Why Do Mages Wear Robes?

If you are familiar with fantasy movies like the witcher or Harry Potter, you would have seen wizards or other magicians wearing robes. Robes seem to be their only outfit in most scenes. However, there have been a lot of questions considering why magicians wear robes. So, let’s find out the reason

So, Why Do Mages Wear Robes? Below are the reasons why mages wear robes.

  • To keep their spell elements.
  • Signifies their order uniform.
  • They are useful during their ritual.
  • To keep them warm in their workshop.
  • To easily outrun armored warriors.

To keep their spell elements

Mages or wizards need a lot of things like their spell elements, magical devices, foci, and supplementary doodads. So, robes are usually the best choice of clothing for them in the Era as they have a lot of big pockets for protecting all of those items. 

Signifies their order uniform 

A lot of wizards or mages Orders usually have a uniform which is in the form of a robe just like the red wizards of Thay in faerun, and the mages of high sorcery in krynn. In addition, robes give mages bonuses to things like spell power or magic. 

They are useful during their ritual 

When mages wear robes, they can be quickly donned and quickly removed. Also useful for them when they are about to walk into their sky skyclad ritual. 

To keep them warm in their workshops 

All wizard’s workshops are always cold as balls, either underground in stone or high in open stone towers, so the robes keep them warm. Also, the robes are highly ventilated and acceptable for numerous environments. 

To easily outrun armored warriors.

If you watch fantasy movies or play their games, in some parts mages have to fight some warriors either for their countryside or clan.

So, when they wear robes, they can easily outrun those warriors as they are always wearing armor. Plus, their armors are always heavy, and they will move slowly because of them.

What other clothing do mages wear?

Mages wear only robes and pointy hats because that’s what gives them the freedom to use their magic. They do not wear armor because magic users believe they are strong enough to need it.

Also, they don’t wear regular clothing because mages believe normal clothes do not reveal or represent their status. 

Casting spells requires the appropriate gestures and wearing armors can slow down or hamper it. Furthermore, most times, they might want to hide their spell materials, especially those of hand movements. So, wearing robes could help them hide their hands and spell perfectly. 

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Should a mage wear armor or robes in Skyrim?

A mage can either wear armor or robes in Skyrim. Elder scroll:Skyrim seems to be one of the popularly played fantasy and sci-fi games.

It’s one game you’d enjoy if you love welding fireballs at bandits. Although a robe might not look shiny as that of dragon scale armor or give any immunity during the fight, they do have a lot of things to deliver to the mages. 

However, due to how dangerous the land can get (in the game), you might want to wear armor as a mage. This is because you need the utmost protection to survive. Wearing robes might not give you the protection needed. 

Are mage robes worth it?

Of course, mage’s robes are worth it. It’s worth going through all the mage questline with all other elements you’d get from the robe.

I’m not sure if any magical elements can beat a robe either, it has more dividends which is more than you can mesmerize. 

Do you need a magic user’s robe for cosplaying or Halloween? Not to worry you can purchase from the mall or make it easier by purchasing from an online store. I’d make it easier for you to purchase your magic robe by recommending a few, you’d just have to select one. 

1.Velvet Wizard Robe with Hooded and Sleeves

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This Wizard Robe is one of a kind to grant you the attention you need during your play or festival. It was designed beautifully just like the actual mage’s robe. Let’s look into its features and other related information. 


  • Unisex design- This robe isn’t just for one gender, but the two. So, you can pair with your friends or family. It has a deep hood and handbell Sleeves. Also, the body of the robe is unlined.
  • Size and warmness- The actual size is 56 inches or 142 cm, Weight:1 lb or 427g. This size fits a lot of men and women. However, you can check the size chart for more sizes.  This robe is super warm for longer wear. Plus, the robe has an amazing shine that looks very elvish. 
  • Different occasions- It can be worn to different occasions like Halloween parties, Cosplaying sets, wizard photo shoots, weddings, vampire Cosplay parties, witch shows, theme parties, and so on. 


  • It has a cool and amazing shiny design.
  • It’s sturdy and durable.
  • The robe is warm enough for extended use.
  • Multi-purpose use.
  • Fits you perfectly.


  • Available in one color.

2. Witchcraft and Wizardry Teens School Robes 

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If you are familiar with the Harry Potter series, then you’d know Hogwarts, the school of witchers and wizardry. Their students also had their robes as they are being trained to be great witchers and wizards.

So, this robe was made for Kids or Teens who would love to dress like Hogwarts students for a stage play or festival. Let’s see more information about this robe.


  • Material- This robe was made with high-quality fluffy polyester, so it’s easy to wash and dry. 
  • Fitness- The robes are made with true US Teens size to fit your teen perfectly. The brand has made it easy for you by making a more detailed Size chart.
  • Perfect costume- Does your teen need a robe for Halloween or Cosplay? You can never go wrong by choosing this robe. It can be worn for any party that includes Halloween party, birthday, Christmas, carnival, theme parties, costume parties, book costumes, movie character costumes for all themed events. 
  • Numerous colors- In the movie, the students didn’t stick to one color. So, you can also access this robe in different colors. You just need to let your teen pick.


  • High-quality and fluffy material.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Actual size and design.
  • Accessible in different colors.
  • Suitable for all kinds of theme or costume parties.


  • The tie is too long. 

3. AMNPOLEN Men’s Medieval Dark Mystic Sorcerer Robe

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Have you seen a Wizard in a movie? Then, you’d know how the ancient wizards dress. This robe is the one you can purchase to dress similar to them for any costume party. However, it’s just for men. Let’s look at the features and other information.


  • High-quality material- This Hooded Robe was made with high-quality polyester material and velvet. The robe is super fluffy to touch and cozy to wear.
  • Unique design and Size- This robe was made with a full-length robe, hood with attached cape collar & waist sash belt. The sizes fit and you check your Size in the Size chart added to the description. 
  • The perfect outfit- Do you want to be a sorcerer, old Wizard, Jedi Sith, or zombie? This long robe costume can form the base for almost any kind of costume you can imagine. It can be worn for different costume parties like Halloween, cosplay, role-playing, stage play, movie props, all kinds of gothic, steampunk, renaissance, medieval, sorcerers, wizards, mages, warlocks, witches, vampires, elves, Ritual events!. 


  • The actual size for good fitness.
  • Applicable for all theme and costume parties. 
  • Unique style and design.
  • Produced with high-quality material.


  • Accessible in one color. 

4. VGLOOK Unisex Christmas Halloween Witch Party Reversible Hooded  Cape 

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This is another robe you can purchase for your costume party. Fortunately, it’s for both genders like the initial robe I recommended. Let’s take a look at the features.


  • Material- This Cape was made with satin fabric. The outer part is black, while the inner part is of different colors.
  • Interchangeable- You can choose to wear the Cloak any way you want- inside out.
  • Fitness- The Size is length:150cm /59 inches (from collar to hem. It can fit any Adult.
  • Any costume party- You can wear this robe for any party like celebrations, Perfect for dress-up, role play, stage costuming witches, vampires, royalty. You can also give this to your friends or family as a gift.


  • The perfect gift to your loved ones.
  • Suitable for all costume parties. 
  • Available in different colors.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • It’s Reversible.


  • The material is not so warm in cold temperatures. 

Conclusion – Why Do Mages Wear Robes?

Robes seem to be the best outfits for mages as it helps them keep their spell items. If you’d love to dress like a mage or magic user during any costume party, you can purchase any of the robes that were recommended in this article. Kindly click on the link to check the price.

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