How To Make A Robe From A Sheet The Easiest Way

To make a robe from a sheet is very easy. If you follow the steps carefully you’ll get surprised at how wonderful the robe will look especially when you’re through with everything.

A sheet can be a large rectangular piece of cotton usually used mostly on the bed to cover the mattress and most persons use it as a layer beneath the duvet.

A robe on the other hand is a loosed long outer flowing garment, used as an attire, vest, bathroom robe or a regular lingerie. Just as a sheet, a robe is any comfortable, supportive and cozy garment that can be made by using a sheet.

To make a robe from a sheet requires a lot of hard work and creativity so in this article, i will show you how you can make a robe from a simple sheet. Keep reading.

Pro Steps To Take To Making A Robe From A Sheet


100% sheet, a measurement tape, some pins, a clip, a sewing machine or industrial machine, a scissors and a ribbon that can be used as a belt.

Procedures to make a robe from a sheet

Any person can turn a sheet into a simple robe in just few minutes and you’re done. It is not a hard task but, the steps may differ on the type of robe you’re trying to make.

This project is a very easy one for anyone who is just learning how to make any attire. There are different types of robes so in this article, I’ll reveal 2 simple robe you can make from a sheet.

  1. A regular robe
  2. A fleece bed robe

1. Regular robes

Step 1: Try to fold your sheet

You need to bend over your sheet into half and fold it into half again.

Step 2: Take measurements

To do this, you need to place the measuring tape on your shoulder and drag it down to your waist region then record it down and you can also hold your finger on that measurement.

Step 3

Lay it on top of the already folded sheet with the marked 0-inch at the edge folded in the sheet.

Step 4

To proceed, you have to get the half waist measurement and you can do that by dividing the number you got from measuring your shoulder to the waist by 2 or you can easily get the number you recorded on the tape and divide the tape by 2. After getting the half waist, place it on the side of the sheet then snip up the side till you get close to 75% of the way up.

Step 5

Cut out the sleeve from the already opened edge then hold up the sheet and you will get the main body and sleeve on both sides.

Step 6

Clip up the edges carefully and then use the sewing machine to close up all the edges or open edges in a single straight stitch.

All done. Although you’ll get a simple basic robe, you can easily customize it by wearing a unique belt on it or you can also iron it to suit your taste.

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Step 1

The basic thing to do in this step is to take measurement. You can take these measurements yourself without using anyone’s help. Take the sheet to and make a rectangle shape that is equal to ½  of the chest measurement plus 2 ¼ inches.

If you love a loose fit robe with extra allowance and overlap, add 3 ¼  inches to the ½  inches of the chest. For every ¼ inch you add, you are getting an additional 2 inches of an overall allowance.

Step 2

To take the length, take measurement from the waist to the neck and add from the waist to knee plus 4 (you will get a knee-length robe but if you need a longer one, add a higher number).

Step 3

Measure 2 inches from it down and 1/5 of the neck (neck × 0.2) over. Curve the line to cut out the back piece. The remaining part is known as the shoulder seam (the rectangular cut on the fold is the back of the robe).

Step 4

To get the measurement for the front of the robe, draw a diagonal line on the rectangle at the back from the waist level to the neck at the back. Cut out 2 pieces of this for the front of the robe.

Step 5

For the sleeve, subtract the arm length from the shoulder length. Then you add about 3 inches to the result and any number you get is the length of your sleeve(cut two sleeves).

The rectangle sheet length must be the same as the neck to waist in terms of height. To get a more exact measurement, you can put it half the neck to the height of the waist and cut out two on the folds.

Step 6

To get the sash out, cut out 2 pieces and 5 inches wide by the measurement of the length you got from the chest. For the binding, you must cut out a rectangle of 4 inches wide and as for the length, you can add up the length of the front and back and then cut two of the pieces (The amount of length measured in yards for this robe will depend on the length and size you choose).

Step 7

Before you cut out the fabric, you must try to recheck your measurements by making sure the chest and hip region add up with your front and back pieces and the hip and chest measurements and add 4 inches (or more if you still need an extra allowance plus the remaining allowance will be gotten from the band) once you’ve taken out extra seam spaces, make sure your sleeve will be at least 2 inches bigger than your upper arm.

Step 8

Now you start cross-stitching. First you place the right front and back sides together and also stitch the shoulder of the robe to be sure they don’t get loosed with time.

Double-check the measurement of the sleeve just to be sure that you don’t mistakenly join the sleeve sideway. Put the sleeves over the seam of the shoulder with the right side together then sew and don’t forget to stitch.

Step 9

Now you’re almost done, just fold the right side of the robe together and stitch the sleeve and the seam. You can also add some embroidery design to add more beauty to the robe. Wrap everything up and you are all done. That wasn’t hard, was it? You can make robes for your family and friends.

2. A fleece bed robe

Apart from making a bathroom robe with the sheet, you can also fleece bed robe with no sewing machine required. This is a “one size fits all” project which is why you will need close to 2 1⁄4 yards of sheet. The yoke of the robe needs to be 28inches long and the body of the robe needs to be 50inches long.

Step 1

Cut out the 28 inches long and the body of the robe which has to be 50inches long. Once you’ve done this, cut out fringes that are 5 1/2 inches apart on one of the sides of the width of the body of the robe. Fold the edge beneath the edge of the fringe and put a safety pin on the folded edge.

Step 2

You will need to work on the yoke of the robe which is 28 inches long. Fold the edge lengthwise twice then cut a circle. First you measure down 4 inches on the top and side of one end, place the clips, cut out the quarter circle and take out the clips.

Step 3

Bring out the remaining sheet and cut one layer out of the material in a straight line from up to the neck. Next you have to fringe the length of the bottom of the unfolded edge(the body) and open it up.

Step 4

You measure and pin back the center and then line up both center back pins.

Step 5

Now fold in the other sides of the piece of the body so that they meet at the center pin. Mark all the corners with pins and open up the body again.

Step 6

Now, join the body and yoke together by tying the fringes together in an overhanging knot by starting in the center and moving towards the edges.

Step 7

Fold-down the yoke on top and also fold in the body parts. Now try to tie the top and yoke fringes in the top. To finish up, tie together the wrist fringes.

Conclusion – How To Make A Robe From A Sheet

Making a robe from a sheet isn’t a hard process as long as your follow the procedures step by step. After going through this process correctly, you’ll see that your robe will be extremely cozy and light weighted and you can easily put it in the washing machine whenever you want to clean it. Good luck.

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