What Do Nuns Wear Under Their Robes?

What Do Nuns Wear Under Their Robes? Nuns wear the following under their robes

  • Bras
  • Shorts
  • Tight
  • Girdle
  • Corsets
  • Underpants
  • Briefs etc

Nuns are stereotypically known for wearing just a habit mostly known as a robe by so many persons. You’ll know a nun when you see one. Their robe, known as the habit is a mandatory uniform for all nuns. The question is what do nuns wear under their robes?

The things you’re picturing in your head for the kind of clothes they wear might be right and might also be wrong, who am I to judge? Everything the nuns wear abide an instantly recognizable sartorial system.

In the case of the nun’s robe, this article relies on the various components that comprise typically the nun’s robe. These things/outfits include?


The girdle helps to absorb sweat and it also helps to maintain a good posture. Most nuns wear the girdle as a form of compression garment while some wear it in place of the bra. The girdles help in overcoming any form of discomfort the nuns may face.


They are worn by nuns to support the bosom and to also genuinely reduce the waist. As we already know that the nuns dress modestly, the corsets they wear are seamless so they are usually not visible outside their robes.


The bra offers comfort and just like every female, the nuns wear them to prevent sagging and to cover and support their glands.


The shorts are usually worn under the robes of nuns to hide their panty lines.


The tight is made of a very soft stretchy fabric and they are usually worn in place of the shorts. The tights are comfortable but the nuns do not wear them to show off their bodies as other females do. They also wear it in cold weather to prevent cold.


The underpants are like the regular panties, they are worn by the nuns for the same reason everyone does. They keep the robes from being soiled by urine, discharge, and perspiration.

Cotton briefs

The cotton briefs are like the corsets made from soft cotton. They allow breathability and they absorb heat to keep the nuns comfortable even when they have their robes on.


The bloomers are loosed tights. They are usually made from cotton and they promote comfort and movement.


The waistbands are there to keep all the outfits together in place and some nuns wear them to keep track of their weight.

Black slips

The slips help the robes to hang properly. They protect the skin from perspiration and chaffing. The nuns wear them to help their robes look better on the outside and to improve modesty.

Cotton stockings

They wear cotton stockings to promote modesty and to look decent.

Camisole tops

Some nuns wear the camisole tops to give their robes a more fitting look (although their outfits are not to he fitted)

Heavy siege knickers

Suspender belts

They are worn to keep the clothes together.


This is more like a belt worn under the robe, made from woven wool for the waist.


This is a nun apron, they are usually long and it’s worn from the front and the back. They are worn over the tunic and under the cincture.

The list looks pretty long right, I know. Mind you, these outfits are not worn all at once and there are other undergarments they wear like the stays, petticoats, and shifts.

Just like every other woman dresses, the nuns dress that way. They also wear accessories under their robes like the cross, rosary, and ring. The nuns are not more or less different from other females, they wear other outfits too as long as it speaks modesty and decency.

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Do nuns wear bras?

As mentioned above, the nuns are also females, and just like every female, they wear the bra to provide comfort and coverage to the glands.

Although the bras they wear are a bit different from the regular bras. They wear seamless and tight-fitted bras that won’t reveal the straps at the back of their robe.

They are worn to compress the glands and to avoid any form of temptation. Yes, nuns really do wear a bra. So I believe this answers your question.

Do nuns remove their robes?

Yes, they do. A plain answer right. They remove their robes when they want to go to sleep. Just like every other woman, they wear nightgowns and pajamas.

When they have a laundry to do, they wear the regular aprons, when they’re in their rooms they wear the camisole tops, T-shirts, and even shorts.

Sometimes they wear a brown suit, regular skirt, and jacket. After work, a lot of them wear sweat pants and shirts. So yes, the nuns remove their robes frequently especially when they want to rest, bath,e or go outside to work in the garden.

Do nuns wear underwear?

Nuns are not bound to wear anything specific under their robes so yes, nuns wear underwear for comfort and hygiene sake. They wear the basic items any woman would wear ranging from underwear to singlets to even tights. There may be different reasons why they wear them but the main primary reasons are:

To keep their robes dry

Let’s face it, the nuns are like other females, and just like other females they get moist and wet stains so, the underwear helps to keep them dry down there and also keep their robes dry and neat from stains.

For a more improved comfort

Without the underwear on, even the nuns would feel so uncomfortable but wearing the underwear would give them guaranteed comfort to enable them to move around freely by giving them a cool and cozy feel.

Extra support

Wearing underwear also gives the nuns the support they need. Just like the bra they wear offers support, it’s almost the same thing the underwear does.

For protection 

They wear underwear to protect their skin from chaffing and repeatedly rubbing against each other. When this occurs, it can get too irritating and annoying which is why even the nuns wear them to protect them from chaffing.

For hygiene purpose

Even the nuns know how important it is to wear underwear to have good hygiene. They wouldn’t buy the idea of having moisture clogging around that area or how about dirtying their robes with urine and feces which just isn’t hygienic. So they wear the underwear to feel clean and hygienic.

Do nuns wear tight? 

Yes, they do. The nuns wear tight for almost the same reason why other females wear them. Tights are worn by nuns for a few reasons which include: 

  1. To keep themselves cool during summer: it reduces sweating by up to 40% since most of them are made from nylon which wicks moisture away.
  2. To feel warm in winter: it keeps and distributes heat around your body.
  3. To prevent blistering and chaffing: Wearing just the robe at times could result in constant rubbing of the thighs which is why most nuns wore the tights to reduce the friction and to feel comfortable under their robes.
  4. To improve their appearance with their robes on and for increased confidence.
  5. To absorb the sweat and heat from walking outside on a sunny day(prevents their robes from having an offensive smell)
  6. For better support: there is no doubt that there’s nothing more comfortable that moving freely with the robe on without feeling any bumps and lumps on your thighs, stomach, and even the hips. The tight gives the nuns a great amount of support.
  7. To hide the panty lines from being visible: the underpants are skin-tight because they are almost next to the skin so the tight hides the lines from being visible outside the robes.

What other outfits do nuns wear aside from the robes?

The nuns wear other outfits depending on the activities. Even in the monastery, most of them wore a brown ankle-length dresses.

At times they wear a hair bonnet in place of the veil and even a close-fitting cap. They only wear their robes to mass or when they’re moving around.

They wear a wimple around their head at times. Some other nuns wear a simple, modest outfits even when they’re inside or outside.

Some other nuns still wear outfits depending on the rules of their community but either way, the nuns dress in such a way that the ways of life scream modesty, and decency and is transparent to the rest of the world.

Conclusion – What Do Nuns Wear Under Their Robes

The robes have been around for hundreds of years and they have a fascinating history. For the outfits worn under them, there is no specific law bounding them which is why the nuns wear a whole lot of outfits without sentiments.

Apart from the ones mentioned here, there are still other items of clothing nuns wear under their robes in their wardrobes.

They wear them for different reasons. Are you a nun? Do you love wearing other outfits under your robes and if so, what is your favorite reason for wearing them?

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