How To Make A Boxing Robe In 2023 With Steps

Are you a fan of boxing and you would love to make a robe just like your favorite boxer’s own? Or do you have a friend that likes boxing, that you want to give him or her a boxing robe? In case you are wondering why I said “her”, boxing is not a sport for only one gender – males. It is a combat sport that females also play and like. 

That being said, making a robe is pretty easy and simple – only when you are with the right guide and materials. Recently, a large number of people have been in search of the best guide to making a boxing robe. So, I choose to answer the search by providing a very easy and legit guide for producing robes for boxing – which I will share in this blog post. 

How To Make A Boxing Robe

The materials and guide you would need for making your boxing robe are as follows:

Materials required

  • Textile for the lining.
  • Stitch unpicker.
  • A robe of short length.
  • Silk textile.
  • A textile machine.
  • Sleeky ribbons.
  • Thread (black or a color matching the lining or robe).
  • Pins.
  • Chalk.

Step 1: Open the robe sleeves

Employ the stitch unpicker to pick out the stitches all around the sleeves of the robe you want to utilize. Also, unstitch the hem nearer to the cuffs. 

Step 2: Sort out the templates 

Your aim is to sort out the templates for your Thai boxing djellaba – so, in the end, you’d have dual front units, a single rear section, and dual sleeves. To get these, unpick the stitches on both angle seams by distinguishing the front from the rear. 

Step 3: Cut out the shape

Position each piece of the template on the textile (for lining), and make use of the textile chalk to outline the structure on the textile. 

There is no need to leave additional spaces for seams, as they are already included in the pieces. Just ensure you shape each piece from the textile you bought for the lining. 

Step 4: Shape the silk textile 

Place each of the templates on the silk textile and utilize the fabric chalk to outline the pattern on the silk. Proceed by trimming the shapes you traced.

Step 5: Fasten the shaped pieces

Arrange the sleeves you shaped on the textile lining. Then, crease the right side of the sleeves inward in half lengths. Then, proceed by fastening the opposite side of the creased sleeves (just the edges). 

To give space for the seam, leave about ¼ inch space on the textile after the stitch. Crease a half inch of material in the below cuff of the sleeves. And fasten the sleeves.

Step 6: Arrange the sections 

Place the rear section of the textile lining, then put the dual front units on the upper part – ensuring that the right sides are facing down.

Then, Arrange the outer edges and while allowing ¼ inch seam, fasten the edges. Don’t forget to leave a space for the hands-on both angles.

Step 7: Ensure the lining is attached 

After creating spaces for your arms, then arrange the sleeves, use the pins to hold sleeves to the holes, and fasten all the way down – leaving ¼-inch seam spaces. 

Step 8: Sew the lining 

Crease a half inch of textile along the upper edge of the fight robe lining and the below part of the hem. Then, fasten the creased places. Repeat all the steps provided above to arrange the outer textile of the robe. 

Step 9: Set out the robe

Change the robe lining and the outer robe inside out. Put the sleeve of the external robe into the sleeve of the lining. Proceed by using the pin to hold the exterior textile and lining cuffs together. Also, employ the pin to hold the upper horizon of the dual robes, including the below and side hems.

Step 10: Fasten the pinned areas

Utilize a slip stitch to fasten all through the pinned areas of the robe to join it with the textile lining. Then, put in the lining and bring out the right side of the robe. 

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What are boxing robes made of?

Most boxing robes are tailored with silk, nylon, or rayon materials. These textiles are used to make sure the boxing robes are breathable, comfortable, and abrupt drying for the wearer. If you would be making the boxing robe yourself, it is best to make use of any of the fabrics mentioned. 

In addition, a boxer requires a costume that will make him or her very comfortable before and during the competition. Any robe that isn’t made with any of these materials is not advisable to be worn by boxers. 

Why do boxers wear robes?

If you watch boxing competitions often, you would have seen boxers putting on robes. But why do they put on these robes? I would share the reasons in detail below. 

Here are the reasons why boxers put on boxing robes:

  • To increase the body temperature.
  • To prevent distractions before the competition.
  • To show their interest.
  • For enhancement of confidence.

To increase the body temperature 

If you have the opportunity to see a boxer before their fight, you would see that all of them ensure that they warm up before going up to the ring.

Warming up is very important to boost their performance and reduce the chances of any injury. In this case, the robe is utilized to achieve the body preparation or body warming for the fight. 

To prevent distractions before the competition 

Another actual reason why boxers put on robes is to prevent any distraction before the competition. There are usually a lot of audiences in the stadium cheering for their favorite boxer, which causes a lot of noise that can distract the boxer. 

So, the hood attached to the robes helps the wearer to prevent any noise that could distract him or her. The key to any fight is concentration, and the last thing any boxer would want is to lose due to distraction. 

To show their interest 

If you would agree with me, you can be a well-known boxer or sports player and not be fully interested in what you are doing. So, many boxers get their robes designed with their initials to show their utmost interest in the combat sports. 

They do this by choosing a specific type of robe – the robe could be with or without a hood, short or long, and a specific color. 

For enhancement of confidence 

Lastly, they put them on for more confidence before the fight. We mostly think boxers have high esteem, and they can show up anywhere without stage fright. Well, that’s not true. 

Most boxers have stage fright before going into the ring, they only try to put on a costume like robes to boost their confidence. And aside from putting on robes, they get motivated by their coaches.


Do all robes have hoods?

No, not all robes have hoods. Some boxing robes have hoods and some do not. The issue of a hood in a robe is based on preference, as most boxers do not like the sight of a hood, while some are totally okay with it.

Technically, hoodies are not so vital for the athlete when going into the boxing ring for the fight – they could cover the boxer’s face during the fight.

However, the hood has its function which is to prevent the boxer from noises from the spectators before going into the boxing ring. It also helps to retain the warm temperature that the boxer needs before the fight.

Not many boxers are aware of these functions, which is why they majorly go for boxing robes without hoodies. The boxers that are familiar with these functions ensure that they get their robes tailored with hoods. 

In addition, putting on boxing robes without hoods is not wrong. If you are okay with that, keep making use of it. Although you could try to make use of the boxing robes with hoodies and see how many functions the hoods have to offer. 

With the hood, you won’t have to look into the eyes of your intimidating opponents before you get into the ring. Also, you can choose to go into the ring with or without the hood, you won’t be stopped. 

Do all boxers wear robes?

No, all boxers do not put on robes. Just like the issue of hoods is of preference, robes are also based on personal interests. It is not mandatory to put on robes for the fight competition.

 There are some boxers that go into the ring without tops, robes, or shirts. They just go into the ring in shorts. If you are comfortable going in without any shirt or robe, feel free as long as you are comfortable.

Conclusion – How To Make A Boxing Robe

Sewing a boxing robe yourself is very easy as long as you have the right instructions. So, to help you successfully fasten your robe, I shared the guide you need in this blog post. Kindly get the materials and follow the instructions. 

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