What Does The Stripe On Graduation Robe Mean?

What Does The Stripe On Graduation Robe Mean? If you’ve ever seen a graduation robe, you’ll notice that it has stripes, specifically three stripes. Doctoral degrees are represented by the three stripes. The graduate’s field of study or qualifications is indicated by the colors on the stripe. 

The three-striped robe, which everyone recognizes means the attainment of a doctorate degree. For example, this Deluxe Doctoral Graduation Gown is a popular gown on Amazon I’ve seen on most doctorate degree holders. Some come with a hood and most are made up of velvet fabric.

The cloak is usually associated with the institution or university, whereas the balaclava is associated with the discipline. 

The graduation attire has a fleece front running down the front and there are three velvet bars on each sleeve. A graduation robe is divided into three categories and each has a different number of stripes.

Here are some of the attires used for a graduation ceremony

Bachelor robes

The graduation robe of the bachelor’s degree holder is black and it has one or no yellow stripe on the sleeve. The robe symbolizes the discipline you came out with from the university. The gold stripe on the bachelor’s robe indicates a bachelor’s degree. 

The tassel and hem are the same color as the stripe and it has pointed sleeves. The color of the gown may vary on the subject or field of study. 

Accountancy, commerce including finance wear grey or ash robes with one or no stripes depending on the institution, while economics wear a bronze-colored cloak.

Robe for a master’s degree

This attire differs from the bachelor’s degree robes in that it has a hood that goes over the neck and falls down to the back.

This robe does have no stripe because the level has already been specified. The discipline is indicated by the color of the collar or neckpiece.

The satin material on this robe is said to represent the college or academia, while the color on the hood lining is said to represent the university or college.

Almost every university has its own master’s degree gown/robes, which is unique to the discipline. The hood has a number of yellow stripes that represent the level of your degree, despite the fact that the cape has no colored stripes. The robe is usually black with a long sleeve.

A doctoral degree robe

The highest level of degree robe or graduation with the highest robe is the doctor’s robe. The arms of this attire have three bands on the stripe.

This band reflects the field of study from which the person graduated or the institution and the field of study. According to the institution, this robe comes in a variety of colors, including black and blue.

Bell sleeves with three velvet bands adorn the doctoral degree graduation robes. This is the highest honor in learning and therefore allows the graduate to wear a velvet beret with a gold tassel.

A presidential graduation robe with a four-sleeve bar is also part of the graduation robes. A velvet hem band is included, as well as the fourth chevron on each sleeve. 

What do graduation robes with hoods mean?

In a nutshell, it refers to a person’s level of intellectual achievement. Hoods come in a variety of colors, depending on the department and institution attended.

The hood is typically worn over the neck, down the shoulders, and down the back and it is usually worn over any graduation gown regardless of the institution.

Academic graduation hoods come in a variety of styles and hues, but it all depends on your major and school. Below is a list of degree titles and hood colors.

The Hooded robe for a bachelor’s degree graduate 

  • Bachelor of Arts: This degree wears black silk with orange silk edging (inner edging) and a wide white fabric inside with an orange edge.
  • Bachelor of dental surgery: This specialty likewise employs a black silk hood with a strong red silk lining that measures 11-13mm broad.
  • Bachelor of divinity: This specialty also uses a black silk hood with a strong purple silk lining and a 25mm broad white inner border silk.
  • Bachelor of Laws: A black silk hood with a light blue silk lining.
  • Bachelor of Medical Science: Silky black hood with red lined silk edging and additional green lining.
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery: This hood is black with a crimson silk lining.
  • Bachelor of music: black hood silk with lined brown silk is worn.
  • Pure science bachelor’s degree: The hood is made of silk and is black in color.
  • Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences: The hood is black silk with a green silk lining and white silk edging.
  • Bachelor of forestry science: the hood is black silk with one green silk lining and white silk edging.
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Science: A black silk hood with a crimson silk interior within the crimson edge and a 12mm wide canvas.
  • Bachelor of Science in Marine Management: A light blue silk balaclava with a black silk edging.
  • Bachelor of medical science: A black silk hood with a red silk lining and wavy white silk edging for a bachelor of science in medical science.
  • Bachelor of theology: A purple silk hood with a black silk lining.
  • Bachelor of engineering: A pale yellow silk balaclava with a black silk lining.

All of the hoods of the bachelor graduation robe are made of black silk, which is one of the most common features you’ll notice in all. Other fields that aren’t included here have their hood color determined by their institution, or they come under one of the degree titles listed above.

Robe hood for a master’s degree

The hood colors are identical to those of the bachelor’s graduation hood, except that the borderline is not as thin as those of the bachelor’s hood. It is thicker and wider.

  • Master’s degree in chemistry, physics, and geology: The hood is made of black silk and has a black silk lining.
  • Master of medicine: it is made of a good colored white silk, lined with crimson silk, and fringed with a 12mm wide white fabric on the inside.
  • Master of Arts: A black silk hood with a white silk lining.
  • Master of education: Black silken with an orange silk lining.
  • Master of engineering: Black silk with a light yellow silk lining and a white cloth with a width of 12mm inside.
  • Master of the Laws: White silk with a light blue silk hood.
  • Master of education: Orange silk hood with white silk lining.
  • Master of pedagogy: A lilac silk hood with a white silk lining.
  • Master of Land Economy: A light blue silk lining and white silk with a 12mm wide broader inside.
  • Musical art master: White silk lining with a light blue silk hood.
  • Master of Philosophy: The white silk is lined with black silk and is bordered on the inside with a white cloth of 12mm wide.
  • Master of Public Health: White silk with a bright red silk lining and a white cloth with a width of 13mm inside.
  • Master of research: White silk with a black silk lining and a 12mm scarlet cloth inside.
  • Master of Science: A white silk robe with a thick green silk robe on the inside.
  • Master of Science (Economics): White silk with a 12mm wide purple cloth edging within.

A hooded cloak for a doctorate degree

The doctorate degree hood isn’t particularly noticeable, but instead of a hood, they wear a velvet beret as is customary. It is the highest degree any individual achieves and now I understand why theirs is different from other degrees.

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What does the graduation robe apparel represent?

Apart from the graduation robe, the administration provides graduates with special clothing to wear with the robe but each has a different meaning. Here is a list of some of them: 

  • Graduation cords: This cord is seldomly called the “honor cord.” The cord indicates that the graduate has obtained a degree from a particular institution during a particular time period. The ribbon of honor is awarded only to the top 5% to 10% of the top-class students at a particular institution for their respective achievements.
  • The graduation shawl:  A graduation shawl is a decorative design worn by well-known alumni and members of certain organizations.
  • Graduation tassel: During the ceremony, the tassel is worn on the hat and most graduates secure it to their robes.
  • The graduation medal: The university council awards medals to graduates who have paid special attention to their academics by excelling high at the graduation ceremony.


Wearing a striped graduation robe shows a sense of unity and accomplishment. The stripes vary in color from the university and represent the field of study. The graduation robe features velvet trims to represent your discipline, as well as the colors, shapes, and sizes to represent your graduation.

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