Why Do Bath Robes Have Hoods?

Bathrobes are made in two styles, one with a hood and another without a hood. Perhaps you bought the one with the hood, and you are wondering what exactly is the job of a hood in bathrobes. In this article, you would find out the reason why plus many other questions related to robes hood.

So, Why Do Bath Robes Have Hoods? Below are the reasons why bathrobes have hoods.

  1. To keep your hair in place after swimming.
  2. To parch your hair after your shower.
  3. Functions perfectly for all-night outdoor exercises.
  4. Offers additional warmness during winter.

To keep your hair in place after swimming

The hood in a bathrobe would keep your hair in place when you have to walk around the pool, so you won’t be dripping all over the place. The hood would also reduce your exposure to the sun, preventing you from getting sunburn. 

To parch your hair after your shower

The hood in your bathrobe has a lot to offer than the regular bathrobe after bathing. Instead of getting a hair towel to dry your hair, the hood in the bathrobe will do the drying. 

It will not only dry your hair, but it will also keep your head warm. This is because the hood was made with the same material as the bathrobe. So, the hood can suck up as much water found in your hair. 

Functions perfectly for all-night outdoor exercises

Staying out all night is the rage recently as there are a lot of activities that can be done at that moment. So, the hood in the bathrobe would help you stay warm while you have to sleep outside. As you know, you can’t predict the weather condition. 

It might be announced that it will be warm at night, but might end up being windy and cold. So, you have something you can easily wear on your clothes to keep you warm. In this case, the hooded bathrobe is the best choice to make, as you can wear it on your pajamas and still look great. 

Offers additional warmness during winter

You know how much warmth you’d need when the temperature goes low, so the hood in the bathrobe can offer that warmness you need- indoors and outdoors. 

You shouldn’t forget to cover your head during the winter because your body heat can easily exit through your head. It doesn’t just keep you warm, but also looks great for the environment.

What is the purpose of a bathrobe?

The purpose of a bathrobe is to dry your body after bath or to provide additional warmth indoors and outdoors. The bathrobe is a typical clothing item that you can wear over your pajamas, after bathing -in the morning or evening. A bathrobe design is similar to a gown with ropes to keep it in place. 

It can be worn indoors or outdoors. This bathrobe is made in two types which include hooded bathrobe and non-hooded bathrobe, and you are left to choose. However, it is more advisable to purchase a hooded bathrobe as the hood can dry your hair properly. 

Although the non-hooded bathrobe provides the same cosy feels the hooded bathrobe provides, the hood offers additional warmth. Also, bathrobes are used as a towel because of the absorbency material. 

How do I choose a bathrobe with a hood?

When choosing a bathrobe with a hood, pick the one that suits your needs. Also, the one that is made with an absorbent material such as polyester. However, to make your pick easy, I’d recommend the best bathrobes you can purchase.

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1. Alexander Del Rossa Plush Fleece Hooded Bathrobe with Two Large Front Pockets

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This is one of the best bathrobes you can purchase as it has everything that will suit your needs. You might be wondering how I’m sure of the function, it’s because this is the bathrobe I’m using currently.

I know how much absorbency and comfort that is needed when wearing a bathrobe, which is why I’m recommending this hooded robe. Below are more pieces of information about this robe.


  • Stylish robe- This robe doesn’t just provide comfort, but it is also stylish. You can gift yourself or your friend with this beautiful bathrobe.
  • Comfy fabric- This long bathrobe was made from 100% polyester (330 GSM flannel fleece) to keep you warm during the winter or after your bath. Plus, the cosy hood keeps your ear, neck, and head warm.
  • Beneficial pockets- This plush fleece hooded robe has two large pockets at the front of the bathrobe to keep your hands warm. 
  • Secure closure- All clothing that you purchase should work with your lifestyle. The inner tie of this fluffy robe keeps your bathrobe well-secured. You can easily tighten the tie to get the security you need.
  • Easy to maintain- You can machine-wash this hooded bathrobe and also dry it on low heat. The colour of this bathrobe would not bleed while washing. 


  • Easy to maintain.
  • It has beneficial pockets to keep your hands warm. 
  • Comfy material to keep you cosy and warm after your bath.
  • The bathrobe is durable and versatile. 


  • Available in one colour.
  • The tie is Short.

2. Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Warm Fleece Robe with Hood

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Alexander Del Rossa is a brand that makes one of the best bathrobes. This bathrobe is just for men, while the first one that was recommended is for women. This bathrobe has similar features to the female’s bathrobe, but let’s take a look at it. 


  • Comfy fabric- The fabric used for this bathrobe is what makes the robe comfy on you. The robe was made from polyester – 330 flannel fleece. The hood was made with the same material to keep your neck, ear, and head warm. 
  • Convenient pockets- The pockets of this bathrobe were fixed at the front for you to keep your hands warm. The pockets are also beneficial for your hands. 
  • Secure closure- This bathrobe has a tie to secure your robe. The tie also helps you to have a perfect size or fit. 
  • Different designs- This bathrobe is available in different designs as well as in numerous colours. So, you can pick any colour that suits you. 
  • Easy to wear and clean- It was made in a way that’d be easy for you to wear. Also, it is very easy to maintain after use. 


  • The two pockets are beneficial for your hands.
  • Accessible in different colours and designs.
  • Super easy to wear and maintain.
  • The material is very comfy.
  • Thick and long enough to protect your body.


  • The sizing might be quite off. 

3. Hooded Toddler Soft Fuzzy Robe for Kids 

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The kids ain’t left out in fashion at all. All brands ensure that they make kid’s sizes of clothing for them to flow with the trend. Fortunately, this bathrobe is for both genders. Below are the features of this bathrobe. 


  • Hooded design- The warm fabric and hooded design protects your child from the cold weather, so this bathrobe works perfectly as layering clothing. This robe can be worn indoors or outdoors over pajamas and other clothing.
  • Fluffy and warm material- This toddler bathrobe is made from high-quality 100% polyester fleece material which is super comfy, skin-friendly, fluffy, absorbent, and warm without causing any harm or irritation on your baby’s skin. The plush of this robe is thick and tight, not easy to lint. 
  • Assorted colours- This kid’s hooded robes are accessible in 8 gorgeous colours. So, you can get your kids to pick the colour they want.
  • Multi-purpose use- Your toddler can wear this bathrobe as daily indoor wear. The bathrobe can also wear a robe outdoors as the fabric is thick to protect your kid in the cold. 
  • Suitable gift- This bathrobe is a suitable gift for your toddler. You can also give other toddlers as a gift.


  • Super fluffy and warm for a toddler.
  • Accessible in numerous colours.
  • It is multi-purpose.
  • High-quality material.


  • Wrinkles a lot.

4. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Ribbed Hooded Robe

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There are also bathrobes for both adult genders that you can purchase. So, you can pair with your loved ones with this kind of hooded bathrobe. Below are the features of this bathrobe. 


  • Ultimate luxury- This bathrobe was stitched at the rib to offer warmth and plushness.
  • Unisex style- It features a cosy hood and is generously oversized without being too heavy. 
  • Easy to wash- You can wash the bathrobe with your washing machine in a gentle cycle. 
  • Fitness- This bathrobe has different sizes for both genders. 


  • This robe has an ultimate luxury design.
  • Available in numerous colours.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • Fluffy and worth the money.

Conclusion – Why Do Bath Robes Have Hoods

The hood attached to a bathrobe is beneficial for your head, ear, and neck. You should get your hooded bathrobes to join the trend and for additional warmth. Kindly click on any of the links to get your hooded robe.  

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