5 Spiritual Meaning Of Robes You Should Know

The word “robe” carries with it a sense of mystery, celibacy, and a general association with ascetic life, but there is more to it. It has become part of religious garments in the Christian tradition, such that all the clergy members both Catholic and other personnel, put on robes. And over time, the shape and color of robes have changed.

In fact, many religious traditions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism, put them on. So, with the religious affiliations comes the question “What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Robe?”

There are a lot of spiritual meanings of robes, but below are a few key points:

  • A symbol of covering.
  • Embodies righteousness.
  • It represents our redemption.
  • Symbolizes mockery.
  • Exemplifies wealth.

A symbol of covering 

After Adam and Eve sinned against God, they realized that they were naked. Then, God decided to clothe them with animal skins to cover their nakedness. This was where the beginning of clothing and covering started. 

As time went by, fabrics were invented and different types of mantles were made for covering. During those years, robes were only worn by the Kings, Princes, emperors, priests, and other influential people to cover and keep their bodies warm. 

Embodies righteousness 

We can all remember the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15 verses 22. When he returned to his father, the bible stated that his father gave him the best robe that couldn’t be gotten by any person. The robe placed on the prodigal son was to restore all the dignity, wealth, and honor he lost when he left his father. 

Likewise, does the robe signify that we will all be clothed with the righteousness of Christ because we are believers of God – as said in 1 Corinthians 1 verse 30. In other words, we can only be clothed with the robe of righteousness when we accept Christ. 

It represents our redemption 

Robe spiritually represents our redemption in Christ. The book of Revelation 3: 4 to 5, talked about the type of robe that would be placed on us while in heaven. The Bible said the robe would be white, purified just for us. 

This robe has been paid by the blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross such that anyone that perishes as a believer of Christ would have their rags changed into the robe God has prepared. 

Symbolize mockery 

I wouldn’t totally say it exemplifies mockery, but relating it to the actions and emotions of the soldiers and Pharisees it was to mock Jesus for claiming to be a king. 

As said in the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the robe was a purple, scarlet, or gorgeous robe. And during those days, this color of the robe was worn by influential people, mostly people associated with royalty. Their actions towards Jesus – regarding the robe placed on him mockingly, unknowing to them were true.

Exemplifies wealth 

Robe in the bible was related mostly to those who were rich. It is more like if you were seen wearing a robe, you either have a close relationship with the king or you are rich. 

For instance, in the story of Haman and Mordecai, the king gave Mordecai different robes in different colors – blue, white, and purple to honor him. Likewise, the robe the father gave his prodigal son was to welcome him back into his home. 

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Why do religious leaders put on robes?

When you go into churches like Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, and a few Pentecostal churches, you would see their religious leaders, including some ordained members like choirs, putting on robes of diverse colors.

Then, you must have wondered why they are putting on robes, and not the regular clothes like the congregation. I will share the reasons with you in this part of the article. 

Here are theories as to why religious leaders put on robes:

  • In obedience to the scripture.
  • To Make awareness of their office in the ministry.
  • To reduce attention.

In obedience to the scripture 

The bible stated in the book of Exodus 28 about the garments made for the priesthood which include an ephod, a robe, a turban, a sash, and so on. Also, Psalm 96 verse 9 talked about worshiping God in holy attire. 

So, the religious leaders you see wearing robes are obeying the scripture. It is also to remember the beauty of God while worshipping him. 

To make awareness of their office in the ministry 

When you go into a church and you see religious leaders putting on robes, you could easily tell that they are in a higher position. 

Just like how you are able to identify a soldier or police with their clothes, you would be able to identify a priest, Bishop, or choir in a church with their robe. 

To reduce attention 

In church, one of the things that cause distractions is clothes – the style, color, and length. Many people will focus on the type of clothes the priest or pastor is putting on during services which could result in a diversion during the sermon. 

Putting on Vestments could prevent all of the attention or distractions that can occur due to apparel. The congregation would pay less attention because the robes are similar, just a change in color during feasts. 

What is the meaning of royal robes?

Royal robes have a whole lot of meaning, relating to scriptural views, historical views, and present views. I will explain what they mean below for you to have more knowledge about them. 

Below are what royal robes mean;

  • They mean sovereignty.
  • Exemplifies that we are God’s people.
  • Embodies cleanliness.
  • Symbolizes Christ’s righteousness.

They mean sovereignty 

Royal robes are majorly worn by the king, Queen, Prince, and other royal members who have total control of a state, village, or community. 

Before a Prince is made a king, they have to do a coronation ceremony. The Prince would have to put on the coronation robe before being given the King’s robe to wear. 

Exemplifies that we are God’s people 

The bible made it clear to us that God will give us new robes as we get to heaven. The robe being given to us is to show that we belong to him. 

It could also mean that you were sent by God as a priest. Just like in the time of Moses, all priests were required to put on royal robes. Also, similar to why a robe was placed on Christ. 

Embodies cleanliness 

Royal robes also embody the cleanliness that christ offered us when he was crucified on the cross. As aforesaid, God will offer us new robes when we get to heaven. And the bible said the robe would be white, which means they will be cleaned just for us. 

Symbolizes Christ’s righteousness 

The Royal robe means Christ’s righteousness that was given to us through the shedding of Jesus’s blood. In other words, the blood is used for our redemption. 


What do royal robes represent in the prodigal son?

Royal robes in the prodigal son represent the father’s love, acceptance, and honor for his son. The story was to tell us how the Lord will accept those who return to him. 

The robe that will be given will be to welcome you into God’s responsibility and authority. Moving forward, the Royal robe given to the prodigal son means a sign of royalty in the father’s house, as well as protection from danger. 

It could also mean peace. The father offered his son the robe to tell him that he is welcome into peace and no trouble. Just like how Jesus said in John 14 verse 26, he said the peace he has to give us is not like the kind of peace the world has to give. 

What are the colors of robe mentioned in the bible? 

Whilst the bible mentioned the word robe, there were places where the color of the robes and their significance were indicated. So, below I’d list the colors of robes mentioned in the bible, likewise their significance.

  • Purple or scarlet robes.
  • Blue robes.
  • Red robes.
  • White robes.
  • Robes of many colors.

Purple or scarlet robes

Purple or scarlet robes are associated with royalty, influential people, sacrifice, the resurrection of Christ, and many more. It was also correlated with Jesus during his crucifixion.

Blue robes 

The blue robes mentioned in the bible indicate our heavenly races. Also, it reminds us of the robe of Christ’s righteousness that will be upon all that believes. 

Red robes

Red robes signify the blood of Christ that was shed on the cross. You will mostly see priests putting on this kind of robe, however, it is to remind us of the blood. 

White robes 

White robes were the color of robe seen on Saint in the vision that John had in the book of revelation. 

Robes of many colors 

This robe was the robe Jacob gave to his favorite son Joseph. This robe caused his brother’s hatred for him to increase. 

Conclusion – Spiritual Meaning Of Robe

Robe has a lot of spiritual meaning in the Christian tradition which is to tell you that there isn’t just ordinary clothing. 


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