super durable.
  • Available in two amazing royal colors.
  • Attached with a crown.
  • Perfect gift for a toddler.
  • It can be worn for a stage play or Halloween.


  • It doesn’t have a scepter.

3. Beistle Adult Size Red King/Queen Robe

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Need a matching royal robe for King and Queen cosplay? A Beistle robe is the best choice. This robe is an amazing royal costume for Halloween or a stage play. Below are more pieces of information about the royal robe.


  • Fluffy material- This robe was made with a fluffy red material- 90% of polyester and 10% of acrylic with a faux fur collar and a gold trim.
  • Both genders- It can be worn by males and females for any occasion or play.
  • Multi-purpose use- This robe can be used for Halloween and Cosplaying.
  • Easy to clean- This robe can only be hand-washed and hung to dry. You can iron if needed.


  • Easy to maintain.
  • Multi-purpose use.
  • Fluffy and comfortable.
  • It can be used by both genders.


  • Available in only one color.

4. Haseil Men’s Satin Dragon Luxurious Silk Spa Long Sleeve Bathrobe

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This is a Japanese royal robe made with luxurious material. It was specially made for men, although it’s quite similar to the first robe I recommended for ladies. Also, it has amazing features like the other robes. Below are the features.


  • High-quality fabric- This robe was made with 95% polyester and 5% spandex material. The fabric is fluffy, easy on the skin, and long-lasting. It’s a luxurious Silky Kimono robe.
  • Different use- It can be used for casual wear, spa, festivals, swimming, sleepwear, and so on.
  • Hands comfort- It has two side pockets for your hands and any small objects.
  • Classic design- This robe was made with a classic solid V-necked design with a tie to meet your adjustment needs. 


  • Smooth and lightweight fabric with a Silky touch.
  • Perfect gift for your loved one on any occasion.
  • Additional rope for a free adjustment.
  • Available in different materials.
  • Suitable for different uses. 


  • The fabric might look thin.


Royal robes signify a lot in the bible and in this present time. They are still worn by kings, queens, and princes in some countryside or states. Royal Robes are also worn for Cosplaying and Halloween. You can click on the links provided in this article to get your robe. 

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