Why Did Jesus Wear A Purple Robe?

One of the most puzzling aspects of the passion of Jesus Christ is why he wore a purple robe. For those wondering if he wore one, yes, Jesus did put on a purple cloak when he was near to being crucified. The robe was placed on him by the soldiers.

That being said, there are quite a number of theories why Jesus did put on a purple robe. And I would list and discuss them in detail below. 

The reasons why Jesus put on a purple cloak are as follows: 

  • To symbolize supremacy.
  • Represents humility and repentance.
  • An access to the father.

To symbolize supremacy

The actual reason why Jesus wore a purple robe was to symbolize supremacy. Back in the days, during the time of Jesus, purple was significantly associated with the king. 

So, Jesus was made to put on the purple cloak mockingly because he said he is the ruler of the Jews. Unknown to the soldiers that he is more than being the ruler of the Jews, but also the Lord of all Lords. 

Represents humility and repentance 

Before the Pharisees told the soldiers to catch Jesus, Jesus was humble to men, women, and children in Samaria, Jerusalem, and all the countries he visited. 

He mostly preached repentance and healed those who were sick. So, the purple gown he wore before he was crucified was to represent humility and repentance.

An access to the father 

Jesus wore a purple gown to signify a God who arrived in the form of man, and by dying, his blood was pleaded continually for the remission of sin. Then, he became the door which is the only passage to the father. 

This is to remind us of the book of John 14:6 where Jesus said “he is the way, the life, and the truth. And no one can reach out to God the father except through him.”

Why was the purple robe put on Jesus?

The purple gown was placed on Jesus to ridicule him. According to the book of Mark 15:17 ” he was clothed with a purple attire, and the crowns of thorns was twisted and placed upon his head.” Jesus was carried to face the pilate and made to take the place of Barabbas the prisoner. 

Then, the soldiers decided to clothe him with a purple coat, mocking him because he was called the ruler of Jesus. While technically, the purple robe back in those days signified royalty, wealth, and everything associated with the kingdom.

What is the significance of a robe in the bible?

Robe signifies a lot of things in the bible such as authority, spiritual kingdom, righteousness, cleanliness, and many more.

The Bible made mention of cloaks, particularly Jesus’s robe and royal robes. For instance, in the book of Esther – the story of Haman and Mordecai, Haman was given a robe by the king to honor. 

It was also used to signify that Jesus was the king of Jews, he was humble, and through his death, he became the only access to the father. In fact, many choristers, priests, and other religious people put on robes recently. 

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Conclusion – Why Did Jesus Wear A Purple Robe?

The purple cloak Jesus wore before and when he was being crucified was positioned on him by the soldiers to mock him for saying he was the ruler of Kings.

However, the purple gown Jesus wore was to represent supremacy – because purple was totally related to Kings in past centuries. He also wore the purple cloak to represent repentance and how humble he was. 

And the last reason was to symbolize that he was the only access to the father. Moving forward, for kids and men that would love to dress like Jesus, I recommended some Jesus robes that are sold. Kindly click on the link attached to check the prices of each robe – not to worry, they are affordable.

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