Can You Take Robes From Bellagio?

The Bellagio is a world-renowned resort and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Known for its luxurious accommodations and facilities, the Bellagio is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. But what many visitors don’t know is that the hotel has a strict policy against taking some of their things off the resort.

In this blog post, I would be answering the frequently asked question, as well as other questions about hotels.

So, “Can You Take Robes From Bellagio?” Yes, you can take robes from Bellagio, but you have to pay for them. Bellagio offers needed items to all their guests, and all prepared is to make each guest comfortable. Since Bellagio is a luxurious resort, the items that will be provided are bound to be unique. 

So, it is only natural that you find them attractive enough to want to keep them. But you can’t just keep the stuff from Bellagio resort without informing them. 

No doubt, the Bellagio robes are well-designed and tailored in soft high-quality material, but you need to let the officials such as the attendants or receptionist know that you’d like to take the robe with you.

Since you would need to pay, you would be taken to their store where you can complete the payment for the robe. 

In addition, if you take the robe provided for your use at Bellagio without informing the officials, you would be charged through the credit or debit card you offered them. 

However, this isn’t the same with slippers. Unlike robes that can be easily laundered and treated for the next use, slippers cannot be recycled or treated. So, you can hold on to the slippers given to you at Bellagio, but try to inform them. 

Are robes at Bellagio free?

Of course, robes at Bellagio are free, but only free to use – not free to keep. The robes are free for you to use while you are staying at the resort – and only because you have paid for the necessary bills at the desk or online. 

It is more like everything such as robes, slippers, shampoo, shower caps, and many others that will be provided have been calculated to the amount you’d be asked to pay daily.

Robes are not complementary in Bellagio, so if you take them out with you when checking out, you’d be charged. If you like them and would love to have them, reach out to the attendant at the desk, and you’d be informed on how to get them. 

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What can I take from a hotel room?

One of the top priorities of a hotel is to keep its guests very comfortable all through their stay. So, they ensure that all the necessary items are prepared after necessary payments have been paid.

However, some of these items can be taken home with you when you’re checking out. Below I’d list the items you can take out from a hotel room when checking out. 

  • Shampoos and conditioners.
  • Pack of sugar and creams.
  • Body lotions.
  • Bathing gel or soap.
  • Slippers.
  • Shower caps.
  • Pen and notepads.

Shampoos and conditioners 

These are usually provided in small bottles because you get to stay for a little amount of time at the hotel. But those that have to stay for a long time due to office businesses, can always request more of these after they are exhausted. 

However, if you do not exhaust the shampoo and conditioner given to you within the short time you spend in the hotel, you can take them with you – because they have been used by you. And new guests wouldn’t like to make use of these bathroom items – shampoo and conditioner that you’ve used. 

Pack of sugar and creams 

The pack of sugar and creams are brought into the room for those that love to have morning coffees or tea. So, it is totally okay to pack these when checking out if you didn’t use them all. 

Body lotions 

You know body lotions are amongst our personal items, and since it was given to you newly packed, other guests that would come wouldn’t like to use a body lotion that you’ve used. 

So, if you leave it in the room when checking out, it will be disposed of when the room is being cleaned -just for other customers to use. In other words, you can take the body lotion with you when leaving. 

Bathing gel or soap

We all have different skin and some people’s skin are very sensitive such that if they use a bathing soap that has been used by others, they will have reactions.

While some other people won’t use a bathing soap or gel that has been used by someone that they aren’t familiar with – even if they won’t react to it. 

The hotel officials know this, so they ensure that any items related to bathing are newly provided. So, you can take the bathing gel or soap that you used with you. However, if you didn’t make use of it, you can simply leave it – they won’t dispose of it if it wasn’t used.


Slippers are very different from robes. And because slippers cannot be treated to be reused, they are often disposed of when used by a guest. So, you can take the slippers with you when checking out. 

Shower caps 

Shower caps are also personal items as they are used to cover your heads before bathing. A hotel ensures that this is provided for all its guests, so used shower caps are disposed of. This implies that you can take the shower cap you used at the hotel with you when leaving. 

Pen and notepads 

Regarding the pen and notepads, the hotel would be glad you took them – because they have the hotel logo printed on them. So, they are sure that when you take these items with you, the people around you would get to know about the hotel and visit someday. This implies that notes and notepads are gifts from the hotel to you. 

What can I not take from a hotel room?

You shouldn’t take the robes, extension boxes, towels, hairdryers, iron, duvet, pillows, and other household items. All of these items are reusable such that they can be washed or repaired for other guests to use. 

Most hotels have complained that most of these things that were listed above, including alarm clock, bible, and TV controls are always missing from the room.

However, it is important to know that they are meant to stay in the room to be useful to others. Taking them with you is more like stealing them. 

In addition, if you like any of these things listed and would love to have them, it is best to reach out to them to know if you can pay to get them from the hotel, rather than taking them with you without notice.

Most hotels will charge you for taking these things if they notice that they were missing after you checked out. So, kindly respect the hotel policies. 


Do Bellagio rooms have WiFi?

Of course, Bellagio rooms have WiFi. In fact, not just the rooms, but also the suits have WiFi. You would get to enjoy access to the WiFi while you are in the resort area, including when you check in, so you can stay connected to the Internet just like you do at home or work. 

The free Internet access is already included in the fee you’d be asked to pay on getting to the hotel to book a room. And in Bellagio, you would be charged daily with a standard bill till you check out of the complex.

So, you do not need to worry about how to connect to your social media while you are spending time at the hotel – because you will be given a code that will give you access to the WiFi. 

Do Bellagio rooms have hair dryers?

Oh, yea! All Bellagio rooms and suites have hair dryers. One thing about Bellagio is that they are very much concerned about their guests’ comfort, so they ensure that they provide every household items that they would need in both the rooms or suites that will be booked. 

Hairdryers are provided, alongside a mirror, so the guest can check out themselves before going out of the room or while dressing up for the day. In addition, salons are often available in Bellagio, so you can go there to get your hair done. 

Conclusion – Can You Take Robes From Bellagio?

Robes are not to be taken out of Bellagio hotel or resort, including other hotels. If you take them, you would be charged through your card. And this means more bills. 

However, if you find the robes very attractive to have, you can reach out to the receptionist or any Bellagio officials for inquiries about how you can get the robe. 

There are things that you can and cannot take out of a hotel and I have listed them for you to know, so you won’t be charged unnecessarily because you weren’t aware. 

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