Can You Sleep In A Thobe? 

Can You Sleep In A Thobe? Yes, you can sleep in a thobe if you wish to. There are specific types of thobes that are made to be suitable sleeping gowns. 

The term ‘suitable’ is used here as these thobes are specially formulated to be extra light on the body, feel very soft against the skin as well as wick out sweat making the wearer feel as dry as possible. 

Are thobes comfortable for sleeping? 

Nothing beats having a comfortable sleep and that is why it is advised that you get the specific thobes designed for sleeping.

Specially formulated sleeping thobes are designed to make you experience optimum comfort and restfulness as you sleep. 

The good thing is that they are not just made ordinary because of the purpose that they serve – sleeping. On the contrary, they are produced to also be attractive making you look charming and like the sleeping beauty that you are, as you sleep in them. 

Benefits of sleeping in specially designed sleeping thobes

 Below are some of the reasons why some people find sleeping in thobes more convenient:

They are overly free

The sleeping thobes are very free and offer no form of hindrance at all so, you can toss around as you like while you sleep. 

They are highly breathable

The bulk of the sleeping thobes are made with 100%, highly breathable cotton materials. This quality in particular enables it to absorb moisture perfectly and allows for air to permeate the material keeping you warm/cool and dry as you sleep. 

Full coverage assurance

The sleeping thobes afford you the opportunity to sleep fully covered without any fear of indecent exposure or flashes. They adequately cover your arms and chest and are long enough to reach a little below your knees. 

Can you sleep in a white thobe? 

Well, there is actually no rule that says you can’t but, you must be prepared to care for them appropriately if you do.  Whites are generally more difficult to maintain as there is a high tendency for them to get dirty easily. 

If you insist on sleeping in a white thobe, ensure you wash them the right way whenever they get dirty. For white thobes, hand washing is more preferred as using the machine on them frequently may lead to the colors fading away. However, see that you use the warm cycle option whenever you use the machine. 

Washing white thobes the right way includes hand washing using warm water with a very mild detergent powder. 

If frequent hand washing seems like too much of a job for you, you can have a handful of the thobes to sleep in interchangeably so, you don’t have to wash too often, ditch the white thobes for other colors if they are too difficult for you to maintain. 

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Can you also go for prayers wearing sleeping thobes? 

A school of thought seems to believe that by the singular act of sleeping in a piece of clothing, it has become impure and as such, not fit to be worn for prayers but, that is so not true. 

Until any form of impurity gets onto the clothes, they remain pure. The truth is that harmlessly sleeping in a thobe cannot and will not make it impure and it stays that way until it gets contaminated. 

When this happens, you should immediately desist from wearing it to pray. Until you must have purified the thobe can it be deemed fit to wear for prayers once more. 

On the flip side though, it is possible that you might not see the sleeping thobes fit to be worn for prayers because of how ordinary they look. 

Now, this is not been vain instead, it has its backing from the holy book which admonished the people to wear clean and beautiful clothes as they go for prayers. 

On a general note though, you can absolutely wear the sleeping thobes for prayers as long as they are not just pure but, covers your sensitive parts well. 

You are good to go once you look nice, neat and clean in them. 

What act counts as impurity capable of making the thobe unfit to be worn for prayers? 

Now that we have established the fact that you cannot wear impure clothes for prayers until you have had them purified, let us take a look at some of the things that can make our clothing impure. 

Getting pee on our clothes

This is the major reason why you see a lot of Muslim males bending down to pee. They do this not because it is a crime to pee standing upright like the rest of non-Muslim males do but, because it helps them avoid spilling urine on their clothes. 

If as much as a drop of urine drops into your cloth, it automatically ceases to be pure and becomes unfit to be worn for prayers. 

Menstrual blood stains on your cloth

I know it is possible for girls on their monthly flow to innocently get stained by blood at times when they least expect it but, it also counts as impurity and should not be worn for prayers. 

How to remove impurities from clothes

When we say that impure clothes should not be worn for prayers, we do not mean that they should be discarded all together. What you should simply do is to wash the impurity out to make it fit to be worn for prayers again. 

You can have the impurities washed out by spot cleaning the impure area or you can decide to wash the cloth completely. 

When spot cleaning, you must ensure that every trace of the stain or impurity goes off and the stained area is wiped clean. Once that is done and the clothing is dried, you are absolutely free to wear them for prayers again. 

What happens when you wear clothes that are not pure for prayers? 

The law that states that impure clothes are not to be worn for prayers is not one that is man-made rather, it is one deeply rooted and gotten from the Holy book. 

However, if you go ahead and knowingly flout the law, wearing them to pray like that in their impure state, it would be a futile exercise as your prayers would be considered invalid. 

This is because the prayer was done in the midst of contamination and as such, would be unable to invoke the presence of Allah or his messengers. 

What sleeping position is best in Islam? 

Sleeping on the right side has been acclaimed as the best side to sleep on. Before sleeping, perform the ablution rites and sleep on the right side as it is considered sunnah. This is said to be the words of one of the prophets (PBUH). 

This is not to say that sleeping in other positions is Haram, you can absolutely sleep in other positions but, the most ideal position is sleeping on the right. 

Medical benefits of sleeping on your sides

It is worthy to note that Islam proclaims sleeping on the sides, especially the right side as ideal mainly because of the numerous health benefits attached to it. 

The great prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was known to have always slept on his right side and always demonstrated it as the most ideal sleeping position ever. 

His declaration stems from the fact that sleeping on the right side aids quick digestion and improves the flow of blood within the body. 

Sleeping on the right side enables delicate internal organs of our body located on the left side like the stomach and heart to stay safe from any form of physical strain. 

Why is it important for the Arab men to be well covered in a thobe? 

It is extremely important for men to get thobes that are their right sizes and covers every sensitive part of their bodies well. 

The Arab dress code is very strict on modest dressing and frowns heavily upon indecent exposure. 

Over the years, popular Islamic Clerics have on several occasions, buttressed the need for Muslim faithfuls to dress modestly and not put on things that would draw unnecessary attention to them. 

We should not deliberately or unknowingly distract people from prayers with the kind of clothes we wear. Any clothing that would make you the topic of gossip by a gathering of people must be avoided.


Issues likely to be faced with sleeping thobes 

This may or may not count as important but, there is a great chance of identification issues likely to spring up. 

This is because most casual thobes like the one used in sleeping, look-alike simply because they are mass-produced. This makes identifying your own in the midst of others a problem. Although, you would not have to experience this if yours is in a different color.

Conclusion – Can You Sleep In A Thobe

There really is no law that prohibits sleeping in thobes but, the ultimate question should be; are they actually comfortable enough? 

To get the best sleeping experience, go for thobes that are lightweight, overly free with a super soft texture as sleep as comfortable as ever because you deserve it. 

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