What Does A Red Robe Symbolize?

Perhaps you have read somewhere in the bible that the red robe was mentioned. Or you have seen priests and some other people putting red cloaks on, and you are wondering what they symbolize.

There are quite a lot of people who are curious about the red robe, so I’d be reviewing the popularly asked question “What Does A Red Robe Symbolize?”, as well as other questions about robes in this blog post. 

Here are what a red robe embodies:

  • The blood of Christ 
  • Holyspirit and feasts of suffering.
  • Loyalty.
  • God’s love.

The blood of Christ 

The red robe exemplifies the blood of Christ, which has and is playing a huge role in the life of Christians. It also represents a garment for Public worship, and this robe is mostly worn by the cardinals. 

In other words, the cardinals put on this red robe remembering the blood of Christ that was shed while they worship or celebrate the feasts.

Holyspirit and feasts of suffering 

Aside from red exemplifying the blood, it also embodies the holy spirit and the pain of Christ. So, many reverends put on the red robe during feasts of suffering, authorizations, and Pentecost. The feasts of suffering could be feasts of martyrs and feasts of the Lord’s passion. 


Red robes exemplify loyalty. One of the actual significances of the color red is loyalty. Others are love, passion, and many more. The cardinals and bishops put on red to symbolize their loyalty to the church. 

Also, they put on red robes to show that they are willing to be martyred for their faith, which is why they celebrate the feasts of martyrs. Although not many cardinals have been martyred. 

God’s love 

Finally, the red robe symbolizes the love of God. Going back to the time of Jesus on earth, he preached the love of God, repentance, humility, and many more. In fact, in most of Jesus’ illustrations that were drawn, there is always a red scarf around his shoulder and head which was to symbolize his love and his blood. 

Even in this present time, red is used to represent love, just like the red robe worn is used to represent and remind us of the love of God for us. 

Who wears red robes?

Have you ever been asked about those who put on red robes, and you weren’t sure of what to say? Or perhaps you saw a picture of a red robe and wondered who wears them. So, in this segment, I’d list those who wear red robes at this present time.

Below are the people that wear red robes:

  • Catholic cardinals.
  • Reverends.
  • Bishops.
  • Choir.
  • Graduates.

Catholic cardinals 

Catholic cardinals are the top clerics of the Roman Catholic Church. And they are also named the Princes. They are basically individuals assigned to be a personal advisor to the holy father. They put on red robes to symbolize their loyalty to the church. 

Their loyalty to the church also implies that they are willing to die for Christ and the church. 


Reverends put on the red robe to show their passion for God and church. They mostly wear them during the different feasts, Good Friday, and during confirmations. 


A Bishop is an ordained pastorate fellow who is assigned with a role of sovereignty and supervision in a sacred institution. Their reason for putting on red robes is similar to why cardinals wear them. I’d assume it is because you have to be a Bishop before being a cardinal. 


The choristers are also ministers of the church because they reach out to souls with their songs and voices. They have many colors of robes and one of them is the red robe. The choir put on red robes to show their love for Christ and the ministry. 


Graduates also put on red robes. They are worn by those who are graduating from high school and college. 

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Which red robe can I purchase?

There are diverse types of red robes that you can purchase. Knowing how stressful the search for the best robe can be, I decided to make it easier for you by recommending some nice quality red robes below. Hopefully, you will find the one you prefer. And you can be assured that they are high-quality.

BLESSUME Priest Chasuble Red Church Vestments

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If you have to put on red robes to church as a priest, then you need to ensure that the vestment is of high-quality that and will last for a long period. So, that is why I am recommending this robe for you to purchase. This vestment is exactly what you need. Well, to confirm that, let’s take a look at its features. 


  • Fabric type- The type of textile used in the making of this red vestment is cotton blend. This is to tell you that the robe is skin-friendly, durable, and lightweight.
  • Care- Due to the textile type used in fastening the vestment, maintenance is very easy. For this robe, you can choose to hand wash or dry clean, you’d get the same level of neatness.
  • Occasion- This red robe is perfect for holy mass, feasts, and other church events that require the use of a red vestment.
  • Premium- This red vestment is exquisitely embroidered with a roll collar.
  • Size – The size is fair and should fit anyone. More info- the longest part of the robe is about 130cm / 51 inches. While the widest part is about 144 cm / 56 inches.


  • It is tailored with high-quality cotton blend textile.
  • Very durable and lightweight.
  • A good vestment for mass and church feasts.
  • The robe is very easy to maintain.


  • Chalk lines- This is because the vestment is handmade and it is normal for tailor’s chalk to be on the material. So, you just need to hand-wash and hang dry, then the chalk would be off. 

SAMDEEMI Unisex Adult Matte Gown

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Another red robe that you can purchase is the SAMDEEMI Gown. This robe is an all-purpose robe that will offer you just what you need. Let’s briefly take a look at its features, pros, and cons. 


  • Material type- This unisex matte gown was fastened with 100% polyester which makes the robe very soft, lightweight, and also very easy to maintain.
  • Size- The size of this gown is very fair and because it is a unisex robe, you can pick your size according to your bust and height. This means you have to get your measurement right to purchase the appropriate size for you.
  • Uses- As aforementioned, this robe is an all-purpose robe that can be used for graduations, choirs, pastors, priests, college, and cosplay.
  • Attachment- This vestment has a hidden zipper matched in front of the gown, and strong center pleats on the front and back shoulders. Not to forget, it is a loose-fitting gown, so you don’t need to worry if it would be too tight or not.
  • Care instructions- This Adult Matte Gown is advised by the manufacturer to be machine-washed or dry cleaned. So, whichever of the options that you feel works well with you can be used in maintaining the robe. If you are ironing it, ensure you iron it at a low temperature. If a high temperature is used, you can get the vestment burnt because of the type of material used. 


  • This is loose-fitting which makes picking the right size easy.
  • The care instructions advised are favorable.
  • It was fastened with high-quality polyester textile.
  • The robe is all-purpose that can be used for any event.
  • There are useful attachments added to the robe.
  • It is available in other colors aside from red.


  • The size chart could be confusing.


Is it okay to wear red to church?

Oh, yea! It is okay to put on red attire to church. Although it is best to know if the church you are attending would welcome the color.

There are some churches that see red as a very vibrant color, and wouldn’t like their congregation to put them on. While some churches are totally okay with it as long as the wearer is delighted in his or her outfit.

Moving forward, in Christianity, red exemplifies the blood of Jesus and his love. And during any of the celebrations such as good Friday, feasts of martyrs, and many more, the cardinals put on red. So, putting on red to church shouldn’t be an issue, but ensure you confirm from your church officials. 

Conclusion – What Does A Red Robe Symbolize?

The red robe symbolizes a lot of things such as the blood of Christ, the loyalty of the cardinals and bishops, God’s love to mankind, and the holyspirit and feasts of suffering. Moving forward, the red robe is worn by different personnel in the church, including school graduates. 

For those that want to purchase red robes, I recommended two tailored with high-quality materials. I hope you find the one you prefer. Kindly click on the links provided to check their prices. 

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