What Do Judges Wear Under Their Robes?

The judges are known for wearing ferociously long loosed outer garments known as the robes as it signifies their honorary statute. Their robes are usually different from the regular robes as it is purchased directly from private companies.

No average human would wear just a robe like that not to speak of the judges. So, there are basic clothes the judges wear under their robes even though it is not visible and there’s possibly no way anyone would not get a glimpse at least of what the judges wear under their robes which is what I’m going to share with you in this article. 

Most judges wear ordinary business suits during their work days but when it is time to go into the courtroom, they wear their robes on it and remove their robes almost as soon as they leave the courtroom.

The female judges that detest wearing suits just put on the regular skirts and shirts or long trousers and shirts since they have no additional rule or dress code governing what they wear, as a result, they are allowed to dress as comfortably and stylish as they want to. 

Some judges still go as far as wearing light-weighted knitwear under their robe, some wear button-up shirts, blouses, golf shirts, the jersey, or the cotton T-shirt type of fabric under their robe matched with elastic waist trousers or thongs or even leggings as far as they’re comfortable in it.

Most male judges just wear the regular shirt and tie or even a more casual sports coat. The judges are allowed to wear whatever they want to as long as they are comfortable in it but this doesn’t apply to only the female judges, the male judges still wear what they want to wear but the majority of them still feel the need to stick to their regular suit and tie as it really doesn’t make any difference or changes anything.

There you have it, the judges wear their suits that comprises of a long sleeve or shirt sleeve button up shirt, long plain trousers, a tie, and a jacket under their robes. 

Why do judges wear robes?

This is the very question I’ve always been curious about ever since I was a child, I kept wondering why they had to go through the stress of having to wear that heavy garment as they might feel really hot in them and the fact that it looks notoriously difficult to clean. So I’m going to share with you, the reasons why the judges actually wear the robe. 

  1. The robes represent the neutrality of the judges and their separateness from taking sides during the trial.
  2. It makes them feel more superior in their exercise of power and authority and it also makes them feel confident enough to carry out any final judgment.
  3. The robes give an unparalleled fit, comfort, and support. Asides from that, the judges know and they believe that they can depend on the unmatched level of support and quality the robes provide not minding the weight of the robe.
  4. The robe gives them the ability and authority to act according to the legal processes and rule of law.
  5. They also wear the robe because they feel their identity is meaningless to the work they are expected to do. 
  6. The robe serves as a reminder of what they are expected to do as judges.
  7. It also serves as a reminder of the relatively modest position they occupy in a democratic society.
  8. It changes the way they see the courtroom.
  9. The robe reminds everyone that the judges give their final verdict and make decisions according to the law.
  10. The robe signifies power and authority

These are the few reasons why most judges wear the robe and there is really no rule that requires them to wear the robe but despite that, they still wear the robe to the courtroom.

What other attires do judges wear?

The judges dress according to the occasion but they still wear legal and judicial costumes to remind people that they are still judges in their field irrespective of the kind of cloth they wear. They have their own title and they still have their style of dressing depending on the case or the hearing. 

Black suits with a white shirt underneath with a winged collar and black shoes. They are allowed to wear it into the court even though it might look improper but remember the judges are not given a specific law on the dress they wear to the courtroom.

The female judges are allowed to wear their blouses, a dark jacket preferably, a white shirt underneath with a collar, and shoes.

All levels of the judiciary are usually expected to wear black, long cloth or silken gowns with big sleeves as an alternative outfit in place of the robe. 

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What kind of robes do judges wear?

The kind of robe worn by judges as we all already know is open and they are usually long and loose fitted. The robe worn usually depends on the status of the judge and the case involved.

The appeal court judge usually wears a robe with the gold tab at the collar because of his/her status but it does not apply to other judges of different status.

The judges wear robes according to the case they are involved in. For example, the judge involved in a criminal case is allowed to wear the regular robes while the ones involved in family cases are allowed to wear the regular robe with no wig, color, or even band. These types of robes are usually the common ones worn other than the suit and tie.

They have a really wide sleeve or should I say winged sleeves, their robes have bell sleeves often in scarlet with large shoulder pieces and chaperons. Not all countries wear the same kind of robe but the most worn and preferred robe is the black loosed one as it allows freedom of movement and it comes with so much authority. 

What type of robe should I buy?

The judge’s robes are so common in the market today and it makes it very difficult to tell the difference between the fake and the original one.

to make it easier for you without having to go through that amount of stress, you can easily pick one of the robes that I recommended below.

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Costume culture judge robe Apart from the fact that this robe is the best-selling robe and Amazon’s choice of a robe, it has a unique design and it is tailored to fit your needs. The robe is plain black and it has pocket slits with an additional zipper for a more easy wear


  • Fabric type: This robe was made with 100% polyester which makes it very soft and cozy on the skin even if it doesn’t make direct contact with it. The fabric is extremely light weighted and as a result, it allows you to only hand wash.
  • Style: I already mentioned above that it comes with an easy close-in system which is the use of the zipper at the front for easy wear and it also has full sleeves.
  • Occasion: The judge’s robe can be worn by judges each time they decide to go to the courtroom.


  • Comfortable
  • Extremely light weighted
  • Front zipper for easy wear and removal
  • Skin-friendly
  •  Unisez


  • It is not durable enough

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This robe is quite similar to the first one I recommended but the only difference is the design on the sleeve of this robe.

It is one of the most comfortable judicial robes you can get as it has a non-visible front zipper, two pocket slits, and of course, the open sleeves. It was made with the utmost comfort of people in mind which is why the care and maintenance of this robe are not hard at all.


  • Fabric type: It was made from a 100% wrinkle-less polyester which makes it very easy to care for it.
  • Style: It had two pocket slits with a really wide open sleeve, handmade flutes all around the shoulder and the back, and of course, the concealed front opening zipper.
  • Unisex: This robe can be purchased and worn by both male and female judges. 


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy care process
  • Easy to wear
  • Made with a wrinkle-less polyester
  •  Durable
  • Completely washable at home 
  • Value for money


  • No warranty

Conclusion – What Do Judges Wear Under Their Robes

The judges are permitted to wear basically anything under their robes as long as it is decent and it doesn’t distract them from their work or interfere with it.

Whatever outfit they choose to wear under their robe isn’t written down in law nor is it mandatory for them to wear what people want them to wear, it all banks down to how comfortable they are in it. 

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