What To Wear Under Baptism Robe?

A baptism robe is worn by the gentiles during the process and ceremony of baptism. During baptism, white clothes are worn because it is believed that the person being baptized is free from sin and is pure.

It is one of the most important moments in the life of a new Christian family. Some denominations have a formal code of dress to wear under a baptism robe but if you’re not under such authority, then here are some things you could consider when you’re deciding on what to under your baptism robe on that day. 

You must have it in the back of your mind that you shouldn’t wear anything too attractive or extreme. You can go for a less classic look since it’s something you’re wearing underneath and nobody really cares but here are a few things you can wear under your baptism robe.

Things To Wear Under Baptism Robe

For the males

Given that you have done so much to get the baptism robe, why not spend a few minutes to dress well underneath to look your best when you’re on your baptism robe. I’ll advise the men to go for something nice that would look nice without sticking itself out of the baptism robe. 

  • A white short sleeve shirt and short
  • A professional shirt
  • A white romper
  • A sweatshirt
  • Sleeveless shirt
  • A singlet

For everything you decide to wear under a baptism robe, it has to be clean and spotless. Most people don’t really care, they wear regular underwear and singlet under it and they are all done. Whatever you choose to wear, the decision is all yours. 

For females

Most females wear baptism robes too and there are some basic things they have to wear under them as whatever they wear, reflects on their outfit.

  • White underwear: The underwear acts as an inner garment and unlike the ugly underwear, I’m referring to the gorgeous underwear of the 21st and 20th centuries. All the underwear you decide to wear, has to be white and clean.
  • A suitable top: This is another piece of clothing you can wear under your baptism robe as it helps to give more shape to the gown.
  • Shirt and tight
  • A light-weighted gown
  • Lingerie
  • A sleeveless shirt and knee length shirt
  • Underskirt

Apart from the ones listed above, we all know that women have the chance to choose their choice of under outfit as long as it’s something that doesn’t put out any form of seduction and as long as it helps to promote decency and modesty.

Why do people wear a baptism robe?

All Christian individuals undergo baptism so in order to go through this process, you have to put on the robe as it is needed to represent the fact that you’ve been baptized.

Apart from kids, there are adults who do not undergo this process but still put on the robe so if you want to know why they wear them, just keep reading.

  • Priests/clergy/pastors: When the head of the church wears the robe, it gives out a form of respect to them by the congregation. History made it known that them wearing the baptismal robes gives them the privilege of being a minister, priest, or pastor. This robe highlights the special calling of the pastors as the messenger of Christ.
  • The baptismal robe captures the wearer’s innocence as it signifies purity and simplicity. It means they’ve offered themselves to their new belief with all simplicity and style. It follows a regular pattern that has been passed out from generation to generation.
  • Most persons believe that those who wear the baptismal robe wear it because it cleanses the person of the original sin committed or the sin they were born with.

There are a few reasons why most persons wear the baptismal robe so anytime you see a person with it on, don’t feel it is for fashion or show off, it signifies something.

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What to wear to a baptism

There are several outfits you can wear to baptism, you mustn’t necessarily wear the robe or just the robe alone, you can wear a whole lot of things ranging from good clothes to shoes as long as you feel good putting them on it really isn’t wrong.

The right shoes

It might sound funny to you but wearing the right shoes at baptism really says a lot about you. There are several shoes you can wear to baptisms like boots, flat shoes, and wedge sandals. you might feel that you don’t need to wear good shoes at a baptism since it’s mostly an outdoor activity but have it in your mind that wearing the right shoe adds more elegance to your outfit and it says a lot about you.

Casual outfit

This is the same as saying that since baptism takes place in the church, it is common sense to know that you should dress casually and moderately.

You should wear clothes that balance your looks and you shouldn’t wear revealing clothes. For the ladies, you can avoid, skin-fitted gowns, bodycon clothing, short skirts, and crop tops. For the male, you must avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless tops. instead of that, you can go in a long-sleeved shirt and trousers. You must always dress moderately and casually.

Wear a comfortable dress

Apart from dressing appropriately, you should wear an outfit that would make you feel very comfortable in it. You must dress in clothes that signify purity and you mustn’t wear an attention-seeking outfit. Just dress moderately, appropriately, and decently because for goodness sake it’s baptism and not a wedding ceremony.

Which baptism robe should I buy?

The baptism robes are not used once and thrown away, on special occasions you might need to put them on which is why it is very important for you to purchase a good one. So if you’re going for a baptism or you know someone that needs a robe, you can pick from one of the ones I recommended below.

IvyRobes robe with open sleeves for baptism confirmation

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I’m recommending this robe because of the fact that it is for both genders. It can be worn by both males and females and apart from this, it was made with high-quality polyester, each pleat at the back of the gown was hand-stitched and there’s an easy zipper in the front for easy adjustment. This particular brand of baptismal robe comes with an additional white shirt underneath. 


  • Fabric type: it was made with 100% polyester that absorbs sweat and is skin-friendly.
  • Unisex: It can be worn by both males and females.
  • Multi-use: This baptism robe can be used for several other occasions as it is a good choice for baptismal confirmation, Choir robe, officiant, or any other religious use.
  • Sizing: The loosed length of this robe is 57 inches, can fit from a height of 5’9” to 6’3” and the maximum chest is 60 inches.


  • Durable
  • True to size
  • Can be machine washed
  • Made with high-quality fabric
  • Easy zipper for adjustment in the front.
  • It comes with a white shirt underneath.


  • They do not have weighted hems

Graduate pro choir clergy baptism church preacher confirmation robe


This robe is similar to the first one I recommended. It was also made with 100% polyester that is breathable, soft, comfortable, and thick with an elegant design.

It is machine washable and it can be used to carry out different activities like it can be used as a choir robe, a clergy robe, and a baptism robe. It was made from a very high school material too just like the first one and it is also designed for both genders. 


  • Material type: It was made from thick matte polyester, it is comfortable, soft, classic, and elegant. 
  • Style: It has a V-neckline shape, deep hem, front pleat, hidden zipper in the front, and open sleeve.
  • Multi-use: It can be used for other occasions and events like a choir robe, baptism robe, Acolyte robe, and even a pastor’s robe. 
  • Size: It has no specific size so the best thing to do is to take your measurements and purchase the one by checking the sizing first. You can measure yourself from the exact floor to the top of your head to get your size. 


  • Durable
  • Decent production
  • Seamless
  • Good looking
  • Good design
  • Quality material type
  • For multipurpose use


  • No warranty

Conclusion – What To Wear Under Baptism Robe?

Having known what people wear under the baptism robe, it is left for you to make good use of the information you received in this article. Do well to wear the right kind of outfit under your baptism robe, as long as you’re comfortable with it, nothing else matters.

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