What Do Wizards Wear Under Their Robes?

I’m sure you must’ve seen so many series about wizards and that is why I want to tell you about the most compelling theory which is about their robes.

We can all agree that wizards wear robes but have you ever thought of what they wear under their robes or is it just me that thinks of how big their robes look even if it seems like they wore just a single attire.

Many movies depict the wizards wearing regular tees and jeans under their robes but there are several other clothes the wizards wear under their robes either to make it look bigger or for their very own personal reasons. 

The wizards basically wear muggle clothes under their robes and asides from that, they still dress like regular persons under them just like in the movie harry porter, you can see them wearing Long shirts and trousers under their robes and the same applies to wizards. Even if it is not visible, the wizards wear;

  • Shorts: The shorts are worn under the robe as they serve unique advantages like being breathable, and comfortable and they tend to absorb sweat. 
  • Bloomers: The wizards wear the bloomers under their robes as it is more like baggy underpants which are usually gathered at the waist region and loosed to the knee. The bloomers make the wizard robe look fuller and heavier.
  • Trunk: The trunks are like the shorts but they are a bit shorter. They have an elastic band at the waist while the mid-thigh sections are fairly loose. The wizards also wear trunk-like boxers under their robes.
  • The briefs: They are just like the trunks but they are skim fitted. The wizards are still males so they need to briefs to support their glands.
  • Bikini briefs: The bikini brief is like the witches’ pantaloons or regular panties. As funny as this might sound, the wizards wear the bikini briefs under their robes.
  • Thongs: The thong is more like long underwear that aids locomotion. The wizards wear this under their robes as it doesn’t restrict movement.
  • Cincture: The cincture is a belt worn under the robe to keep the clothes together to prevent them from being too loose.

The wizards are no different from regular men in terms of underwear but some wizards still prefer wearing old and frail long loosed garments under their robes for the fact that they are wizards and nobody really cares about what they wear under their robes.

Out of curiosity, it has become a regular question for most persons, and asides from the one I mentioned, they wear regular underwear, black slips, and heavy siege knickers. Some wizards still wear just their underpants or shorts and they wear their robes since it isn’t even visible.

Why do wizards wear robes?

From the very beginning, the first wizard known as Odin wandered around the earth in disguise of an old man in robes.

According to him, the robes were there to keep him warm in cold weather and cool in hot temperatures. The robes serve different purposes to the wizards like most of them use the robe as a blanket, a tent, and a sturdy towel. The robes shield them from the sun as black absorbs heat. 

Asides from that, the robe is worn because it’s their normal type of clothing. The robes are nice to wear, I personally made one for my cosplay in school and I felt so comfortable in them so I believe the same applies to the wizard.

Most robes have increased ventilation no matter how old and tattered they might look, when the wizards try to perform their magic, the robe helps to increase the flow of magic. 

The wizards tend to hide their body physique which is obviously why it’s hard to tell if they actually wear anything under their robe. They wear the robe to hide and prevent their body from giving out any form of body language. 

The robe makes it very easy to identify the wizards plus the fact the robe is usually loosed fitted, it is a better place to hide magic potions and stuffs.

This is me basically saying all I know about why the wizard wears the robes as it stands as a mystery to everyone although it’s a bit frustrating and boring but there you have it.

What other outfits do wizards wear asides from their robes?

Have you tried picturing the other outfits the wizards might wear asides from their robes? What does it look like? I believe you might still think they wear the ever-flowing robes with the long pointed hats or long magical wands?

Rather than deviate your mind from their classical attire, they also wear other additional clothing which is why in our world today, it gets really hard to know a wizard unless they have their robe on.

  1. Cloaks
  2. Long coats
  3. Suits
  4. Long male garments
  5. Plain robes

The wizard as a whole dresses closely as possible to the fashionable kind of clothes in our world today. They dress according to the climate condition and according to the occasion.

They do not just wear the robes all the time although they mostly wear them at times they don’t, they dress like regular people and you must’ve even come across one but you wouldn’t know because of how dressed he is.

What kind of robe do wizards wear?

The standard wizard robe includes a frail old robe in different states of shabbiness. The robes wizards wear are loose-fitted ones and most of them had a cape or a hood.

They come in different designs, patterns, forms, and even colors but most wizards wear black robes. Some robes they wear are highly decorated while some were just generally plain in color and style.

Some of the robes were said to be worn over normal clothes, especially for new wizards. The wizards are notable for wearing different accessories together with their long flowing robes like wooden clogs, long capes, rings, neck pieces, looses belt or knit belt, and their staff or wand. 

What type of wizard robe can I buy?

The wizards are known for their long-flowing old robes that are rag-like. The robes were not put out for sale in the past due to the belief that they were diabolic but now, there is an increased demand for the robe as it can be used for different activities that are non-diabolic.

And,  if you’re a person like me that likes wearing robes for cosplays and school activities, then you should know that it is very important for you to purchase a good one.

To save you from the stress of looking for where to buy from, you can easily select from the ones recommended below and place an order through the link attached to it. 

GraduationMall hooded robe cloak costume cape

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I’m recommending this robe because of its shabby plain design. It comes with unique features like a really long cape and hood cloak with a string attached to the neck to tie. It is a floor-length wizard robe with wide sleeves and it is non-see-through. 


  • Fabric: This robe is made with 100% polyester which makes it non-see-through. It is not too thick and not too light weighted and asides from that, the fabric is skin-friendly.
  • Size: This robe comes in various sizes for both children and adults but you are expected to check the size chart or better still get your measurements before placing an order.
  • Occasion: This robe can be used for different activities like Halloween, cosplay, a role in a playlet, masquerade events, and even a ritual event.


  • They are made of 100% polyester
  •  True to size
  • Easy wear and take off
  • Good for different costuming
  • Spooky and creepy
  • Can be machine washed and hand washed
  • Comfortable
  • Stretchy
  •  Soft


  • No warranty

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This robe is similar to the first one I recommended as they share almost the same features but the only difference is that most of the robes from this brand are made with a frail velvet fabric type which makes it spookier and scarier. It is the ideal wizard robe for anyone and the best part is that it is a unisex robe. 


  • Material: This robe was made with 100% polyester and some shades of satin for a light weighted and soft feel.
  • Style: The satin/velvet nature features a large-sized hood with a floor-length long cloak.
  • Occasion: The robe is great for any occasion as it serves many purposes.


  • Great design
  • A decent quality material
  • Unisex
  • Comfortable
  • Value for money


  • No warranty

Conclusion – What Do Wizards Wear Under Their Robes

From all that you’ve read in this article, I’m sure you must’ve gotten the information you need asides that, the wizards are still regular males and they are allowed to wear what the males wear underneath their clothes and the same thing applies to their robes regardless of what anyone thinks, it all goes down to what they like and what they decide to wear under their robe. 

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