What Religion Wears Black Robes? 

Most clothing worn by religious groups and people with devoted faiths is usually not classified as fashion. They usually dress according to the directory and most of them are dressed in a way that distinguishes them from other religions. I’ll say it is important that everyone must be able to recognize various religions by their attire. 

The description of any kind of robe is more than a fashion statement and the clothes depict the kind of life they live. However, most of what they wear is usually wrongly perceived by people and at times it could be because of the color or the designs which bring us to the question, what religion wears black robes?

The Christian religion with the Roman catholic as the largest denomination wears the black robe. To be more specific, the roman catholic priests. In the past, they did not wear anything distinctive from their regular attire but only when they went for their regular mass. This black robe differentiates the priest from the rest of the society.

Why do the priests wear black robes?

There is obviously no kind of clothing that doesn’t come with its own function and that includes the priest’s robe. Research shows that apart from providing protection, this garment can be used to identify the priest. The black robes were the first basic form of clothing designed for religious and cultural purposes.

  • The black robe is specified for the mass
  • They wear it to portray honesty and modesty
  • The black robe is usually associated with humility and simplicity thus, the need to wear them.
  • It represents the death of Christ and the mourning of Christ which means the priest is to decrease and die in oneself so that God may increase him and take control over his life.
  • It is worn to symbolize how he should take up the Lord’s cross daily to rise in the life of grace.
  • This color sets the priest apart from every other person in the society.
  • The black robe is worn to specify how the priest is expected to point the hearts of men to heavenly things. 
  • It is a daily reminder of humility and to chase after the virtues which befit God.
  • It is worn to remind the priest that he is dead to sin and he doesn’t live for himself but for God. 
  • It is worn because it is a sign of penance and morning.
  • It is worn to remind the priests that there is more to life than what this world offers.
  • It reminds the priest that those who see him should not set their lives on the fashion of this world but for penance.
  • The black robe is worn to make the priests approachable on the streets by people each time they want to go for a confession.

These are the various reasons why the priests of the catholic religion actually wear black but just to be clear, they do not wear it all the time like when they want to go for a stroll, while exercising or when they want to sleep but they wear the robe depending on what they want to do at that specify moment like when they have their mass to attend or when the national clergy allows.

The robe of the priest is not an everyday outfit, it serves its own general-purpose just like I listed above for the priests as it mainly acts as a reminder to the priest. 

What does it signify?

The reason they wear the robe and the significance is almost the same thing. A priest himself said, “the black robe signifies that he shares in the priestly office of Christ for his people and it reminds him that he has a great task and responsibility in spreading the word to the world”.

It also signifies that the priests are under Christ and they are yoked to him, that they do not live of their own accord, they live for serving Christ and the people, it draws them closer to God, it adds dignity to the service and it signifies the importance and celebration of what God has done for them and lastly, it signifies that they live for the word of God and they are the word of God.

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What other denomination wears black robes and what does it signify?

Apart from the roman catholic religion and its priests, there are several other religions that wear black robes which makes it very easy to identify them. For example, you can easily identify the monks because of their shaved hair and their simple bright orange-yellow robes.

The Orthodox Jews

For basic clarification, not all orthodox Jews wear a black robe, only the ultra-orthodox wear them since they adhere to the Jewish law.

They wear black robes due to their custom and belief that other colored robes are less modest. The black robe they wear signifies uniformity and respect. It was initially built on submission to religious norms and modesty in clothing. The black robe is also worn by the eastern orthodox church and oriental orthodox.


The Lutherans also wear a black robe called a cassock. The robe signifies the office by which the pastor holds and it is said that the black robe signifies the hidden heavenly realities of God’s services, the continuity with the ancient church and it separates them from profane people since they are already sacred. 


The Anglican denomination also wears a black robe and they are similar to the roman catholic because only their priests wear the black robe vestments too. The Anglican black robe signifies order, office, and function. 

There you have it. The black robe carries out its own function although it can be confusing at times. They are not worn for personal purposes or personal reasons, the robe is kept sacred.

The black robes were not originally known as sacred back in the days, as a matter of fact, it was worn as a regular everyday outfit under the sun since it basically just absorbs heat but now, it is seen as sacred garment. 

What kind of black robe do most religions wear?

The religious robes are seen as a sort of uniform worn by the priests to set them apart from the regular people. You should know by now that immediately you see a priest, you can instantly recognize them because of their robe as the robe makes it easier to recognize them, to demonstrate their functions, responsibilities, duties, and their vocation.

This robe acts as a reference point for all priests. Amongst other types of robes, the one generally worn by all religions is the cassock. 

Just as I mentioned above, the cassock makes it easier to identify them as it says a lot about their way of life and what it entails. 

The cassock is a religious robe worn by all religions. It is a long piece of garment (black) that is closed by buttons. It follows a regular pattern but the details changes at times depending on the priest’s degree.

It is usually enriched with different colored bands and accessories. It is also worn with other accessories depending on the level of the priest. 

What type of black robe should I buy?

As I mentioned above, the only black robe you should get as a priest is a black cassock as it makes it easier for people to recognize them and one of the happiest moments of a priest is when people come to them for confession so as to make it easier for you, I’m going to recommend a cassock you should buy as a priest as it is very important to purchase a really good one.

GraduatePro clergy roman cassock priest robe

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This robe is the most versatile type of robe anyone can get which is why I’m recommending it. It comes in a different number of styles and cuts with a series of buttons down in the front used to fasten the garment. 


  • Fabric type: This black robe is made with 100% polyester so it is very thick and it is non-see-through.
  • Sizing: This cassock is true to size but asides from that, before you place an order you must confirm your size by measuring yourself from the floor to the top of your head to get your height.
  • Style: It has a small standing collar with undisclosed designs with 9 buttons sewed down the front with a vent at the back. 


  • Thick non-see-through fabric
  • True to size
  • Gives a better fit
  • A vent at the back for a better fit 
  • Aids in easy movement
  • Value for money
  •  Versatile


  • No warranty

You might be wondering why I recommended just one black robe but this is to tell you that this cassock is so versatile to the extent that it can be worn by a priest, it can serve as a Lithuania vestment and it can even be worn by Anglican. 

Conclusion – What Religion Wears Black Robes

There is no easy answer to this as so many religions and denominations not mentioned in my list still wear them for their own personal reason.

You might be wondering why I recommended just one black robe but this is to tell you that this cassock is so versatile to the extent that it can be worn by a priest, it can serve as a Lithuania vestment and it can even be worn by Anglican. 

One thing I know for sure is that the black robe is a daily reminder to the priest of the path they’ve chosen and their commitment to God.

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