Does The Marriott Charge For Robes?

The Marriott hotel chain is known for its luxurious accommodations and amenities. A lot of people visit and stay at the Marriott hotel, but they have been inquiring about the expenses of robes. And due to a number of people being curious about this, I decided to take it upon myself to provide an answer to the question being asked. So, let’s get right into the main discussion.

So, Does The Marriott Charge For Robes? The answer to this question is No! The Marriott does not bill for bathrobes – robes are included in the cost of the suite or room. However, it depends on the specific hotel. Some Marriott hotels do bill for robes, while others include them in the room rate. 

Another reason why you might get charged for bathrobes is if you take them along with you when checking out – you shouldn’t if you weren’t given to take them for free. Moving forward, Marriott offers complimentary robes to guests at their superfluity lodgings. And this type of robe is often branded. 

But if you are not aboding in any of their suites, you would have to look through their online store to get a robe for yourself. Furthermore, many hotels charge for robes, but it is usually included in the bill you pay. 

Most of them would even inform you if they are billing you for it or not. And if you are lodging in their penthouse, you might be offered the robes for free – if they are doing this, you’d be informed. 

Do hotels charge for using robes?

Absolutely, not! Hotels do not bill for using robes or how often you use them – because they were offered to you by them and you have paid for them alongside the room. However, you would be billed for packing the robe along with you. One thing you should know is that hotel robes are not complementary. 

They get laundered and well-treated for other visitors that will come to stay. You can’t take it if you weren’t told that it was gifted to you. Holding on to it to them means stealing it, so they will bill you for it. 

Nevertheless, knowing how well-branded and fluffy hotel robes are, you could want to have them. So, if this is the case, the best thing is to communicate with any of the officials to know how you can have the robes – of course, you’d be asked to pay for them, or you might be given them for free. 

Does the Marriott provide robes?

Of course, the Marriott offers bathrobes. Plus, they will implore you to give them the reward number assigned to you, so you can be offered the right benefit as per your tier. 

The Marriott does not deny any of their guests the right items that they will need which include robes, slippers, and other household amenities. 

In addition, even if you didn’t book directly with Marriott but you are a Marriott point member, feel free to show them the reward number you have – so you can have access to the necessary things like WiFi, robes, and all. 

Which robes can I purchase?

You might be asked to go through the Marriott online store to get a robe for yourself, so it is important to pick the one made of high-quality and equally fluffy. In this part of the article, I would recommend a few robes that you can purchase during your stay at the Marriott. 

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Marriott Terry Velour Robe 

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To have a grand experience at the Marriott hotel, you should purchase this hotel robe. According to a customer who wore this robe, “you would wish you could wear it to work”.

This review is to tell you how comfortable this robe will be when you wear it. That being said, so you can see how luxurious this robe is, let’s briefly go through the features. 


  • The textile used- The reason why this robe is comfortable for the wearer is due to the textile used in fastening it. The seamster or seamstress that made this robe ensured that the comfort of others was considered. Moving forward, this robe was tailored with 100% cotton textile. 
  • Maintenance- Due to the fabric utilized, the maintenance for the robe is super easy. And since you would be using it at the Marriott hotel, you can request a laundry service. However, if you choose to launder the robe yourself, it has to be machine-washed.
  • Guest favorite- This luxurious white robe is often the favorite of many guests visiting the Marriott hotel. This is because of the utmost comfort and unique style of the robe.
  • Fluffy- This robe is very fluffy and quite lengthy such that when wrapped around your body, your body would be lavished with comfort. During your stay at the Marriott, you would enjoy your stay while wearing this robe. Likewise, when used at home.
  • Luxury design- The design of this robe is 10 times different from other types of robes. The sleeves are of full-length, Self-tie belt, two side useful pockets. You can use this to dry yourself after bathing, to get ready for your outing, and as loungewear.


  • Offers unlimited comfort with unending luxurious experiences.
  • Tailored with 100% high-quality cotton textile.
  • Very easy care.
  • Functional side pouches for your personal items.
  • A self-tie belt for adjustment.


  • A little huge.

Amazon Brand – Pinzon Unisex Terry Bathrobe 100% Cotton

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For your stay at the Marriott luxurious hotel, you need a robe that will offer that grand adventure which is why I’m recommending this robe.

Fortunately, it is Unisex, so you can purchase two of these for yourself and your partner. No doubt, with this robe, your stay at the Marriott hotel would be a great one – evidenced by a lot of positive reviews. With that said, let’s dive into more information about this robe. 


  • Type of textile- One huge factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is the type of material employed in fastening a robe or clothing in general. The textile plays a lot of role in giving you the comfort you need in a cloth. The manufacturer of this robe knows this, so they made use of a very nice material which is cotton. To be precise, 100% cotton with no other textile attached. 
  • Breathable- The textile has a huge effect on how ventilated the robe would be. This robe is super breathable and the cotton fibers ensure that the robe is supremely fluffy on your skin. 
  • Fast-drying- This robe dries so fast when laundered, making it useful for frequent use. It doesn’t just fast, it is high-absorbent – keeping you cool when the day is hot. 
  • Luxurious experience- With this luxurious robe, you will get to enjoy your stay in the Marriott hotel. You won’t be denied the comfort and grand look you deserve when putting on this Bathrobe.
  • Premium design- The design of this robe is super different from other robes. It has a Shawl collar up to keep you cozy, a belt for adjustment and they are removable, and dual front pouches for your use. 
  • Maintenance instructions- The textile employed when tailoring this robe makes it super easy to launder. Since you are staying at the Marriott hotel, laundry services are accessible for your clothing. So, you can hand over this bathrobe to them for cleaning. However, you can do it yourself. If you decide to launder this robe yourself, ensure you machine-wash it. This is the advice from the manufacturer, so you should heed it – to enjoy this robe for a long period. 


  • Highly absorptive and breathable when used in the summer season.
  • Very comfortable, whilst giving you the grand look you want.
  • Fluffy and fastened with 100% cotton material.
  • Adjustable for your own fitness.
  • It is Unisex.
  • Accessible in different shades.


  • This bathrobe is not accessible in small or smaller sizes – just large and extra large. 


Will you be charged if you take the robe from a hotel?

Of course, you will be billed if you take a bathrobe from the lodging. The robes offered to you at the hotel aren’t for you to carry. They are for you to employ pending the time you’d leave the lodge. 

Holding on to the robe without paying for it or without informing the resort officials is stealing. So, if the hotel officials realize that the robe given to you got missing, you will be billed for it for a purchase of a newer one. 

However, you can only take it with you only if you were told that it’s a gift from the hotel to you. Aside from that, you shouldn’t take the bathrobe with you. 

Conclusion – Does The Marriott Charge For Robes?

The Marriott does not bill for bathrobes, as they are already included in the bill you are to pay for the suite. Although you would be billed if you take the bathrobe home with you. 

In cases where you have to acquire a robe for your visit, you need a robe made uniquely. So, I’ve recommended two robes for you to obtain. Kindly click on the link. 

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