Sauna Robe Vs Bathrobe (An In-depth Comparison)

A bathrobe is a dressing gown made mostly with cotton or terry cloth that is worn after a bath. The Sauna robe, on the other hand, are bathrobe too but, one that can be worn to and used around very small and airtight heated rooms meant to both absorb and wick out heat. These rooms are otherwise known as ‘Saunas’.

The act of staying in a sauna relaxes your nerves and takes care of pain and aches all over your body. It does indeed have a great impact on health. It is absolutely okay to go commando into the sauna but then, if you do not feel comfortable going commando, you can wrap around a sauna towel. 

You must however bear in mind the health implications of doing this as well as the effect the sauna would have on your fabric.

Differences between a sauna robe and a bathrobe

The sauna robe and bathrobe do not just appear to be so similar, they are indeed very similar but, a few differences can be cropped out from their uses. Take a look at some of them below:

Sauna robes are specially designed to make it exceptionally difficult for heat absorption. If the robes easily absorbed heat, the whole Sauna experience would be defeated.

Generally, bathrobes offer more coverage than some of the sauna robes designed as a wrap-around towels. Ideally, it is very much okay to go into the sauna naked, robes are however given to those who do not feel comfortable staying naked especially when walking past or sitting at the bar or dining spots in public saunas. 

The bathrobe covers almost every part of your body but, some sauna robes come in the form of a wrap towel leaving your arms and upper chest bare. 

While the bathrobe is worn over a freshly cleaned body, the sauna robe is thrown over a sweaty, smelly one.

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Similarities between a sauna robe and a bathrobe

Same material

Both the sauna robe and bathrobe are majorly produced using cotton and polyester. In fact, the high-quality bath and sauna robes are that made with 100% cotton.

This is because of the numerous quality of the fabric. Cotton is highly breathable and feels comfortable against the body. Both sauna and bathrobes can be produced in Egyptian quality cotton, Turkish quality cotton, rayon and polyester.

We have some yet again that are produced with a fabric known as ‘terry cloth’. This is a perfect choice for bathrobe production as the fabric is particularly skillful in absorbing water effectively well.

They are both produced in different sizes

You can find these robes in different sizes ranging from small to medium to large and even two times large. Whatever your size or body frame is, you can be sure to see a sauna or bathrobe readily available in them.

They are both produced in varying lengths

You will find the sauna and bathrobe available in diverse length sizes. You can absolutely find the ones that go above the knees if you are looking out for short ones for probably very warm weather, there are others that get to your ankle and those that stop mid-calf.

Some bathrobes come hooded, to serve as a supply of extra warmth to your head and neck and help with the added advantage of getting wet hair dried after a bath or even swim.

Some bathrobes and saunas also come with pockets where you can keep your personal items like phones or wallets. So, if you are one to always have your phone nearby, opt for bathrobes with pockets and enjoy close proximity to your cell phone even as you chill in the bath or the swimming ground.

Although, it is not advised to take your cell phones into the sauna as the extreme temperature can have them damaged.

They come in different colors

Both the bath and sauna robe can be found available in different colors.

What benefits does the bathrobe offer?

The bathrobes offer immense benefits. In fact, everyone is enjoined to have one so as to have a feel of these benefits.

When it comes to drying up after a bath, we all know that a towel can serve the same purpose but, the difference lies in the fact that while towels just dry up moisture, bathrobes dry up and keep you warm at the same time.

They do this excellently well as they are made with highly absorbent and fluffy materials like cotton and terry cloth.

Bathrobes are also more elegant for use outdoors. When going to the beach or outdoor swimming pools, you can take them and wear them for as long as you will be there. This is because; the bathrobe performs the additional task of protecting you from the sun and the wind respectively.

When it is really chilly, you can make a super thick hooded bathrobe, super-plush like that made of cashmere fabric to the beach for increased warmth. The hood helps protect your face and neck from being laid bare to the cold while the robe itself protects the rest of the body.

Lastly, bathrobes are great and comfortable for wearing within the house. If you have just had a bath and intend to attend to a few things quickly before dressing up, you can comfortably see them in your bathrobes.

Again, the bathrobe adequately covers you up so, there is no fear of indecent exposure or flashes if you have to entertain visitors while in them.

To this end, it is safe, to sum up, the benefits of the bathrobe with these three words: warmth, comfort, and coverage.

What can be worn under a robe?

You don’t necessarily have to wear anything under your robe. The robe already provides optimum coverage with both the interior and exterior ties so, wearing anything underneath is purely optional and not compulsory. If you do not feel comfortable wearing just it, you can wear some sort of undergarments.

Can bathrobes be worn in public?

It is so very inappropriate for you to be seen in public places apart from the beach or outdoor swimming pools wearing bathrobes.

They are great for wearing and running a few errands within the house like; taking out the trash, attending to the mailman, seeing who is at the door, and so on. But, for errands that take you out of the house entirely, you must have to change into proper clothes.

The sauna experience – benefits attached

The sauna dry bathing experience is therapeutic, very relaxing, and can be a good ground for socializing.  There are a lot of benefits attached to it. Let us see analyze and pinpoint just a few of them. 

This experience helps you detoxify and greatly accelerates your metabolism rate.

Interestingly, we have had some claims by some people about how the sauna experience aided them on their weight loss journey.

That aside, it helps in pain management and reduction, rapidly boosts your immune level plus helps you de-stress.

Another very important benefit attached to the sauna experience is the anti-aging effects it has on you. It helps in repairing your skin and gives it a new lease of life and aids in the proper flow of blood within the body.

Regular visits to the sauna can help people with cardiovascular issues. A lot of people have attested to experiencing an improved heart function just by visiting the sauna.

We hold on to these benefits even as we await strong and standard medical research to back up the claims. They have been collated just as testified by those who regularly indulge in it.

Downsides to the sauna

For starters, the sauna room promotes excessive sweating and you know what happens when you sweat too much right? That’s right, you lose a lot of fluids and this can lead to dehydration.

The singular act of being dehydrated can lead to a myriad of other problems. You might begin to have a banging headache and feel very dizzy but these are not even the main issues.

Dehydration can lead to more complex issues like a drastic reduction of your blood pressure; you can even go unconscious, go into a coma or have terrible seizures. 

Heat exhaustion is no joke. Your kidney too is at the risk of being affected amongst other grave issues. This is why you must see that you drink an adequate amount of water before going into the sauna and leave as soon as you start feeling funny. 

Sauna Robe Vs Bathrobe – Conclusion

Sauna robes are simply bathrobes that are given to you when you need to walk around the sauna facility. While in the sauna, it is not really advised and in some cases, totally prohibited for you to go into the sauna with a robe on as they are seen to be unsanitary.

There are other not-so-good effects of going into the sauna with a robe on. You are bound to get even hotter and this may lead to you getting dehydrated plus, the salty hot sweat might ruin the fabric of your robe.

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