Can You Wear A Thobe To A Wedding? 

Can You Wear A Thobe To A Wedding? Absolutely. What you should know about the thobe is that you can have them done conservatively and casually as well as stylish and elegant. 

However, to look absolutely stunning when going to a wedding in a thobe, here’s a list of some of the ways you can achieve the perfect look. 

Tips to getting the right thobe

Get the right fit

If you are buying a thobe from the stores, you should be patient enough to ensure that you are getting the right fit for you. 

The same applies if a tailor is having it sewn for you, see that they take accurate measurements. Getting the right fit is everything. If you cannot get it right from the fit, then achieving an elegant look with the thobe would be difficult. 

If they are too big, the fabric itself looks shapeless on you plus, you experience some difficulty walking as the excess yards might get under your legs impeding your movement.

Again, if they are too small, they would definitely feel tight and, make being in it so uncomfortable. This is why a lot of emphases is placed on getting the right fit. 

Selecting the right fabric

Remember, that the thobe in question, is meant to be worn to a wedding so, you just have to get the best quality fabric you can find. 

As a rule, your tailor after taking your measurements would bring out different fabrics for you to see and select from. Be sure to select that of very high quality if you want to stand out. 

If you are getting from the stores, take time out to browse through the different ones hung there and feel the difference in fabrics used. 

High-quality thobes would naturally be a lot more expensive than the regular ones but, judging by the occasion you intend to wear them for, it is definitely worth a buy. 

Making the right choice of footwear

You know thobes do not just come in a variety of styles and designs alone but, colors too. You can have thobes in diverse colors. 

For a wedding, a lot of people might want to stick to white because of how elegant the color is but, there are others who might want to explore and go for loud colors.

There are cases where there is a stipulated color code too that you would like to comply with. Whatever the case is, see to it that you are getting the right matching footwear too. 

The trick is this, you are obviously wearing a high-quality thobe and looking all fabulous already, you do not want to douse the look with either worn-out shoes, bad-fitting ones, or shoes whose color does not match the fabric. 

You do not want to wear boots with a thobe, that would just be out of place. A nice leather sandal or loafers in suede or even leather would work just fine. 

Wearing a baseball hat with a thobe

This would be very inappropriate seeing how formal a thobe is. It is better to finish up the look with the headgear accessories that come with the thobe than to put on a baseball hat. 

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DIY – How to get the accurate measurement for your thobe size without having to meet a tailor

We know how crucial the right measurement is to get the perfect fit of thobe and that is why we have compiled the steps of how to get it done successfully. 

This would be particularly useful for those shopping for thobes online, It would help them make the right choice since they do not have the privilege of trying them on. This knowledge would save you the problem of having to ship back the thobes if they do not fit. 

Even if you go down to the physical stores to shop, it can be kind of a hassle checking out one thobe after another but, with the knowledge of your own accurate measurement, you can easily identify the right ones for you in no time. 

Check out the steps in getting it done below:

Step 1: Begin with your neck

Grab your measuring tape and wrap it around your neck. Now, you really do not have to do this very tightly. Leave a bit of room, just big enough to take in two fingers at the most. 

This is advised because a thobe that is so tight around the neck cannot be comfortable. It is best to have a little bit of room there. 

Step 2: Move on to the shoulders

To accurately do this, you need to place your hands flat down by your sides. Now, begin measuring along the line where your shoulder drop starts, follow the line to the same point on the other shoulder, and pen down what you get. 

Step 3: Measure your arm length

The same line from which your shoulder drops would still be useful at this stage as you would need to begin tracing from there down to the length of your arm to get the arm measurement. 

If you would like the sleeves to be an inch further down your wrist, have the tape go down to your thumb point. 

Step 4: Measurement of your biceps and wrist 

A well-fitting thobe is not necessarily one that grips so much that your body frame is exposed. 

Get the right fit by measuring your biceps beforehand. You can get this done by keeping your hands down flat by your sides again and wrapping the measurement tape around the wide part of your biceps.

To know the exact place, you will need to maintain relaxed muscles during the process.  For your wrist, get the measurement done behind your wristbone.

Step 5: Chest measurement

To measure the chest, get the tape wrapped around a little above your nipples as that would rightly be the widest part. Ensure you keep your hands down as not doing so would give you the wrong measurement. 

Step 6: Conclude with your belly

Wrap up the measurement process with the tummy. To do this the right way, stand upright and maintain a relaxed position then, go ahead and measure along the lines of the widest part of your stomach. 

It is imperative that you do not fold the stomach in or push it out while doing this. Just stay relaxed to get accurate results. 

And that sums it up. With the results you get from this, you can confidently go-ahead to use it in making a purchase online or at the physical stores. 

Limitations you face when you wear the thobe

I’m sure you are wondering what limitation there is to face in wearing a long piece of flowing garment. Of a truth, the thobe is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing ever but, it still has its own fair share of disadvantages. Read on to find out what they are about. 

You can not run in a thobe

Don’t even think about it except, that you intend to make a caricature of yourself when you trip and fall endlessly. 

Now, picture you being in a thobe and an emergency suddenly occurs that requires everyone to scamper and run to safety. But, there’s your thobe that won’t let you except you make the bold decision of removing it and tying it around your waist. 

Heat issues

The thobe is made with very breathable cotton fabric but, Arab men do not just go around bare underneath. They wear shirts and Sunnah pants inside and that might cause heat, especially during Summer. 

No ease of movement

You will have issues with walking smartly when you put on the thobe along with the headgear accessory. The crown-like headgear makes you take your time when you walk for fear of it falling off. 

Bending issues

Bending while wearing a thobe is a huge problem, you cannot bend all the way down using your waist, you must have to fall on your knees. Remember that when next you intend to pick something off the floor. 

Maintenance issues

Keeping the thobe clean is no walk in the park. Especially if your thobe is white. This flowing garment picks up debris from the floor if you don’t walk or sit carefully and can easily get stained by anything you eat or drink throughout the day. 

Conclusion – Can You Wear A Thobe To A Wedding

Over the years, Islamic fashion has evolved and gone past what it used to be. Now, you can see the thobe- one of their fashion pieces go from being produced to be casual wear to something more fashionable and exquisite. 

Thinking of wearing a thobe to a wedding? You absolutely can. Just be sure to get the most luxurious fabric and have it sewn as elegantly as possible. 

To cap it all, match it up with all the available accessories and the perfect type of shoes. You are set when all this is done. Walk into that banquet hall just like the royalty that you are. 

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