How To Make A Judge Robe With Steps In 2023

Judges have a specific type of robe that they wear – and the color differs by country or state. For instance, the American judges put on black gowns, aside from the gavel used, to signify their status. However, sewing an actual judge type of robe could require a professional seamstress or seamster to tailor it.

But in a case whereby you need the judge gown during your mock trial at school or for cosplay during Halloween, you can fasten the simpler edition on your own. Of course, you’d need a guide for doing this, so I prepared a guide that will direct you through the sewing process.  

The equipment and manual you will need for the making of this judge gown are as follows:

How To Make A Judge Robe – Step By Step

Equipment needed

  • Scissors.
  • Fabric machine.
  • Aluminum yardstick.
  • Textile marker.
  • Black textile (inextensive).
  • Tape measure.

Step 1: Take your measurement 

Stretch out your two hands parallel to the ground while standing. Then, beginning from the wrists (you could pass the wrists a little bit), take the measurements of the distance across. 

Jot down the number you got. Proceed by telling a friend or relative to measure your from your shoulder all to the ground. Then, multiply the number by 2. 

Step 2: Cut out the neckline 

Crease the textile into half from across the width and slash a tiny bit to note the middle. Continue by broadening the cut you made to generate the neckline. Ensure you check frequently, so you won’t cut the hole too wide. 

Step 3: Check the fitness 

After cutting the hole, you need to be sure that it fits your neck area as you want. So, pick up the textile and put it on from your head. If you like how it fits, continue to make your sleeves. 

Use the pin you set aside to pin the textile six inches under your armpits. When you are done, take off the material and bring out the wrong side.

Step 4: Shapen the robe

At the below corner of the gown, position the aluminum yardstick. Then, make use of the textile marker or chalk to sketch a diagonal line to the interior part and stop when you get to the pin. 

Do the same thing on the other hand, so the two lines would be in the middle of the judge’s gown. Take the scissors to cut, following the diagonal line, so the sleeves can be separated from the body of the robe.

Note– do not take off the pin yet, so you can know where to stop.

Step 5: Fasten the robe 

Place the sleeve underneath the textile machine and fasten it to the end. Do the same to the other sleeve. Then, fasten the edges of the body of the robe, so the judge’s gown can be ready. 

When you are done fastening it, take away the pins, clean the marker or chalk, and bring out the right side. Proceed to try on the robe to see if it fits. 

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Why do judges wear robes?

Perhaps you have ever wondered why the judge’s costume is a robe. A lot of people have been asking to know why judges put on gowns, so I’d respond to the question in this aspect of the article.

Below are the reasons why judges put on robes:

  • It is a tradition.
  • To signify the status of the judge in the law.
  • It distinguishes the judge from every other person. 

It is a tradition 

One reason why judges put on robes is that it has been a tradition for years ago, about 700 years, in England. Ever since then, all judges in all countries have been putting on robes. In fact, various colors were introduced based on the level of court. 

Even after the debate in the states, judges still retained the wearing of these gowns. Moving forward, in the Supreme Court, there wasn’t any rule set that judges are required to put on robes. But because of how different it makes them feel and the tradition, they put on these gowns. 

To signify the status of the judge in the law 

Another reason why judges put on robes is to signify their status in the judiciary government. The robe exemplifies that judges are amongst the defender of the constitution, including the rule of law. 

In addition, it puts a relic to everyone in the court or outside that judges clarify the law, and make judgments according to what the law says. 

It distinguishes the judge from every other person 

No doubt, there is no way you’d be able to identify a judge when he or she isn’t putting on the popular judge gown. The only exception is if you have a very close relationship with the judge, then you’d be able to tell that he or she is a judge without putting on the gown.

So, with the robe on, you can identify who the judge is or the attorney or the prosecutor is in the court. 

What do judges wear under their robes?

Aside from the fact that judges putting on robes are due to tradition, recently, the gowns are known as their costumes. However, you must have been curious, just like me, about what these judges wear underneath their gowns. 

Do they wear their regular clothes? Do they wear the robes just like that? You’d find out all about what they wear under their robes below. 

Here are what judges put on underneath their robes:

  • White shirt and black trousers.
  • A white blouse and a black skirt or trousers.
  • A dress.
  • Corporate wear.

White shirt and black trousers 

Even before becoming a judge, in college, law students have a specific dress code that they are required to wear which is a white top and black trousers for the male. It is more like a mandatory dress policy because all law students in different schools wear this color of clothes. 

So, after many of these students became a judge or attorneys whereby they need to put on robes, many of them didn’t stop the black and white trend. About 80% of the male judges put on these outfits under their clothes- maybe not every time, but mostly. 

A white blouse and black skirt or trousers 

Just as explained earlier about the outfitting policy in school for law students, the ladies are not left out. They have the option to put on a white shirt or a blouse and a black skirt or trousers. 

However, due to how hot the robe makes one feel, ladies prefer to wear a blouse underneath their robe, alongside any black bottom they are comfortable in. 

A dress 

Ladies have different styles of outfits to put on, unlike guys. Instead of putting on the top and skirt, most ladies shuffle with other outfits by wearing a dress. 

For instance, some female judges will wear a sleeveless dress and put on a jacket on it while going to work. On getting to work and the need for wearing the robe arises, they will take off the jacket and put on the robe. 

Corporate wear

Most male and female judges also put on any corporate wear that is their favorite. However, they ensure the outfit shade isn’t too flashy because the size of the robe would reveal whatever you are wearing at the top. And everyone would be able to see it. 


Do judges have to buy robes?

Simply put, No! There is no single requirement for judges that says it is mandatory to buy robes, regardless of the type of court. Nevertheless, due to the adopted tradition from centuries ago, judges make it mandatory for themselves to buy or sew robes to wear them – not because it is of requirement. 

Plus, the wearing of this gown by the judges has a specific significance which is – the ability for the people in the courtroom to easily recognize the judge. However, a judge can decide not to put on the robe, as long as the gavel is there. 

Why do judges wear white wigs?

Judges put on a white wig to signify that everyone in the court would be attended to uniformly without any unfair decision or action. In this case, the wig on the head of the judge segregates the individuality from him or her and expresses him as a third person to develop a signal of uniformity. 

Although not all judges put on wigs. Some decide not to put on wigs. However, not putting on a wig doesn’t mean they will make unfair decisions or judgments. 

Conclusion – How To Make A Judge Robe?

Making the exact professional type of judge gown might require the need for a tailor, but making your own version is very easy. And it will look similar to the official type. 

So, the guide you need has been provided in the blog post for you. Also, all necessary equipment that is required was listed. Kindly follow the instructions to get the right shape of the judge gown. 

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