Can You Keep The Robes At Sandals?

As summer is drawing near, many couples would decide to go on vacation – you know, spending time alone off work and other issues. And most couples choose to lodge at a resort (luxurious resort to be precise), as they have the amenities to make their vacation memorable. One of the resorts that are often booked is Sandals

However, a lot of inquiries about keeping the robes at Sandals have been non-stop – as millennials have been in dire need of an answer. Thus, in this article, I’d address the question that is popularly asked, as well as other questions.

So, Can You Keep The Robes At Sandals? Simply put, no! You cannot keep the robes at Sandals. The bathrobes provided by the resort are meant for use during your stay, and they must be returned before you leave.

However, there was a review by a couple that they were able to keep the robes given to them at Sandals. I wouldn’t like you to get mistaken, you can only take the robes from Sandals resort if you were offered them as a gift.  

If you weren’t given the robe as a compliment and you find it soft and comfortable enough to keep, kindly reach out to any of the staff you meet at the desk for more information on how you can make the robe yours to keep.

In other words, you shouldn’t keep the robes provided for you – they can be washed and stored for other visitors to use. 

Are robes included in rooms at Sandals?

Oh, yea! Robes are included in lodges at Sandals, but not all rooms. Sandals resort has three different tiers – which are luxurious, butler, and club with diverse perks provided in each. Luxurious seems to be the least, followed up by the club, and butler. However, robes are not included in rooms in the luxury tier. 

But they are included in all rooms in the club tier, while you can also have it if you are on the butler tier – although you’d have to order for it, as everything in this tier is organized just as you want. 

Since not many people are aware of the tiers and what they get to enjoy, I’d give more detail about them below – So, you can select the best tier to make your vacation at Sandals resort memorable.

Luxurious tier

The luxurious tier is more like the lowest of all the tiers, but you still get to participate in all the fun available at Sandals. You would have access to all the places including the diners, pools, games, tours, and many more. 

The bed in any of the suites or rooms you lodged would be king-sized, and fruits, chocolates, water, and drinks would be stocked in the fridge kept in the lodged suite. 

Nevertheless, an upgrade wouldn’t be bad, as you’d get to experience a different type of grand style. But before I touch the other level, I’d list the amenities you would enjoy in the luxurious tier below.

  • Extensive access to both land and water sports. 
  • Scuba aquatic sports (paid and certified).
  • Gym activities.
  • Complimentary tickets to play golf.
  • Frequent entertainment (as often as you want).
  • Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks® exclusive wines.
  • Extravagant suites and rooms.
  • Extensive diners.

Club tier 

The luxurious tier must have sounded all nice due to all the things attached, but I think you’d have a change of mind when you get to see what is attached to the club tier.

The club Sandals resort is a different kind of experience entirely. This is because the beginning of your experience with club Sandals starts at your arrival. 

Then, you’d have access to all the amenities listed in the luxurious tier, alongside the others that will be listed below. 

  • Access to free WiFi both in the room and all around the area with extensive devices. 
  • Room services all through the day from 7 Am to 10 pm. The only exception is at the beach.
  • Availability of robes.
  • Escort to the bus station while you are going to tour.
  • Frequently contact with guests.
  • You’d be oriented personally about the resort.
  • All diner, tour, spa, and other place bookings would be made on your behalf.
  • Treated in-room in case you arrived late.
  • Daily juice, drinks, water, and soda refreshed in the room bar. 
  • Library and games.
  • Snacks.

Butler tier 

If you think the club tier has it all, I wouldn’t say you are mistaken, but I think the butler tier will surprise you more and offer you more experience than you ever expected. The services you would be offered at this luxurious-stylish tier would make you enjoy your vacation and wish it could all remain like that. 

I mean this tier offers unprecedented services that start from your arrival till your departure. All the good things you will get to enjoy at this level are as follows:


  • Hand towels treated with lemongrass would be handed over to you, so you can get refreshed from your long or short flight.
  • You will have a personal escort to your booked suite, and all your luggage would be well-handled.
  • Welcome food and cocktails.
  • Offer to help unpack.
  • Pressing your clothes to prepare you for your night out.
  • A mobile phone to contact them.

Your stay

  • All that is listed in the luxurious and club tier.
  • Your favorite soda or wine would be served while you are at the pool or beach lounge.
  • All your orders are prioritized.
  • Your shoes and your clothes are often cleaned and prepared for dinner or lunch.
  • Laundry is always taken care of.
  • Access to all that you like before you settle for dinner.


  • Transportation to heed you straight to the airport.
  • Your baggage would be packed.
  • All your references would be kept for a future stay.
  • Escort to the airport.
  • Baggage is transported.
  • A proper farewell. 

Is it illegal to take a bathrobe from a hotel?

Yes, it is illegal to take a bathrobe from a hotel without any notice. All bathrobes given to you at a hotel are for you to utilize, so you stay comfortable as you expected. But once your stay ends in the hotel, you should set it aside so it can be washed and stored for other customers to use – you should not pack it along with you. 

The only exception to this is if the hotel gave you the bathrobe as a gift – perhaps it is your first time or you participated in any event at the hotel. Aside from that, it is illegal to pack up the robe. Most hotels include it to your bill once they notice the dismissal of their robe. 

So, it will be an extra cost for you, but it was only to get the robe replaced. To avoid this, do not pack the hotel robe with you. If you would like to have a robe similar to it, you can discuss it with anyone you see at the desk. I believe he or she would be glad to tell you how to get the robe. 

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Is laundry free at Sandals?

No, laundry is not free at Sandals. A laundry bag and the price list are often kept in all rooms, so if you would love to have your clothes laundered at Sandals, you’d have to pay. If you don’t want to pay, you don’t have to use the laundry bag. 

However, if you are on the butler tier, the laundry services have been calculated with the total bill. For this tier, all your items have to be properly taken care of – just like you do when you are home. 

Is room services free at Sandals?

Well, you could say room services are free at Sandals and it is for all rooms or suites. However, I feel you have been charged for all the services you’d be offered at Sandals. 

A minibar or fridge is attached in all rooms, and drinks, fruits, chocolates, sodas, water, and wines are stocked in them daily. Plus, you can have your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert ordered in your room. You would be attended to all through your stay in Sandals, regardless of your tier. 

Is it worth it to get club levels at Sandals?

Absolutely, yes! It is worth it to get club levels at Sandals. The club Sandals tier is no joke, as you would begin to enjoy your experience starting from your arrival. 

You would have more than a luxurious adventure, so your vacation can be a memorable one. I doubt if you would want to miss such an experience.

Conclusion – Can You Keep The Robes At Sandals?

The bathrobes given to you at Sandals can’t just be kept when it wasn’t offered to you as a gift. If you like the robe, talk to the attendant at the desk and you’d be told where you can get it. 

In addition, you only have access to the robe at Sandals if you are at the club level. I gave more detail about the tiers that are available at Sandals, so you could make a good choice for your summer vacation. 

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