What Robes Does Chrissy Teigen Wear?

If you are a fan of Chrissy Teigen, then you must have been following all her quarantine outfits. She stayed as cosy as possible during those times by wearing different robes and towels. Perhaps you are so curious about the type of robes she wears, and you’d love to get one. Let’s find out.

So, What Robe Does Chrissy Teigen Wear? Chrissy Teigen wears different robes from numerous brands, but her frequently-worn label is Bernadette. Bernadette is an Antwerp-conventional Womenswear brand that produces mother-daughter tandem outfits. 

All of Chrissy’s outfits are classic, she is also inclined to approve of vivid Floral outfits. For some of Chrissy Teigen’s robes, you can purchase, read on.  

Chrissy Teigen’s Robes Collections

Below are the inspired robes Chrissy Teigen wears.

1. Zarachilable Women’s Long Kimono Robe

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Zarachilable Robe is one of the robes Chrissy Teigen wears. She posted a video of herself wearing a robe similar to this with her mid skincare routine, and her hair wrapped up in a towel on her Instagram page.

This robe was made with the luxurious lounge vibes you are craving. If you are a Chrissy Teigen’s fan, then why won’t you get this robe? Let’s take a look at the features of this luxurious Zarachilable robe. 

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  • Perfect Robe for gifts- This robe is a perfect gift for women, also a great choice for weddings, bridesmaid robe gifts, bridal party gifts, vacation, prom, honeymoon, birthday gifts, and so on. 
  • Trendy colours- It was made in different trendy colours that can be worn for weddings and other parties. 
  • Fitness- It can fit as many women as the size is perfect. It fits up to 43 inches at the chest and hips 52 inches in length. 
  • Easy to maintain- You can either hand wash or machine-wash this robe. Wash on a gentle cycle, or hang dry. Note- do not bleach.
  • Multiple-use- This robe can be used as home wear, bathrobe, nightgown, sleepwear, bridesmaids, or bride’s dress.
  • Material- It was made with 100% polyester with the smoothest flowing drape and comfort. It’s gorgeous and silk, also available in about 10 designs.


  • Gorgeous, silky, and stylish robes.
  • Easy to maintain, either hand wash or machine wash.
  • Fits as expected.
  • Suitable gift for women.
  • High-quality luxurious material.


  • Some threads are coming out. 

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2. Hotouch Women’s Lightweight Kimono Robes

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This is another robe that’s similar to what Chrissy Teigen wore during summer. She did a video facing the mirror with her hair tied up in a towel, also in her mid skincare routine.

She posted the video on her Instagram story some time ago which is why we are recommending this robe. Below are the features of this robe. 


  • Soft material- This is an elegant short robe for a cool day. It was made with a soft and warm fabric, so you can enjoy a cosy and relaxed time at home. The material used is 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex. 
  • Unique design- This robe was made in a comfortable and nice feature with a ¾ sleeves wrap design robe, waist front tie, side pockets to keep your hands warm, or to keep your things closer to your side.
  • Perfect choice for all women- Do you need a lightweight robe for your vacation? This is the best choice for you. This robe is lightweight and ideal for your vacation, gym, spa, and all your morning, evening, or night routine. 
  • Suitable gifts- Thinking of a perfect gift to give your friend or family? This robe is the one! It’s ideal for birthday gifts, valentine’s day gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, and so on. It can be gifted to your daughter, girlfriend, wife, or friend.
  • Fitness- This robe was made with the standard US measurement- Height- 5.74 inches, Bust – 33.46 inches, Waist-  24.41 inches, Hip – 36.22 inches size to fit well.


  • Produced with a soft fabric.
  • Lightweight, cosy, and durable.
  • Unique design. 
  • Ideal gift for your loved ones.
  • Accessible in different colours.
  • Pockets to keep your hands warm.


  • The threads might be pulling out. 

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3. Women’s Satin Kimono Robe Long – Floral

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As aforementioned, Chrissy Teigen is inclined to approve of vivid Floral robes. So, this is one of the inspired robes she wore.

This robe is similar to the Bernadette robe style she posted on her Instagram page, while she was with her child. This Satin Kimono is another plus to your wardrobe for a relaxed hangout. More information about this robe is below.


  • Quality kimonos- This Kimono robe was made with 100% satin material. It is machine washable with cold water, on a gentle cycle, and air-dry with diverse patterns. Plus, it has side slits at the hem. 
  • One perfect size- Aside from the fact that this robe was made with the best Satin material, it also has one perfect size for women – 4 inches at chest and hip. 52 inches in length.
  • Versatility- This robe design gives an array of colours that’s perfect as a Kimono robe, Satin Robe, and dressing gown. 
  • Sophisticated details- The Kimono has removable waist ties closure with belt ropes. Also, it has inner ties to conserve the closure of the robe. 
  • Handcrafted design- The handcrafted art collection was from Asia and saturated in rich watercolours.


  • It has a secured closure to fit you.
  • Handcrafted amazing art design.
  • Produced with high-quality material.
  • One ideal fitness for all women.
  • Available in a lot of colours.


  • It might not fit larger bodies.

4. Ledamon Women’s 100% Silk Kimono Long Robe

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This is another robe style that’s inspired by Chrissy Teigen.  This is one silky Floral robe you can purchase for any occasion. It’s a great addition to your vacation wear as it’s cosy. Below are more pieces of information about this Kimono robe. 


  • Silky material- The robe was made with 100% Silk (16mm), produced by popular China’s Silk manufacturers. 
  • Detailed design- This Kimono has a collar, tie closure, belt loops, and inside ties. Also, it has side slits at the hem.
  • Perfect artwork- It was made with classic colours and printed artwork. 
  • Easy to maintain- You can dry clean this robe on a gentle cycle with cold water, and hang dry it after rinsing.
  • One perfect Size- Aside from being made with silk from China, it also has one perfect size for women- Fits up to 45 inches at chest, and hip -50 inches in length.
  • Ideal gift- This unique silk robe can be given to your loved ones (wife, friend, sister, daughter) as a gift. 


  • Produced with top material.
  • Amazing printed artwork.
  • Available in different colours.
  • Versatile use.
  • Ideal gift.
  • Lightweight, cosy, and fluffy.


  • The Suze could be limited.

Does Chrissy Teigen sell robes?

No, Chrissy Teigen does not sell robes, but she’s a lover of robes. During the quarantine, she posted pictures and videos wearing different collections of robes and bath towels, all of her choices were being obtained by a lot of people.

Her robes are an outstanding variety of silky, satin designs. All of these clothes are proven by her Instagram stories, Twitter posts, and so on. 

Her frequently-worn label is Bernadette, although some other brands like Gucci are included. Chrissy Teigen loves classic and vivid Floral colours of robes.

Almost all the new robes were inspired by the robes she wears. In one of her videos, she showed two racks filled with different types of robes to show her love for them. 

Does Chrissy Teigen Wear only robes?

It will be so hard to say if Chrissy Teigen wears only robes. This is because she has always been known to be a minimal clothing type.

Also, it would be difficult to pick a specific time she started wearing them. According to Chrissy Teigen ” I don’t know when I became a robe freak. I had always been in robes or towels because I’m not an outfit kind of person“. 

Just as she said, in almost all of her videos and pictures, both with her kids, mum, or husband, she’s always been on either a robe or towel.

All of this dressing doesn’t seem to bother her. As said by her, she grew up in a home where no one cared much about clothing, and she plans to bring up her kids to be who they want to be. 

Conclusion – What Robe Does Chrissy Teigen Wear?

Having known that Chrissy Teigen is a fan of classic robes, a lot of robes that were redesigned like the ones she wore have been made. All of those robes have been highlighted in this article to ease your search. 

Get your robes for your vacation or your loved ones. Kindly click on the links attached to check the prices of the robes, not to worry, they are not so expensive. Kindly put down your comments in the comment section below.

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